Greater Roadrunner On Nest

by Cindy

Big bird and her nest!

Big bird and her nest!

Here is a picture of our Momma Roadrunner on her nest. (We think its the momma, she got in it as soon as it was done and then and there the eggs appeared!)

We are beyond excited to be able to witness this awesome event, on a bird that is so rarely seen in its nesting habits!

We can't wait till the babies are here, about another ten days.

We will, for the first time ever, be able to witness newborn Roadrunners.

This is the icing on the cake for me, being a newbie to backyard birding. (A few years now.)

I will be taking pictures when they are here and share them!

She is of course as you can tell by the picture, on the top of and behind our air compressor. You can't tell here, but the nest is ENORMOUS!

And so very deep! We will have to resort to the portable air compressor, till the family is gone. (That's driving my husband a little crazy!)

But he loves all this as much as myself and my grandkids!

Especially when we see her take a huge Lizard she'd caught to her nest and then swallow it whole!! lol YUCK!

Wonder what sort of stuff she will bring the babies? Snakes, scorpions, mice, and other small birds. Yep, Its all sad but all such a part of life!

I hope you will enjoy my stories of the Roadies and their nest!!
Cindy, High desert Mtns. So. Calif.

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May 22, 2022
My birds
by: Josh

I have a mother and father who I feed a mixture of beef heart hamburger bone meal and crickets everyday.

They still hunt and they have nested in my tree for the last ten years and are the most personable birds I've seen since my cockatoo.

They have raised 6 to 9 young every year they've been here and they bring them to me as soon as able everytime..

I wanted to share a photo of the two of them on my lap but I guess all I can do is comment...have a good one!

Jun 30, 2021
Mating pair in our tree
by: Anonymous

We observed 2 roadrunners around our yard and road. We live on a private road. We've watched them for about a week.

They come into our yard and climb our tree. Last night, I went out and saw their nest, up high in one of our pines.

We have an abundance of snakes and I think they're helping control them. Wonderful creatures to observe.

Do they mate for life? They are always together.

Apr 04, 2018
love that lonesome call
by: David

A roadrunner had built a nest in the cedar tree in front of our house.

I love to hear her call in morning sounds like a whimpering dog almost. Then I'll hear like a growl. Pretty Cool!

Aug 05, 2014
Injured roadrunner
by: Nancy

We have an injured roadrunner. Perhaps hit by a car. Seems stronger this 3rd day but just clicks.

Is getting around a bit but has taken no water and we don't have the things it eats. What can we do?

Jun 13, 2013
baby Roadrunner born with only one foot.
by: Anonymous

I have a roadrunner nest with 4 babies in it.

Someone cut one leg off each baby bird made me sick I think someone did it. Not sure all 4 birds were born this way.

Wish I could get my hands on the person that did this if it was done by someone.

Any person know if this is common for babies to have only one foot please inform me.

May 02, 2013
Love Raodrunners!
by: Deby

I just saw two Roadrunners (male & female) running through the neighborhood carrying twigs, jumping high up in to a tree.

I was so excited I sat in the car and watched them for awhile.

Never knew they could jump so high, never knew they nested in trees and now from reading your article I guess we can expect babies in ten days.

Just moved to the area---didn't know what they ate. So they eat anything that moves...oh well.

Next time I'm going to bring my binoculars so I can see the enormous nest!!

May 07, 2012
Roadrunner trying to build nest over front door
by: perfumfree

Apparently a roadrunner has started to try to build its nest over our front door on a small ledge.

It keeps bringing twigs and branches and tries to add it, and every time it falls to the ground.

We now have a pile of twigs in front of our front door. I hope he finally figures out, the ledge is too small!

We have 2 perfectly good trees and bushes in front of our house. Why pick a 2 inch ledge? That bird is huge!

May 04, 2010
There's more to a Roadrunner than "Beep "Beep"
by: Christina Wilson

Up until now, my first thought of a Roadrunner reflected back to a famous cartoon I watched growing up.

I am learning so much from this website and it's stories.

I enjoyed reading this story and seeing the photo of the Roadrunner in it's nest!

I look forward to seeing more pictures when the babies hatch!

May 03, 2010
Greater Roadrunner on nest
by: Cindy

Thank you "Marlene" Mom.. lol. And thanks for responding to my article!

What I have learned since first giving the Roadrunners a snack of .."Raw meatballs" is that it is not enough correct protein for them.

The Adults still obtain their natural food source.

And throwing them a snack here or there won't bother them. But when nursing or feeding their young.

It is so important for the Roadrunners to teach their young how to kill and what to eat.

Occasionally now, for a snack, I will throw them a few moistened Dog kibbles.

Those they steal from the Dog's food, anyway. All Roadrunners will do that.

I was so glad to find out, that one shouldn't feed the Roadrunner's who will gladly come up and ask for it, "meat" when they are feeding young.

It can cause all sorts of health problems in the growing babies. "Rickets" for one. (Deformities of the bone")

So I have to back off a bit whilst they take their young about and feed them what the babies see them catch!

But giving them a few kibbles here and there, keeps them out of the Dog pen.. and possible trouble that could ensue there!

Jamie's right!! I think we are going to see them bring them snakes, scorpions and an occasional mouse! EWE!!! lol. But GO ROADIES!!!

They are such awesome birds!

May 03, 2010
Greater Roadrunner on her nest
by: Cindy

Thank you Jamie, for your compliment! Yes you are so right. They eat all those crazy little critters you wouldn't want crawling near you feet! ha.

Better than "Barn Cats" they are indeed! I'm glad you liked the story! We sure are loving the experience!


May 03, 2010
by: Anonymous

What an incredible event!

Such a mysterious and elusive bird, that you are able to watch and witness so up close and personal. Looking forward to seeing the babies.

At least their food consists of things that you wouldn't want lurking around near your feet! ha.

Keep up the beautiful pictures capturing the life of these awesome creatures, it is as if we are experiencing it right along with you.

May 02, 2010
Greater Roadrunner On Nest
by: Marlene

Daughter Cindy

This is so very exciting! When visiting you from Idaho often I've seen 'your' Roadies step through your screen door into your kitchen to receive from your loving hand a 'raw' meatball!

Thanks for sharing looking forward to seeing how things go as you let us see more fotos as the 'Roadies' begin to hatch etc.

Terrific 'Photography' Can't believe all the 'species' of birds that 'flock' to your beautiful patio.

May 02, 2010
Roadrunner Nest
by: Marianne

Thanks for the update - I just love your story. We used to see so many roadrunners here in Palmdale when I was a child but rarely anymore.

Great birds and you are special for taking such good care of them

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