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Baltimore Oriole Bird Habits Nesting, Feeding, Migration

Habits of Baltimore Oriole Bird What they Eat Where they Nest Attract Fruit

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Mr&Mrs Robinson American Robin

Robins Build Nest in Easter Door Wreath Three years ago the Robinsons built their first nest on my Easter wreath on the back porch. I watched and photographed

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If You're A Bird.... My Robin on Porch Light

On January 5,2020 I was diagnosed with stage 2 Breast Cancer at the age of 49. While going through Chemotherapy and a Double Mastectomy, my son Tim suddenly

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Hummingbird Nest on Patio Lights

Hummingbird nested on our patio light story photos

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Wrens Choose Gourd For Nesting

Each year we put up several birdhouses, and each year the wrens seem to love this gourd! We first noticed the wrens in our yard of course because of their

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Robin Nesting on Ladder Instead of Light Fixture

Robin Nest on Ladder this YearThree years ago this mama robin built her nest just over my back door, perched on my motion sensor flood light.Last year

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Doves in a model ship

Doves Nesting in Strange Place a Model Ship I looked out a window with view across our carport near our entrance.I saw a dove on the branch of an adjacent

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Doves on my Fire Escape for the 2nd Time!

Last year we returned from a summer trip (beginning of Sept 2020) and discovered doves and their squabs happily nesting on our fire escape where we live

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