Attract Wrens With An Affordable Audubon Going Green Wren House

eco wren house

Buy It Once, And Have Wrens Nesting Each Year for Life

You'll be thrilled as Wrens begin nesting in your new Audubon Eco Friendly, built to last forever, Wren House. This house is absolutely irresistable to backyard Wrens.

Investigating every available nesting site, it won't be long before they find your Wren House and begin building their nest.

Fun to watch, and one of the easiest birds to attract to nestboxes. Hang it up at the beginning of the season and you'll be on your way to backyard fun.

Sized right for House Wrens. The floor is 4 x 4 with the height at 6 3/4 inches.

You won't be replacing this house anytime soon. Made in the U.S. from recycled plastic that keeps its good looks for years.

Imagine your mornings spent sitting and watching as these little birds go about their business of nest building and feeding their young.

This classic design is sure to please the House Wrens in your backyard. Clean it out after each nesting and that's it. No additional maintenance required. This one is built to last a lifetime.

Simply hang it on a nearby tree or attach to it to the rafter of your patio roof. Wrens will nest close to humans.

A 1 inch opening keeps those pesky House Sparrows out while allowing the House Wrens easy access.

Don't miss out on the fun, begin attracting House Wrens to your yard by ordering Today!


Only $34.81
Last A Lifetime!
Audubon Wren House