What A Sight !! Woody on the Hummingbird Feeder

by Craig Burgess

What A Sight !!

What A Sight !!

Can you believe this? Only nature at its best can describe this woodpecker drinking the sugar water from the hummingbird feeder.

I kept wondering why I couldn't keep my hummingbird feed filled up and then I captured this dude helping himself.

He just had to have something to go along with his peanuts that I keep out for him.

He is a regular in my yard so I guess he thinks he can take any feeder he wants to and get away with it.

I have Hairy Woodpeckers and Downy Woodpeckers along with so many other beautiful birds.

They are such a highlight of my day and it is never boring to watch and see what is going to happen next.

My back yard backs up to a wooded area so they are not only in their natural habitat but they come up for some socializing also.

Humans are no threat to them at all.

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Sep 05, 2016
Read Before Commenting
by: Gene

Due to the Number of Repeats. Comments will be deleted unless an unusual sighting.

All These are Common at Hummingbird Feeders:

Woodpeckers - All types
Finches - Gold and House
Orioles - All

Sep 02, 2016
woodpeckers bringing ants to hummingbird feeders
by: Lorrie

We live in the mountains on No. CA. For a year, my husband has been insisting that the red headed woodpecker has been depositing large black ants in the hummingbird feeder.

I doubted his story, but he is quite confident.

Large blacks ants appear in the feeder & swim around in little ant-rafts for days, until they disappear.

Theoretically, the woodpecker retrieves the sugar water sodden ants at some point. Cocktail time?

Occasionally, the feeder gets raided by very small ants until we clean it or move it.

The large black ants in the water are not raiding the feeder.

Anyone heard of this, or is the heat too much for my husband's brain?

Jul 13, 2016
Deterring ants at hummer feeders
by: Linda

If at all possible, place a wasp trap containing the previous day's sugar water somewhere en route to the feeder.

This will trap/drown 100% of ants, even wasps, flies, moths & centipedes, provided you ensure it contains sufficient sugar water (ie. don't allow it to dry out). Rinse daily to remove cadavers! Works like a charm.
ON, Canada

Jun 24, 2016
Ladder back woodpecker at our feeder in NM
by: Joyce

This is the first year we have seen a woodpecker at our hummer feeders. We have 3 feeders with perches which must be convenient for him or her. Wonder why we have not had them in past years?

Jun 24, 2016
Woodpecker feeder
by: Anonymous

First time in 20 years we have a small woodpecker coming to our feeder we take the centres out of 2 of our H bird feeder for the Orioles and this little pecker is checking it out. Brian

Jun 05, 2016
We have one too!
by: Fran

Today, we saw this in our own backyard and couldn't believe it. He/she has quite the appetite! Sat there for more than five minutes at a time feeding.

Jun 02, 2016
Discouraging Ants
by: Mar

Thanks, Jack. the feeder I purchased also has an ant moat at the top that you fill with water. It works great too. I have seen one of my woodpeckers drinking from the moat so it serves double duty. :-)

Jun 01, 2016
finally figured out what it was
by: Jack

Welcome from St. Louis, MO
After a week of trying to figure out what this hummingbird was that didn't seem to be able to hover I finally found this site. Thanks for helping me THINK that I'm not crazy anyway.

I have done what Mar (comment in late 2015) and added a feeder without a perch. Hope it helps but the woody is welcome back too.

Jun 01, 2016
Woodpecker prefers hummingbird nectar over suet this year
by: Anonymous

This woodpecker is enjoying the hummingbird. The the feeder is close to my patio door and I enjoyed a close-up view

May 24, 2016
Hairy Woodpecker at hummingbird feeder
by: Jan

We had a hairy woodpecker visiting our hummingbird feeder this evening. She enjoyed her dessert...stayed a long time. - - - Jan in coastal Northern California

May 24, 2016
Woodpecker at my Hummingbird feeder daily
by: Anonymous

I thought I was seeing things. In over 20 years of bird feeding, I never once saw a woodpecker drinking nectar from my hummingbird feeder.

He comes twice a day to feed (early morning and late evening).

I didn't think woody's beak would fit into the narrow opening but he must be getting some nourishment or he wouldn't come back.

Time to put up a suet holder for woody. The hummy needs his/her food too.

