Morning Doves Take To Hanging Basket #2

by Janice Jessup

Two Tiny Dove Chicks

Two Tiny Dove Chicks

This is the second installment on my Morning Doves along with a picture of the chicks.

Late this afternoon I was looking out of the window and noticed that the adult dove was perched on the rim of the basket.

I grabbed my ladder and camera.

When I opened the front door the dove flew off so I had the freedom of taking the photo without a nesting parent covering their treasures.

It appears to me that the chicks are several days old, what is your guess?


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Jun 16, 2023
My first brood
by: Donna

My mourning doves used my hanging basket with flowers. I bought a 16 oz syringe so I could keep flowers alive and not disturb my birds.

Well, the first 2 have flown the nest so now they are testing out other hanging baskets but yesterday my premade nest came in.

Don’t know if it will get them to stay out of flowers but we will see.

Apr 28, 2019
Cool way to attract Mourning Doves
by: Sandy Morrow

I was wondering if I could attract mourning doves, by using a wire basket, with a coco liner. Great to know it can be done.

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Morning Doves Take To Hanging Basket

by Janice Jessup
( )

dove in hanging empty basket

Dove Has Laid Egg Already

Almost 3 weeks ago upon leaving my front door, there was a flutter of birds away from the door.

I looked at the door to find a very poorly constructed nest being built in my door wreath.

I cleaned away the mess and continued on with my day.

As the day wore on I felt sorry for the Mourning Doves so decided to buy a wire basket with a coco liner as all garden centers have these.

Also, they look so much like a nest that perhaps the doves would rebuild their nest in this thing.

I hung the basket about 6 feet from the front door and from the ceiling of the porch.

Sure enough, they took to it and have been nesting there for over 2 weeks.

I still was concerned that my coming and going would disturb them and they would abandon the nest but they held fast!

I naturally boned up on Mourning Doves to find out that they incubate for 2 weeks and the young fledge about 2 weeks after that.

How quickly these doves leave their nest!!

Mama Dove has hatched 2 chicks within the past few days so now I will be watching for their progress and fledging.

I have taken photos of this progress but it appears that I can add only one photo to this story.

I have been watching the Bald Eagles at the Norfolk Botanical Garden in Norfolk, Va for over a year now, so this event comes home to me with a big bang!

My Doves have really given me a great deal of pleasure and excitement that beats all experiences recently. Enjoy !!

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Feb 10, 2024
to Laura
by: Gene

Could you provide a source for a fake nest? I'm aware of some birds building "dummy" nests but haven't heard or read that about Mourning Doves

Feb 10, 2024
Mourning Dove Fake Nest
by: Laura

I just stumbled across this conversation and I am glad that I did.

At my old house, I used to watch Mourning Doves build pathetic nests, and seeing that made me want to help. Then I read an article about mourning doves.

It seems they will often build "fake nests" to throw off would-be predators. Clever birds!

We do have several mourning doves around our current house, but I have no idea where their nest might be.

Jun 07, 2018
by: Gene

Go ahead and try the basket. Worst that can happen is they won't use it. Fill the top layer with some straw.

Jun 07, 2018
Need help with nest ideas
by: Anonymous

Hello, I have a pair of Mourning doves under my deck stairs that have built a poorly-made nest and all the eggs are rolling out of it.

She sits in it with one chick.

I'm curious about the hanging basket idea for a nest for them. Does it drain well?

I've been calling everywhere for ideas and they suggest a nesting platform but I feel the eggs would roll off that too. Any ideas?

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Doves in hanging baskets 2

by Staci in the City

Doves Nesting in Flower Basket on Balcony

Doves Nesting in Flower Basket on Balcony

I have a dove on my patio in a hanging basket as well!

I have been worried it was there to die as I never see it leave to eat but I guess they are slipping in and out by me.

Here's the really interesting thing.

I live in the middle of a large city and the basket is on my small balcony.

What a treat to have them decide to nest on my balcony.

I hope they don't mind me coming out, ever so carefully, to water the other plants.

They seem to be ok with me now, I guess if they are city birds they are used to the noise and such.

Should I leave food for them you think?

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May 25, 2009
Birdells babes fly away
by: Staci

OK, Birdell and Birdean have had their babies and they have flown the nest!

They were so much fun to watch grow up and fly away BUT they left when mama was gone and I don't think she knows where they are.

She is back in the basket right now and cooing.

They left 4 days ago and she keeps popping back by and calling for them or Dad or something.

It breaks my heart if she's looking for them, I actually saw one fly away and it took off!

Very strong ready to spread its wings.

They sat on the edge of the basket for 2 days flapping before they split.

I'm sure they are ok, do you think she is nesting again or missing her babes?

Apr 29, 2009
no babies yet
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the tip about not leaving food, makes sense I don't want to attract anything to disturb them.

I have seen "the changing of the guard" twice now, once when I was out there watering the other plants...and to answer the watering? no, I have sacrificed the flowers for the babies.

Hey anybody can buy flowers not anybody can buy a bird's nest right?

I am missing the nice weather and the view but it's only a few weeks.

So far no little heads I'm expecting them to arrive next week.

Apr 25, 2009
Hanging Basket
by: Cheryl

I just discovered last night a dove had built a nest in a hanging basket on my balcony.

I was watering the plants and all of a sudden this dove comes flying out!

My question is can I continue to water the hanging basket?

Apr 24, 2009
Response re feeding dove
by: Rachel

I had the same question re leaving food for my nesting dove.

I was told not to do so because it may attract other birds (even predators) that could disturb the nesting doves.

Apr 24, 2009
Morning Dove in Hanging Basket
by: Beverly

I have a morning dove nesting on top of an air conditioner.

I did some research and found that the male and the female take turns sitting on the eggs.

While you may think it is the same bird, they do change so they can eat.

I have only seen the exchange once.

The other bird will go on top of my air conditioner and stand next to the nesting bird and the exchange will take place.

They seem to do it in 12-hour shifts.

Apr 24, 2009
Doves in baskets
by: Christine London UK

Hi Staci, nice to hear from Atlanta, I have fond memories of some time spent there.

As for food maybe on your balcony somewhere but not too close to the basket, I have heard elsewhere that birds are happy with food around 6 feet from the nest.

However, as she has chosen your confined balcony she must know you will be coming or going.

Give it a go I don't think she will abandon the nest, but be sure it is soft stuff as the chicks won't be able to digest the hard seed.

Enjoy the experience :-)

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Mama Dove Nest in Peppermint Hanging Basket

by Guen

Mourning Dove Babies

Mourning Dove Babies

Literally, the day after I put my brand new peppermint plant in its hanging planter, Mama dove moved in.

Thankfully for both mama and plant, it's on a directed drip system, so watering is automated and posed no threat to eggs or babies.

She also didn't bother with any sort of nest, I guess the planter and new dirt supplied a sufficiently soft nest.

Mama and babies are doing great, just checked on them today!

Last year she nested on my bicycles and created quite a proper nest.

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May 15, 2024
Doves on ceiling fan
by: Lisa

I watched two doves complete building a very loosely constructed nest on the top of my porch ceiling fan 2 1/2 weeks ago.

It has been occupied 24/7 since then.

I have been fortunate enough to see mom and dad change places in the morning around 9 am and again in the afternoon near 5 pm.

They literally walk along the fan blade then fly off.

The chicks hatched this past weekend and I have witnessed their feeding - amazing.

I wish they weren't up so high as I would love to 'peek' in for a closer look and a candid picture.

It has been a very exciting few weeks to watch this small family.

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