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The Hummingbird House is an Amazing Breakthrough in Attracting Hummers to Nest in Your Yard!

Did You Know that even if you have the ideal bird habitat and nesting environment, you may never see a hummingbird nest. Why?

Because... the average nest size is only about an inch in diameter and covered in lichens and moss that will look much like the tree the nest is placed in. Making it nearly invisible.

Additionally, these birds are very particular about where they build their nest. Not many trees provide what they look for.

You're About To Discover How You Can Easily Get Hummingbirds Nesting In Your Yard!

large photo of hummingbird bird house

The Hummingbird Bird house has come about after 6 long years of tweaking and testing by the inventor, Dan True.

Renowned for his hummingbird studies and engineering skills, Dan has designed the perfect Hummingbird House that will get hummingbirds nesting in your yard where you can easily watch.

The design has been tested and proved to consistently attract hummingbirds to nest year after year!

Hummingbirds are particular when it comes to selecting a nesting site. Tree branches need to bend and mold to specific angles and provide shelter from winds.

After studying the nesting sites of hummingbirds over a long period of time, Dan discovered and duplicated the exact preferred nesting requirements of hummingbirds.

Now It's Available To You. Best Of All, It's Affordable

Can you imagine the thrill of walking out into your backyard and watching these little birds building a nest and raising their young, all in plain view for you to see?

Imagine the smiles on your families and friends faces as they and you, watch the antics of these birds zooming back and forth. First, while building their nest, and then, feeding and raising their young.

You'll have season after season of hummingbird fun.

Will It Attract The Hummingbirds In My Yard?

The Hummingbird Bird House Has Attracted

  • Black-chinned,
  • Blue-throated,
  • Magnificent,
  • and Anna's.

Not Proven with Ruby-throated Hummingbirds

It's Really Easy

Simply attach the Bird House to the eaves (overhang) of your house with a single screw. Comes with complete instructions on how and where to place your House.

You must follow the instuctions to have a chance at attracting Hummingbirds to this bird house

hummingbird bird house

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