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Barn Swallow Habits Nest Building and Feeding

The Habits of the Barn Swallow are Detailed, What They Eat, Nest and Mating

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We missed the finale!

A couple years ago we acquired a little log cabin birdhouse my father-in-law built and we hung it in our lilac tree. The hole is too small for sparrows,

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Exciting Robin - watching this year!

Our 4 year old was the first to notice the perfectly shaped birds nest atop a fake wreath that we had left hanging on the shed door this year. Sure enough,

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Wren nesting in bookcase-

Up until now, I've never been a bird watcher. I never knew how interesting birds can be, or how excited i could get over them. I also didn't realize that

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Mourning Doves - A Joy to Watch

At the end of May, we noticed a Mourning Dove bird sitting in a nest right out side of our garage in a vine. The nest is hidden from the front, but when

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4 Pairs in one Garden!!

I was in shock recently to discover all four house in my garden were occupied by bluebirds. Is it common to have this many pairs nesting in this close

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Doves Nesting in Hanging Plants

Bird Watchers share stories about doves nesting in their hanging plants.

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