heated bird bath pedestal
Heated Pedestal Baths

heated bird bath with dripper
Heated Ground Bath
heated bird bath deck mounted
Heated Deck Mounted

heated birdbath deck mounted
Scallaped Deck Mounted
Perfect Gift Idea Heated Bird Baths

Share Your Bird Stories, Photos and Comment

Got a Bird Story that doesn't fit with the other posting that you would like to share? This is the place to share your bird story or get help in identifying a bird.

All submissions now have to have a photo. We get too many stories that will never get read without a photo. And for the young folks this doesn't mean just a photo off your computer or stolen from another website. These will not be published.

Most need to be 500 words long and MUST have a photo related to the story to be accepted. ID's need a photo and any information you can give such as: location, marks on bird, colors, and any other information you can think of to add. We cannot upload videos after submission is made.

Just fill in the form below and see what happens.

Have A Great Story Photo Required

All Submissions Must Have Photos

Do you have a great bird story you would like to share? You can Share it right here! Please provide 6 or more paragraphs for stories.

Short submissions are no longer accepted, sorry.

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Doves and More on Our Back Deck 
I am a back porch or really deck bird feeder. I live in Richmond Heights California. I feed a variety of birds, squirrels and at night raccoons, …

Backyard Cardinals 
So there's this cardinal that nests in my neighborhood each year that returns with his mate. I don't remember how long the pair has been nesting, …

A Gambel's Quail Nest - Woohoo 
Since this original post, I have become quite experienced in helping these families to make it and to end up all together in the end when they are ready …

Gambel's Quail and Roadrunner 
I live out in The Southern California High Desert, Joshua Tree to be exact. I have added many photos of my nesting Mourning Doves, but now I want …

Greater Roadrunner On Nest 
Here is a picture of our Momma Roadrunner on her nest. (We think its the momma, she got in it as soon as it was done and then and there the eggs appeared!) …

Greater Roadrunner Nesting on Aircompressor 
Now this is something almost no-one gets the opportunity to see! A Roadrunner, nesting near our garage in the cabinet surrounding our Air-compressor! Usually …

My awesome Cardinal, Red! Not rated yet
Today is April 8, 2014. September 2012, I noticed a male cardinal pecking at my transom window. There is a tree outside my window about 10 feet away. …

Barn Swallow, Doves, Roins Backyard Bird Stories Not rated yet
We live in Vancouver BC Canada. Last year we welcomed aboard some birds that no one wants. We had barn swallows for the first time. They …

Hawks Owls Eagles Not rated yet
This is the first year.. I have ever tried to put seed out for birds. I quickly learned that it might not be such a good idea. While I was thoroughly …

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