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Wren Choosing my Birdhouse

I had built a birdhouse over the winter and installed it on this dead tree by my fence and lilac shrub. I also had hung up one other smaller birdhouse,

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Doves on top of air conditioner

Hi, I’m in Ontario Canada, I have a window air conditioner that is actually through the wall and is tarped outside right now. I’ve lived here 12 years

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Olympia and Poseidon, Golden, Silver and Bronze

Last June, 2018, one Robbin was born above my front door , I named her Olympia in honor of the athletes competing in the FINA WORLD Artistic Swimming Championships.

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Robin on a Fan

We've lived here for 20 years but have never seen this before. We have an outdoor fan on our front porch. As I was spring cleaning my house in April, a

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My first Eastern Bluebird

I swear these birds were meant for me because I live in Florida and my only daughter moved to New York 10 years ago. She also has a bluebird tattoo.

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Doves survive hurricane Michael

Our home was at the center of hurricane Michael. We stayed at home and survived the category five storm. We watched as the eye wall passed over our house.

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Doves Nesting in Hanging Plants

Bird Watchers share stories about doves nesting in their hanging plants.

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Aggressive mama Robin!

About a month ago, we noticed the sudden appearance of a new bird nest, neatly hidden on the side of a large, Spider plant. This plant sits on the railing

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