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Federal Trade Commission Regulations Require the following information be disclosed about affiliate agreements.

This website accepts a variety of advertising of products for the enjoyment of the birdwatching hobby. As sole proprietor, I am reimbursed through affiliate agreements with product producers that advertise on the website as well as text advertising.

These include:


  • Text and Image Advertising provided by Paid by visitors clicking and visiting advertiser.
  • - Paid a percentage of book and other product sales
  • Commission Junction - Reimbursed percentage of sales
  • - Reimbursed percentage of sales

Inclusion of these advertisements is not and does not imply an endorsement.

Endorsements of products are offered by me as a personal opinion regardless of reimbursements.

My affiliate arrangement with the aforementioned entities is the way generates revenues for both profit and maintaining the website. For information on your privacy please visit our Privacy Policy Thank you