Northeast New Jersey

May 19, 2016
Woodpeckers drinking oriole nectar
by: Karen

Love feeding the Baltimore Orioles in the spring. This year the Red Headed Woodpeckers and the Red Bellied Woodpeckers are taking turns! Great bird watching!

May 07, 2016
Surprised to see a woodpecker
by: Anonymous

I just put up a hummingbird feeder last weekend. I saw a woodpecker drinking the nectar which surprised me and then I was bummed out when a humming bird showed up and appeared to be scared of stopping by to feed.

I'm sure there will more stopping by when the woodpecker goes away.

May 05, 2016
by: Sandy

I was shocked to see a woodpecker at my Hummy feeder just now. I see big birds regularly, because the Orioles are passing through, but that was a first! New Mexico

May 02, 2016
Downy on hummingbird feeders
by: Anonymous

I live in Cleveland, Tn and every year I have had Downy Woodpeckers come to my hummingbird feeders. It is a sight to see.

Apr 17, 2016
Rocky Comfort MO
by: Anonymous

First time I have experienced the same thing in over twenty years of bird feeding. Downy Woodpecker at my hummingbird feeder this morning.

Jan 16, 2016
First ever sighting of a woodpecker at the hummingbird feeder.
by: Anonymous

Jst saw a Downy Woodpecker at the hummingbird feeder. It brought a big smile to my face! I have seen 4 different woodpeckers at the suet and seed feeder at the same time. Acorn, Downy, Nutalls and Hairy.

Dec 12, 2015
Repelling woodpeckers from hummingbird feeders
by: Judy - Phoenix, AZ

I have at least one woodpecker that isn't satisfied with just drinking from the hummingbird feeders, he snaps the flowers off the feeder so he can get to the nectar easier.

This woodpecker is a smart little bird and he is pretty bold! Any suggestions on how to keep the woodpeckers away?

Nov 30, 2015
Also in Mesa, AZ
by: Elly

We have one Ladder-backed Woodpecker coming to our hummingbird feeder. He's pretty shy so if we just walk near the window he will disappear. The hummingbirds defer to him and wait patiently until he is finished.

We also often hear him hammering at the light posts! Needless to say they are made of steel. Funny!!

Sep 29, 2015
woodpeckers at hummer feeders
by: Castleton, VT wildlife lovers

We constantly have woodpeckers at our hummingbird feeders. Wondered if it was first a learned behavior but now I read that it's just an easy way to get a soft drink. :)

Aug 30, 2015
Red bellied woodpecker
by: Anonymous

We have red bellied woodpeckers at our hummingbird feeder daily, as well as a pair of downy woodpeckers and some very upset ruby hummingbirds!

Aug 23, 2015
Rockville Md too!
by: Laura

I find it fascinating that so many of us are witnessing the same thing! First ever downy (that I know of) feeding at my hummer feeder today!

Aug 22, 2015
Woodpeckers at my hummingbird feeder
by: Lynn

i live in CT and today was the first time I have ever seen a woodpecker on my hummingbird feeder! He did not seem to be too ready to leave it even though I walked outside and stood under the feeder!

We have seed cakes out for them so it surprises me a little that they would go for the nectar.What a sight to see!

Aug 21, 2015
We too!
by: Jeff

We have been feeding the hummingbirds for 20 years and this is the first years the wood peckers are also feeding there too!
Killingworth, CT

Aug 17, 2015
I thought I was the only one!
by: Julie

I just began seeing the phenomenon about a week ago! Located in Dayton as well, I couldn't help but guess that maybe they were lacking some type of nourishment, thus feeding on the nectar.

Either way, it's always a pleasure to see my Downys.

I've also notice a crazy increase of hostility between the hummers as well.

Which leads me to believe they time here in southwest Ohio is coming to a close. :(

Aug 14, 2015
Woody comes to call!
by: Patt

We live in North Bend, OH now and after feeding Hummingbirds for decades, in Dayton and now here, we have a Downy Woodpecker for the first time. We couldn't believe our eyes!

He comes to feed many times a day and when he leaves the Hummers fight for their turn to feed. So enjoyable to watch!

Aug 14, 2015
Downy Woodpecker Surprise!
by: Anonymous

Thank You for all of this information! Just recently Downy woodpeckers have been coming to my hummingbird feeder and I was so surprised!

