Welcome To Our Live Bird Cam Page Location: Lawrence, Kansas

Welcome to our Live Bird Cam Page. The nesting season in this area (Kansas, US) is Usually April - July. Currently our cam is on 24 hours a day unless maintenance or power outages occur. Central U.S. Time.

In winter, we may place a camera on our bird feeding station. Or show cams offered by others. Videos of past nestings are shown at night and when camera is down.

Currently Showing Our House Wren Cam Replay

Information About Cam

This cam is located in the middle of the US specifically, in Lawrence Kansas.

Initially the female laid 2 eggs which were pierced and removed by another House Wren.

She has now returned and over the last 2 days laid 2 more eggs. This seems to be a tense situation.

This is a replay of earlier this season. Five baby House Wrens fledged out of this nest.

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