Choosing The Right Bird Bath - Attractive and Practicle

When it comes to choosing a bird bath for bird watching, the options are vast and exciting.

Whether you opt for a heated bath, a mister/dripper, or a fountain, providing water for birds to bathe and drink from will undoubtedly enhance your bird watching experience. participates in the Amazon Associate Program as such: earns commissions on quailifying purchases at no extra cost to you. See our Privacy Policy

Birds require water all year round, even during winter and especially droughts.

A heated bird bath can be a lifesaver during such times, attracting a wider variety of birds, including those that don't typically visit feeders.

Some of these include Robins, Thrushes, Vireos, Orioles, and warblers.

What To Look For in a Bird Bath

When looking to purchase a bird bath, keep a few essential factors in mind.

It should have a gradual, non-slippery slope and a maximum depth of 3 inches in the center.

If you find a deeper one that you like, you can reduce its depth by adding pebbles to accommodate smaller birds.

Water movement, such as a Water Wiggler, can be highly appealing to birds and helps prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs.

Alternatively, mist fountains or Drip Hoses can be more attractive, especially for hummingbirds that prefer flying through a spray of water.

During winter, a de-icer can be a great addition to keep the water just above freezing without harming the birds.

Where to Place Your Bird Bath

When deciding where to place your bird bath, choose a location with good visibility so you can easily watch the birds.

Ideally, position it near feeders to make it easily accessible for the birds.

Adding a natural perch, like a tree branch, nearby allows the birds to preen their feathers comfortably after bathing.

Safety is crucial, as wet birds are slower and more vulnerable to predators like cats and hawks.

Placing the bird bath away from hiding spots for cats, in an open area, and at a height of two to three feet can offer some protection to the birds.

There are various types of bird baths available today, including deck-mounted, heated, and ground types.

You can find them online, and platforms like Amazon offer a wide selection of Bird Baths.

However you decide to add water to your bird watching program, whether in a fountain, pool, or a traditional bird bath, you'll find that the birds love having water available and you'll have more fun watching them.

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