For 12 years I've had my feeder in the same spot and this has never happened. Last week a woodpecker knocked a plastic flower out of one of the holes and was having a feast.

I guess I better replenish my suet feeder - which is where they usually feed.

Aug 12, 2015
also in Cleveland OH area
by: MJ

For awhile this summer I thought it was just one male downy with a sweet tooth, but now he brings a female with him. Luckily they haven't disturbed the hummingbirds too much but they certainly drink a lot!

Aug 03, 2015
Vermont sightings
by: VTChuck

We have had woodpeckers at our feeder for a couple of years. I've changed the feeder to a metal base type, because the woodpeckers broke off the little yellow plastic flowers on my old feeder.

Don't mind them sharing the feeder.... sugar water is cheap to produce and they are entertaining.

Aug 01, 2015
woodpeckers one stop food and drink
by: Anonymous

Woodpeckers One Stop food and drink. Yes, that is what it has become. Plenty of ants have invaded my hummingbird feeder station last month I noticed the woodpeckers coming down and landing many of them all day long.

I got out my binoculars after watching four hours I could see they were eating ants and any other insect they could get a hold of Plus washing it down with that nutritional cold nectar.

They start feeding at first light and finish off at dusk the hummingbirds still come and feed when there is room and time they are a joy to watch.

Jul 30, 2015
Downy Woodpecker at Hummingbird Feeder
by: Cindy

We've had a downy woodpecker at our hummingbird feeder in southwestern CT this summer, too. As soon as she arrives, our hummingbird traffic drops significantly, but she seems to like to feed in the early morning, so the hummingbirds do get their turns later in the day.

As others are reporting, until very recently (July 2015), I had never seen a woodpecker drinking nectar from one of our feeders, but this also is only the second year we've used feeders with spots for perching.

From the downy's perspective, I guess it beats having to drill your way through a tough layer of bark to get at a sugary liquid.

I'm thinking, though, that we should resurrect one of our old tube feeders.

Jul 16, 2015
ants on feeders
by: Linda

I read this years ago on the internet and it works! Spray a coating of PAM cooking spray on the hook where your feeder hangs. Ants won't cross it and it won't hurt the hummers. You just have to re do it if you have a lot of rain.

I found this page when looking to see if Sapsuckers drank from a hummingbird feeder as we watched one yesterday.

He is a bully keeping the hummers away, guess I have to put out another feeder!! But answered my question that I am not the only one!

Jul 14, 2015
wood pecker at hummingbird feeder
by: Barbara RI

I decided to add another feeder to my yard and strangely I haven't seen the woodpecker feeding from either but today I had 4 hummingbirds at once! I usually only have one...

Jul 13, 2015
ant moats
by: Anonymous

Thanks, Shannon. That's very helpful. I would love to see a pic of your unusual hummingbird!

Jul 12, 2015
Ant moat
by: Shannon

Mar- you can buy individual ant moats. That's what I have.

I saw an albino hummingbird at the feeder last year. I'm trying hard to catch a pic. No one believes me. Just my family! Ha. But they also saw it. This year for some reason I don't Have near as many hummers. I don't know why :(

Jul 12, 2015
Downey at the oranges, as well
by: Anonymous

I too have a female downy at the hummingbird feeders. An orchard oriole appeared and I put sliced oranges in the paddle suet feeder. This morning the female downy is nipping at those as well.

I put out extra hummingbird feeders, two small 1/2 cup tubes and a 2 cup w/o perch, when we had a spate of 40 degree rainy weather about 4-5 weeks ago.

Poor hummers were being chased off by the alpha-male hummer and I feared they were close to starving.

I first spotted the female downy 7-8-15. I don't care to put out much suet in summer b/c at 1 am I spotted a skunk and coon hissing at one another beneath my back picture window.

Jul 11, 2015
by: Mar

There were four woodpeckers at the hummingbird feeder this morning.

I've just ordered another feeder without perches and, hopefully, that will deter the woodpeckers.

Unfortunately, the one I ordered doesn't come with a water reservoir on top so I'll have to figure out how to deal with ants. :-)

Jul 10, 2015
wood pecker at hummingbird feeder
by: Barbara RI

I have one too, but now the hummingbird that was coming everyday all day is no where to be found. I'm bummed about the hummingbird...the woodpecker is at the feeder all day long..thinking of putting up another feeder in a different spot.

