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Doves on my Fire Escape for the 2nd Time!

Last year we returned from a summer trip (beginning of Sept 2020) and discovered doves and their squabs happily nesting on our fire escape where we live

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Wren House in Table Drawer

I was removing all furniture to paint my deck. I moved the plant on top of this table which had a small drawer in it. I felt it's a little heavier than

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Newsflash! Wrenlettes Have Fledged - the Full Story

How Baby Wrens Leave the Nest The past week or so I noticed increased activity at the nest opening: lots of head poking, beak poking, sniffing the air

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Backyard Patio PA Wrens

Over the last few years wrens have tried to nest in our potted hanging plants. They haven’t had great success in the past and I’ve even gathered abandoned

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I saved some wren nestlings.

We brought the boat home to clean and get ready for the season but as my husband was washing and cleaning the leaves off the boat, he pulled out a nest

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Doves Nesting in my Flower Pot

While cleaning up my front yard after a storm, I noticed a dove nest in one of my flower pots. I was kind of dismayed as the flower pot contained aloe

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House Wren Friends

I like to listen for their songs, how the song changes. They seem to call for me, “Wake up, get up and see me, here I am.” I miss my friends, the family

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Wrens Steal Hanging Plant

It only took the first week of the purchase--and my hanging plant was taken over by a cute but greedy wren couple, who had a nest under the deck too--just

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