About The wild-bird-watching Website

By Gene Planker

Hello and welcome to the Wild-Bird-Watching.com website.

This website has been a labor of love since its inception in January 2004, and it continues to evolve with the addition of new and accurate information.

Here, you'll find a comprehensive resource on the diverse habits of the most common backyard birds of North America, presented from a perspective that is both unique and deeply informed.

My fascination with birds dates back to my childhood on a farm in the mid-60s, where I developed a profound connection with birds and their behaviors.

It all began with a baby pigeon (or squab, as it's properly known) that I found and nurtured until it could fly on its own.

This early experience sparked a lifelong passion for birdwatching and the study of bird behavior, which has now spanned over five decades and continues to shape my daily pursuits.

In addition to my personal experiences, I've drawn upon a wealth of knowledge from various texts and resources, including my research subscription to Cornell's Birds of the World website.

Furthermore, my expertise extends to the management of a 24-unit Purple Martin Colony for 17 years, where I've overseen the nesting activities of up to 18 pairs in a single season, conducting meticulous monitoring, nest checks, and predator protection.

Over the years, my dedication to birdwatching has led to notable achievements, such as being quoted in newspaper articles and pioneering the live-streaming of open-cup nesting birds, capturing rare and captivating moments in the lives of Northern Cardinals and other species for the first time on the internet.

In addition to my extensive experience in birdwatching, I hold advanced training in electricity and electronics, which has provides an understanding of the technological aspects of bird research and observation.

This background allows me to integrate cutting-edge tools and techniques into my birdwatching endeavors, enhancing the quality of content I can offer my website visitors.

Furthermore, as a Master Gardener, I have cultivated a profound appreciation for the interconnectedness of bird habitats and the natural world.

My expertise in gardening and environmental stewardship informs my approach to birdwatching, enabling me to provide comprehensive insights into the ecological dynamics that shape bird behavior and populations.

Today, in 2024 I devote my time to capturing the beauty of birds in their natural habitats through photography and videography in local nature areas.

I invite you to explore this website for a wealth of information and products that cater to both novice and seasoned birders, and I encourage you to visit our Wild-Bird-Watching Facebook page and YouTube channel for the latest photos, videos, and updates.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you find inspiration and enjoyment in the world of birdwatching.

Kind regards and Happy Birding, Gene Planker

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