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Dove Nest in Shoe Stand

I live in India (Surat city - Gujarat), I am a zoologist and I always go into the field for behavioral study of animals and birds. Once I observed a

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My first Eastern Bluebird

I swear these birds were meant for me because I live in Florida and my only daughter moved to New York 10 years ago. She also has a bluebird tattoo.

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Our New Residents- The Bluebirds

I have been a long time customer of Wild Birds Unlimited in Dublin, Ohio. It used to be my neighbor and I would see the occasional eastern bluebird, but

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Doves and More on Our Back Deck

I am a back porch or really deck bird feeder. I live in Richmond Heights California. I feed a variety of birds, squirrels and at night raccoons, a skunk

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Yellow Cottage Birdhouse

We enjoy creating one of a kind bird houses and other garden related items from found items that would probable have been discarded in the trash. We

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Rough Cedar Birdhouse

I've been building birdhouses for a couple of years. My showpiece is called The Lazy Day Saloon; however, most of my birdhouses are simpler than that.

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Hurricane Shutter Nesting In FL

We arrived back from a Northern vacation back in September. While opening the hurricane shutters, noticed bunch of sticks falling down. Mourning Doves

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Found Bird Egg - How to Care and Hatch It

Information on what to do when finding a bird egg, including what it takes to incubate a bird egg

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