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House Finch Habits - What they Eat, Where they Nest, Mating

House Finch, Feeding, Nesting and Mating Habits.

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Doves in a model ship

Doves Nesting in Strange Place a Model Ship I looked out a window with view across our carport near our entrance.I saw a dove on the branch of an adjacent

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Fill'er-Up! Man!

I have about 4-5 different hummingbirds that feed from the 2 feeders hung in my backyard.When the feeders go empty, I swear the little guys alert me to

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Window Ledge Robins

Robins Nesting on Our Window LedgeThis Spring brought us a beautiful miracle of life on our small bathroom window ledge.Mrs. Robin began building her nest

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Doves on my Fire Escape for the 2nd Time!

Last year we returned from a summer trip (beginning of Sept 2020) and discovered doves and their squabs happily nesting on our fire escape where we live

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Wren House in Table Drawer

I was removing all furniture to paint my deck. I moved the plant on top of this table which had a small drawer in it. I felt it's a little heavier than

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Newsflash! Wrenlettes Have Fledged - the Full Story

How Baby Wrens Leave the Nest The past week or so I noticed increased activity at the nest opening: lots of head poking, beak poking, sniffing the air

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Backyard Patio PA Wrens

Over the last few years wrens have tried to nest in our potted hanging plants. They haven’t had great success in the past and I’ve even gathered abandoned

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