Introducing the Kettle Moraine Bluebird House: Your Gateway to a Season of Bluebird Bliss!

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Are you ready to welcome the vibrant beauty of bluebirds into your life?

Look no further than the best eco-friendly bluebird house for the Eastern species from Kettle Moraine.

Say goodbye to constantly replacing your bluebird house and say hello to a lifetime of bluebird activity!

eastern blubird house made from recycled materials

Did you know that Eastern Bluebirds typically have two broods each season, and sometimes even three?

With just one of our bluebird houses, you can enjoy a summer filled with the enchanting presence of these magnificent birds.

But it doesn't stop there. Year after year, these blue beauties will return to your backyard, creating a lasting connection with your natural surroundings.

Bluebirds need our help, especially when they have to compete with aggressive House Sparrows for nesting sites.

Sadly, the less aggressive bluebirds often lose out, and in some cases, even fall victim to these non-native intruders.

Now, you have the power to make a difference by providing a safe haven for bluebirds to raise their young.

Wild Bird-Watching proudly recommends the Kettle Moraine Eastern Bluebird Recycled Nest Box, a house built to last.

Crafted with recycled plastic, this eco-friendly bluebird house not only benefits the environment but also meets all the essential requirements for bluebird comfort, including proper ventilation, floor size, and entry hole dimensions.

With a predator guard surrounding the opening, raccoons and other predators will find it difficult to reach inside and harm the young birds.

Additionally, the metal predator guard prevents woodpeckers and squirrels from enlarging the entrance and causing damage.

Featuring a wood-grained finish and sturdy all-screw construction, this bluebird house is completely impervious to weather, ensuring its durability for years to come.

The front opens for easy nest checks and cleaning between clutches, providing convenience without disturbing the birds.

To attract bluebirds to your home, simply place these bird houses on a post or pole 5 to 6 feet above the ground in an open grassy area.

Watch as these captivating creatures grace your surroundings with their vibrant colors and melodious songs.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to witness the wonders of bluebird watching. Check the current price on Amazon and click the button below for more details on the Kettle Moraine Eastern Bluebird Recycled Nest Box.

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