Jul 10, 2015
Woodpecker with the hummingbirds
by: Leigh

I have had a woodpecker coming to my hummingbird feeder all spring and summer too.

I have had a hummingbird feeder out at this location for 28 years and this is the first year I have ever seen a woodpecker.

Sounds like this is a first year occurrence for a lot of others also. I do wonder if their diet has changed? Anyway they are a joy to watch!

Jul 09, 2015
Downy at the Hummingbird Feeder!! :O)
by: Maureen

I was so surprised to see a Downy at my hummingbird feeder. I had no idea that they would do that. (so I looked it up)
I live in Ontario, Canada and am thrilled that the hummingbirds find their way up here! Luckily I have woodpeckers all year and enjoy them in all the seasons!

Jul 06, 2015
by: Shannon

My downy visits from time to time. I think the sugar water taste a lot like the sap they're used to eating. I enjoy them and my hummers don't mind em!

Jul 05, 2015
Me, Too!
by: Anonymous

I've had a woodpecker visiting my hummingbird feeder for almost a week now. He's quite bold!
I'd never seen this before so was surprised to see so many other comments. I also live in MA. I wonder if there is something missing in their diets that is causing this behavior change????

Jul 05, 2015
Woodpecker at Hummingbird Feeder
by: Anonymous

I was amazed today (July 5, 2015) to see a Downy Woodpecker drinking from my hummingbird feeder.

This is a first for me. I didn't know Downy Woodpeckers liked sugar and water.

The hummingbirds don't seem to happy that this guy has taken over there spot. I have set-up 2 other hummingbird feeders to hopefully keep the hummingbirds coming to my yard.


Jul 04, 2015
by: Anonymous

I also have a woodpecker on my feeder. What a sight to see. Live in MA

Jun 29, 2015
CT Woody
by: Anonymous

I live in Connecticut. This is the first year that I have ever seen a Downy Woodpecker sipping at my Hummingbird feeders.

Jun 28, 2015
by: Nina

I have a woodpecker at our feeder on a daily basis. He's gotten to be quite adept at perching himself on the feeder. He, unlike the hummingbirds, is shy about being photographed though.

Jun 13, 2015
surprise ladder back woodpecker
by: Anonymous

We live in Michigan. Yard backs up to woods Have many birds. Came on here to see what the Bird was on feeder.

A Ladder Back Woodpecker So awesome to watch Gods creation. Very relaxing. So glad I could find out what the woodpecker was.

Jun 05, 2015
by: eliza

I also have a downy woodpecker visiting my hummingbird feeder. I've never seen them there before and I have been feeding the hummingbirds for years.

Jun 04, 2015
a woodpecker at our hummingbird feeder
by: Teddy J

We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw a woodpecker at our hummingbird feeder! He was perched but leaning way over to get to the nectar hole. Never knew this would happen. What a sight! Unable to capture a picture, though.

Jun 04, 2015
woodpeckers at my hummer feeder
by: Ally

Hi! I also back onto a wooded area so I have all kinds of wild life in my back yard...just the way I like it.

But I saw a red headed woodpecker drinking from my hummingbird feeder also! This is the first time I have seen this!

I also saw one of my hummers getting very aggressive to a sparrow who must have been too close for comfort....the little guy was whizzing at him back and forth...a real little terror!

The wonders of nature! All this while I am outside with 3 huge German shepherds...none of the birds mind them at all. Without nature we have nothing.

May 04, 2015
Downy Woodpecker on Hummingbird Feeder
by: Carol Schultz

I was amazed today (May 4, 2015) to see a downy woodpecker sipping sugar water from my hummingbird feeder.

I've been feeding hummers for more than 40 years in Arizona and Arkansas. This was a first for me. I have seen orioles sipping but I never dreamed a woodpecker would be interested.

It is so nice to find this post so I know I not the only one.

Apr 07, 2015
we have a woody at our feeder too
by: Anonymous

Same here. We have the feeder in a small tree by our kitchen window. I spotted this beautiful bird at our feeder about a month ago--what a site to see.

Funny thing is, the woody stays on the tree branch, hiding behind the foliage and frequently sneaks a sip or two while ducking back and forth, like he's on some sort of covert mission!

