60 Most Common Backyard Birds of North America

These are the 60 Most Common Birds You'll Find in Your Backyard in N.A.

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Updated October 23, 2023

American GoldfinchDowny WoodpeckerPigeons
Bald EagleEastern PhoebePileated Woodpecker
Baltimore OrioleGracklesPurple Finch
Eastern BluebirdHairy WoodpeckerPurple Martins
Blue JayHouse FinchRed-headed Woodpecker
CardinalHouse SparrowsRobins
CatbirdHouse WrenRose-breasted Grosbeak
Cedar WaxwingRuby-throated HummingbirdStarlings
Black-capped ChickadeeDark-eyed JuncoTree Swallow
Mourning DovesNorthern FlickerTufted Titmouse
Red-winged BlackbirdNorthern MockingbirdWhite-breasted Nuthatch
CrowBarn SwallowBelted Kingfisher
MeadowlarksPine SiskinTowhee
Carolina WrenRed-tailed HawkMountain Bluebird
Steller's JayWood DuckSong Sparrow
Indigo BuntingScarlet TanagerBullock's Oriole
Brown ThrasherRed-breasted NuthatchRed-bellied Woodpecker
Barred OwlCooper's HawkKilldeer
Orchard OrioleCanada GooseBrown-headed Cowbird
Gambel's QuailBrown CreeperGreat Blue Heron
Red-shouldered HawkPainted Bunting

There are approximately 650 bird species that occur in both the United States and Canada.

These shared species include migratory birds that breed in one country and winter in the other, as well as resident species that are found year-round in both countries

While the species list above covers birds that can be found in most states in North America and Canada. They are most common east of the Rocky Mountains.

The names of the states that are east of the Rockies include:

1. Montana 2. North Dakota 3. South Dakota 4. Nebraska 5. Kansas 6. Oklahoma 7. Texas 8. Minnesota 9. Iowa 10. Missouri

11. Arkansas 12. Louisiana 13. Wisconsin 14. Illinois 15. Mississippi 16. Michigan 17. Indiana

18. Kentucky 19. Tennessee 20. Alabama 21. Ohio 22. West Virginia 23. Virginia 24. North Carolina

25. South Carolina 26. Georgia 27. Florida 28. Pennsylvania 29. New York 30. Vermont 31. New Hampshire

32. Maine 33. Massachusetts 34. Rhode Island 35. Connecticut 36. New Jersey 37. Delaware 38. Maryland 39. Washington D.C.

Some of these states are only partially east of the Rockies and the rest are completely east of the Rockies.

Each page gives a description by text and picture. Some pages include video and the Call or Song of the bird.

Nesting information such as color, and number of eggs, incubation times (how long the parent sits on the eggs) and fledging times (how long after hatching before the young leave the nest) are also included.

The feeding habits are also detailed as to what a particular type of bird species eats, whether it is attracted to feeders, and type of seed you can offer to attract them.

Located at the bottom of some pages will be more information about attracting and feeding that species of bird.

We will be adding more of your favorites. Just click on the species type you want more information about and begin learning about them.

If you would like us to consider a particular type of backyard bird, drop us a note and we will consider your request.

Use the Contact Us Form for Request.

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