What Are The Best Bird Watching Magazines Subscriptions?

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Quality bird-watching magazines are hard to find these days. There is so much online information available.

Still, some of us enjoy a quiet read with glossy photographs of backyard birds and the more exotic species. Here, we'll discuss a couple you or yours might enjoy.

Most have full-color photographs and informative articles about feeding, planting, and houses for wild birds.

These are both affordable and informative, making them great gifts for yourself or a friend.

A brief description and subscription information is provided below. Clicking on the link will take you to the magazine subscription information.


bird watching magazine

BirdWatching is currently on my list as a must-have for most birdwatchers.

A bi-monthly (every other month) magazine with helpful advice on attracting birds and photos to help with identification.

Learn how to make your backyard the place where birds feed and nest. You'll find information on the best places for birdwatching in North America, and so much more.

Birds & Blooms

birds and blooms magazine

Birds & Blooms This full-color bi-monthly magazine (6 issues per year) combines America's two favorite pastimes, backyard birds and gardening. What could be better?

While not an in-depth scientific journal, Birds and Blooms appeals to the everyday backyard birder.

You'll find plenty of beautiful photos and general information on backyard birds and gardens.

Each issue offers answers to reader's questions on birds and plants.

Readers send pictures of unusual birdhouses and feeders. You'll also find limited advertising, which can be a plus.

One of the nicest features is the "Time For A Walk" pictorial. A great gift for any bird watcher or flower gardener.

Another benefit is the chance to ask other subscribers for help in finding things such as heirloom seeds and plants.

A real community magazine where readers can feel at home.

Birdwatchers Digest Now Called BWD

bird watchers digest magazine

Birdwatchers Digest Ideal for the backyard bird watcher. You'll find tips on identifying bird species, advice on feeding, and gardening for birds.

You'll also find articles by well-known birders that will both entertain and inform you.

Another bi-monthly publication (every other month)that you'll read from cover to cover. Perfect for the intermediate birder.

This one is for people who want to know more than identification and bird feeding.

We earn commissions from the first two mentions. The BWD is just another one we really enjoy.

Birdwatching magazines are not the only magazines of interest. Visit the following link to shop for all sorts of quality Magazines.

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