In the meantime, the hummies are whirling around and are oblivious to the 'intruder'. I haven't seen aggressive behavior from the woody, in fact, he seems to be taking great strides in keeping himself concealed from the hummers!

Feb 06, 2015
Wasteful woody.
by: Anonymous

I would not mind woodpeckers feeding at my hummingbird feeders if they did not empty the entire contents onto the ground. They do this in a short time and waste the HB food. This is the first year I am considering not putting up my HB feeders.

I have tried the reflective tape and also put an old CD on the top of the feeder. These worked for a short time til the woodpecker got wise.

Those little buggers. Flustered!

Jan 31, 2015
Gila Woodpeckers
by: Anonymous

Desert Gila Woodpeckers will hang upside down and keep coming until they drain the feeder. Hummers cannot run them off as the Gila woodpecker is very assertive. They are a problem at my house!

Aug 08, 2014
by: Sunil

I had not heard about woodpeckers drinking from hummingbird feeders till I saw one doing just that yesterday. So had to do a google search and came across your site and the great picture, along with all these comments!

Thanks for sharing.

Jul 03, 2014
Downy at feeder
by: De Anna

I was happy to read the hummingbirds won't be scared off by a downy woodpecker at the feeder. One just showed up today and I haven't seen a hummingbird since.

Jun 26, 2014
Woody is here too!
by: Tina

Tonight during dinner we saw a Hairy Woodpecker on the Hummingbird feeder for the first time. We saw him/her come back several times in the evening. What a sight.

We have 3 Hummingbird feeders together and regularly see 3 to 6 (or more) feeding at a time, but this guy seemed to throw them off a bit. They were all huddled on the right feeder while Woody ate at the feeder on the left.

Neither seemed overly bothered by the other, but we haven't seen them sharing a feeder yet. Nature is neat.

Jun 09, 2014
Woodpecker at the hummer feeder
by: Shannon

The cool thing is that the hummingbirds don't mind the woodpeckers. When they are good and ready to feed they will run the woodpecker off. They are fierce little birds. The woodpeckers like the nectar because it taste like sap!

Most importantly, just let them sort things out themselves. They woodys mean no harm and your hummingbirds will always come back. Especially in late july when they're preparing for migration. :)

May 31, 2014
Woodpecker on hummingbird feeder
by: David

I have been feeding hummingbirds for a long time but this is the first time I have had a woodpecker problem.

I cut all the rails off but he still clings upside down and drinks and has torn all the yellow flowers out several times.

I think he has scared most of the hummingbirds away because I have only seen one so far and I usually have several.

I am going to try one of the new feeders with the long tube and maybe he (or she) can't get them out or get to the nectar.

Apr 09, 2014
Wily Woodpecker
by: Eleanor

My hummingbirds won't come near the feeder with a woodpecker sitting on it. Now Mr Smarty-pants has removed the yellow flower which gives him or her a much bigger hole to drink from.

My 10th year of feeding hummers and this year is the first time with the darn woodpeckers. I read solutions on this post so will try them all till I can get rid of him or her.

Jun 30, 2013
Hairy Woodpecker at hummingbird feeder
by: Cincinnati

Hi Craig, just 2 days ago we started seeing a Hairy Woodpecker at the hummingbird feeder. First time we have witnessed this in the 3 years we have had feeders. What a sight! Very interesting when the little hummingbird comes in for a drink & is confused by this sighting as well. We love it & hope he continues to enjoy.

May 03, 2013
woodpeckers at hummingbird feeder
by: Pat

I've had a pair of red-bellied woodpeckers coming to my hummingbird feeders for several years. Last year downy woodpeckers joined the crowd. Just saw a downy back today.

Apr 14, 2013
have a woodpecker on my feeder too
by: Harld

I have been feeding two humming birds since last summer, in Phoenix, AZ. The same two have stayed around all winter, although we have mild winters, it does get cold at night low 40's to low 30's.

They stayed and fed all season, and are back this spring, along with them A female woodpecker, don't know which kind yet, always uses the feeder, she hangs on it eats her fill, then swings it back and forth, to spill a lot of the food on the ground!

She hasn't done anything to my house, or outdoor furniture, so I just leave her alone, we enjoy watching all of them.

