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Rough Cedar Birdhouse

I've been building birdhouses for a couple of years. My showpiece is called The Lazy Day Saloon; however, most of my birdhouses are simpler than that.

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House Wren Friends

I like to listen for their songs, how the song changes. They seem to call for me, “Wake up, get up and see me, here I am.” I miss my friends, the family

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Wrens Steal Hanging Plant

It only took the first week of the purchase--and my hanging plant was taken over by a cute but greedy wren couple, who had a nest under the deck too--just

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Olympia and Poseidon, Golden, Silver and Bronze

Last June, 2018, one Robbin was born above my front door , I named her Olympia in honor of the athletes competing in the FINA WORLD Artistic Swimming Championships.

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Doves Nesting in Hanging Plants

Bird Watchers share stories about doves nesting in their hanging plants.

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My cat has attacked a Wrens nest

Good morning, For the last couple of days I noticed a Wren had set up a nest in my blackberry branch that protrudes out from the side of my my shed. It

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