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We have hundreds of Bird Stories along with Bird Poetry submitted by our visitors for your enjoyment.

Many of your bird questions have already been asked and answered by our wonderful bird-loving visitors.

You can find out what other bird lovers did when Doves or House Finches nested in their hanging plants.

Did they keep on watering their plants or did they just let the plants die back?

Find out by going to the submissions you want to read.

Feel free to add your comments or upload a picture of your own and share your own bird story.

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We're sorry that others got to add a picture and a couple of links but we will no longer accept short submissions.

We've canceled some categories so be sure to read everything before submitting.

This has more to do with the Internet than your story. You see, Google doesn't like short pages and will penalize us for adding them.

That means this website won't be available through searching.

We can add short stories and pictures but you'll have to wait longer to get published.

That's because we'll have to have enough to build one page with several submissions. Thank you for your understanding.

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