Feb 14, 2013
Woodpeckers on the Hummingbird feeders
by: Sherry

I live in Phoenix, and we have numerous Woodpeckers feeding on our Hummingbird feeders. We'd like to get rid of them. They're taking them over and draining them way too rapidly. Any suggestions?

Jul 17, 2012
BIG hummingbird.
by: Lorrie-Warren Ohio

I think I must have woodpeckers at my hummingbird feeder too! From what I can see and from doing "research" on-line it looks like an adult female downy woodpecker. She is definitely not intimidated by me watching her.

Jul 17, 2012
Bigger bird at my hummingbird feeder too!!!
by: Anonymous

I have been seeing a bigger bird at my hummingbird feeder too, and was also wondering why food disappearing so quickly. am not sure what kind of bird it is. Kind of a darker color with white specks, white areas. Does not seem to be intimidated when I watch it.

Jul 14, 2012
Woodpecker at Hummingbird Feeder

Woodpeckers eat from the hummer feeder in Peoria, IL also. I have photos of them feeding at the same time.

I didn't think they could get their beaks in the tiny holes. They proved me wrong because when they discover it the liquid goes way fast! Love to watch them.

Jul 13, 2012
sugar high
by: Bronner

All of this is funny and new too me. I thought I had the only woodpecker that wanted a sugar high.

Jun 22, 2012
To Anonomous
by: Barb O

I'm in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada and our hummers returned on Mother's Day pretty well on their usual schedule. Sorry to hear yours have not returned they are so entertaining!!

Jun 20, 2012
I haven't seen one either
by: Anonymous

Where are you Barb O? I am in Tulsa and have not seen a single hummer. I was in Central Texas in April and they were thick. I am fearful.

Jun 20, 2012
Hummers and woodys together!!!
by: Barb O

I have downy woodpeckers and hummingbirds at my feeder too. They seem to get along well. Often using the feeder at the same time with no problems!!! Other hummingbirds at the same time however seems to be a no no!!lol

Jun 19, 2012
no hummingbirds
by: Kat

I don't have any hummingbirds this year what is up? I do have a woodpecker though, for the first time. I had no idea they liked the nectar. At first I thought it was cute but not anymore. Where are the hummers?

Jun 05, 2012
woodpecker worries
by: bummed

I was also looking for a way to get rid of my woodpeckers. Not only have they taken over my feeder, they are wrecking my new deck.

I have found many holes in my fake rock posts and they are not cheap. I have holes in my siding which I fill with cauk.

If you fail to find the hole in time, other animals get into your walls and nest. I am afraid to quit feeding them because I worry they will turn even more on my house. These birds are destructive.

May 31, 2012
Miss My Hummingbirds
by: educ8rnik

While I do like all birds, I really look forward to watching the aerobatics of the hummingbirds every summer. These downy woodpeckers have totally taken over my feeder.

I guess I'm not as appreciative of their qualities as the person who left the last post. I was actually on the internet searching for a way to get rid of the woodpeckers.

May 13, 2012
Downy woodpeckers
by: NPW

First time I have observed the woodpeckers enjoying the hummingbird juice. Glad to hear others have the pleasure of viewing this as well.

Sep 04, 2011
Hairy Woodpeckers (all birds really) are awesome!
by: Suzie Powers

We have a hairy woodpecker that has also been coming to our hummingbird feeder recently in upstate NY. What a sight! He hangs rather upside down as he is so large and then just drinks away. The hummers often join him! Thanks for sharing your awesome photo!

Aug 13, 2011
thank you Gene
by: marthooo

We have woodpeckers at our hummingbird feeder; they seem to sort out the sharing with the hummers. We did work to lure the yellow jackets away, though!

Gene, thank you for all of the information. We don't mind our woodies and do put suet out for them. We have many titmice, wrens, and blue birds, and I had never made the connection to the woodpeckers' contributions to the presence of these other birds.

Aug 08, 2011
by: Gene

Hi Pastor Ray, Gene from wild-bird-watching.com

I know it can be frustrating from time to time but before you shoot the darn woodpeckers keep in mind that it is illegal.

It violates the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, All state laws, and All federal laws. All woodpeckers are protected species.

Why not offer a dish of sugar water and store bought suet for the woodpeckers to feed from.

A saucer of sugar water placed on something they can stand on would be liked more than a hummingbird feeder.

4 parts water and 1 part sugar is all it takes to keep everyone happy.

Our woodpeckers provide homes for bluebirds, titmouse, nuthatches, chickadees, wrens, tree swallows and many other birds.

Without woodpeckers the aforementioned birds would have no where to nest since they can't drill out the tree like woodpeckers.

Woodpeckers build the nest hole and use it only once, leaving it for other birds to use over and over.

Think this one over really well, I don't think you would want this one on your conscience.

Take care,


Aug 08, 2011
I do NOT want Woodpeckers STEALING food!
by: Pastor Ray

I have had a nightmare all summer with these STUPID destructive woodpeckers driving away my Humming Birds!

I end up today, removing all of the perches and soaping the hanger poles with Dawn dish soap to make them slick...And it finally seems to have stopped them.

I don't want to shoot them but this does not work...I WILL!!!

Aug 02, 2011
thanks and Monarchs
by: Paula

Thank you Barbara for adding your comment. I want everyone to chime in about Monarchs. I have only seen one or two this entire summer.

It is so unbearably hot here this year, today was 107, in Tulsa. I am so afraid this will hamper them further. Please send me some good news from somewhere.

Aug 01, 2011
Woodpecker on my feeder too
by: Barbara

I too have had a woodpecker on my hummingbird feeder. He lands on a trellis next to the feeder and will spend as much as 5-10 minutes drinking from the feeder.

This is the first year I have seen this but it has really been hot in North Carolina this summer.

It is so interesting to watch him. I have tried to get a video but when I get close enough he flys away.

I am usually inside and don't have any way to get to him that will not disturb him-guess this is not as odd as I thought. So much fun to watch him!!

Jun 17, 2011
woodpeckers at hummer feeders
by: Barbara

We had a female downy at our hummer feeder this evening in Anacortes, WA. We've had our finches drinking from it after we took the seed feeder down for the warmer months, but this is a first. We have year round Anna's here, even though it gets cold and freezes once in awhile.

May 28, 2011
Hairy woodpeckers at hummingbird feeder
by: Perry

Today I noticed a pair of hairy woodpeckers at my hummingbird feeder. This is the first time I've ever seen this. It's very interesting. I live about 40 miles north of Atlanta on the edge of heavy woods.

Jan 05, 2011
Breeding pair of Gila Woodpeckers at ours!
by: Steve

We have a breeding pair of Gila woodpeckers that have taken a liking to the hummingbird feeder. They've not given us any problems, and the hummingbirds still get their sugar. They are amusing to watch too.

Aug 28, 2010
Downy loves Hummers feeder
by: b oneill

Was so pleased to find this site. We have Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers that visit our yard.

We have seen them both at the seed feeder from time to time but this year the Downys are enjoying our new Hummingbird feeder as well.

It is bigger than the one we had plus it has a built in perch on the flowers. People think I'm kidding when I tell them about it so I had to take some pictures, not as good as the one on this site but good enough for the nay sayers. Got to love nature!!

Aug 13, 2010
Downys at hummingbird feeder
by: Bea

Just had my first Downy sighting at our hummingbird feeder. Charming - yes - but other posts concern me that he will become "they" and that our deck will get messed up. Other experiences?

Aug 03, 2010
Me Too
by: Paula

I have a little Downy at my hummingbird feeder this summer. I have never seen this before and wondered if he/she was just different until I stumbled upon this website. The Ruby throats still come and I find this knew addition charming.

To the other inquisitor: leaving your feeders up will not deter the hummers from migrating. it will help and not hinder, so please help.

Has anyone seen a Monarch butterfly this summer? I haven't and I live in Tulsa, OK.

Oct 21, 2009
woodpeckers on hummingbird feeders
by: Kandy

Gosh, I have 2 woodpeckers that have made my back yard their home here in Phoenix, AZ. They pretty much have taken over my hummingbird feeder.

I really wish there was a way to get rid of them..they squawk soooo loud and have pecked the weaving off my patio chairs, but gosh I hate giving up feeding the hummingbirds.

My 2 cats love watching all the activity, but I'm really getting tired of the woodpecker mess. they peck the house sometimes too.

Any ideas?

Sep 20, 2009
Woodpecker at the hummingbird feeder
by: Steve Mason

Yeah!! I've got pictures (spur-of-the moment through a window & fog, so hard to see well) of a yellow-fronted woodpecker on my hummingbird feeder in Wimberley (central Texas).

A big bird and he hangs on the lip w/ no support for it's tail and I can see his tongue shooting in the little holes. The same bird also hides chipped corn in the bark of the junipers.

Sep 14, 2009
Taking Hummingbird Feeders Down
by: Website Administrator

Hummingbirds will migrate whether your feeder is still up or not. It's a myth that they will stay too long.

The best time to take your hummingbird feeders down is about two weeks after the last time you see hummingbirds feeding from them.

This years hatchlings are the last to migrate and need to fatten up before migration, so leave them up as long as you still have them coming around.


Sep 14, 2009
When to take down hummingbird feeders
by: Kathie

I live in Upstate NY and have noticed there are still hummingbirds coming to my feeders, someone told me that it was time to take them down here.

They said if you remove them too late in the season the birds will not migrate. I was wondering if any one knew when it is time to take them down here in Upstate NY. thanks

Jul 15, 2009
Woody on there Hummingbird Feeder
by: Jean

We are in southwestern NY. Something is emptying our hummingbird feeder almost every night. There is hair on the feeder and the wooden post it is attached to.

We have set a live trap have not been able to catch whoever or what ever the bandit is.

They really like our regular bird feed too.
We suspect raccoons. We do have lots of squirrels too.

Jul 12, 2009
I never knew this was so common
by: Anonymous

How great to see your photo. We spend sooooo much time(and money-can't believe what I'm willing to spend for peanuts! to attract even more squirrels! lol) enjoying the "nature preserve" in our back yard in upstate NY.

Lots of time spent lately observing our baby cardinals and bluebirds, expecting the young rose breasted grosbeaks any day.

I was dumbfounded when I saw a red squirrel hanging upside down along side the hummingbird feeder lapping up nectar, he must have liked it as he is back today, but I see from my search that I don't have an earth shattering discovery.

Aren't animals and birds a treat. May have to get a feeder like yours as we always have red bellied woodpeckers and maybe I can attract some bigger sippers. Thanks for your post.

Jul 07, 2009
Great picture
by: Anonymous

Perfect picture of a woodpecker feeling right at home!

Jul 07, 2009
Copycat woodpecker
by: Anonymous

Just captured a downy doing the exact same thing in my Massachusetts back yard!

Your picture is better tho....

Jul 06, 2009
Woodpecker AND Squirrel
by: Anonymous

I was searching for hummingbird feeder, woodpecker and squirrel when I found your post. A woodpecker is draining the feeder, but there is also a squirrel who tips it to get the syrup!

I would think it is because we have been so dry, but there is a birdbath right under it with fresh water.
Thank God for Birds,

Jun 03, 2009
another one here
by: Joyce

We have a resident red bellied woodpecker who hangs on the HB feeder (exact same kind), tipping it so the nectar runs out, then he laps it up from the outside of the feeder. He makes quite a mess! I'd never heard of that before, but found the picture when I Googled.

Jun 01, 2009
We have one too
by: Joan

Yesterday I watched an Acorn woodpecker drinking from our hummingbird feeder. After doing an internet search I found your entry where you had one too.

I was wondering why that one feeder was draining so fast, at least till I caught him at it.

May 23, 2009
Truly Amazing !
by: Elaine

This is truly amazing. I would love to see "Woody" doing this. I will watch my hummer feeder and see if my woodpeckers visit it.

Franklin, TN

May 23, 2009
a woody on the HB feeder
by: Cindy

Hi Craig!
Woodies aren't the only thing that'll visit the Hummingbird feeder! So far, I have pictures of the Ladder-backed Woodpecker, the Hooded Oriole, The Scotts Oriole, and the Verdin each taking their turn at the HB feeder!

I've found that most fruit eaters, or sapsuckers.. (figure of speech not WP name)will taste the nectar if they can get it.

The Ladder-backed Woodpecker was the first I think that I observed. We have these birds natural habitat too.. but when the Hummers let me know they are back.. out go my feeders!

It's a treat to see them all. So far there hasn't been a problem.. but some of the visitors to the feeder.. are also predators for the hummingbirds birds.

So I have a few out there.. spread far and wide. I've now included some fruit out there.. and each seem to be going to its own. Great picture!!
Cindy, High Desert Mtns. CA

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