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When bird watching, do you ever wonder why a bird does what it does? Ever wonder what a particular bird eats or where it might nest? This is the type of information you'll find while exploring this website. If you enjoy learning the feeding, nesting, and mating habits of backyard birds, you'll find that this is the website with the answers you're looking for.

We've even been including our very own bird videos to help you compare what you see in your backyard to the information you read about. Sometimes pictures just don't give us all we need.

Stick with us each season and you'll likely see one of our live streaming bird cams. Every year we try to place cameras where birds are nesting. This gives you the opportunity to watch everything, live and in real time.

birds and nest-flicker,green heron,cardinal nest, and purple martin

Our purpose is not only to provide information about backyard birds, but also offer ways that will enhance your enjoyment of birdwatching. The photo above gives you just a few hints of the things written about, shown with video, and shared by visitors on this website.

What You'll Find

Like most, we provide a picture and basic description to help you identify the most common North American bird species. These include such favorites as: Humming Birds, Wrens, Cardinals, Bluebirds, Robins and many more. Here is our List Of Common Backyard Birds.

Each page offers information about how many eggs a particular species lays, the color and any identifying marks of the eggs, and incubation and fledging times.

Read Cardinal Species Account

You'll also learn the best places to look when trying to locate your favorite birds nest.

Beyond just giving you species information, we help with concerns, problems, or questions you may have when it comes to birds.

Things Like:

  • Where Birds Sleep
  • How Birds Keep From Falling Off Branches When Sleeping
  • Why Birds Fly Into Windows
  • Do Birds Mate For Life
  • Even How to Grow Your Own Birdhouse

You can start finding out more about birds by visiting our Articles page. But we don't stop there.

We'll Show You What You Need To Know Before...

  • Building Birdhouses
  • Buying Bird Houses
  • Choosing Baths
  • And Finding The Perfect Bird Gift

Want to know what other visitors to this website have to say about the birds in their backyards? Hundreds of our visitors share their stories on our Bird Stories Page

Read Species Accounts Like Blue Birds

As you explore the site, look to the bottom of pages for more bird watching information and videos.

You'll find articles that'll help you attract specific backyard birds to nest around your home.

You can also find out which birds will use birdhouses, nesting shelves, and feeders.

Want to know what type of seed the birds in your backyard like best? Then visit the chart located on the seed chart page.

Here's A Few More Things Bird watchers Can Learn:

Bird Nesting Shelf

  • The right house for attracting the right bird.
  • Recipe for feeding and attracting more humming birds.
  • How to set up a Blue Bird Trail.
  • Types of Feeders and The Birds that you'll attract.

Whether you are new to birdwatching or a seasoned pro, I hope you'll enjoy learning all about the bird habits and how you can attract more Birds to your backyard.

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Bird Watching Ideas

Building A Birdhouse?
Want to build a birdhouse?
bluebird house
You'll need the right dimensions and correct entrance hole size. Good News - You can find it all here - Building Bird Houses

Give The Best Gift Ever!
Looking for the best gift for the bird watcher in your life. All birds need water in winter.
Heated Bird Bath
Why not give someone or yourself an All-in-One Heated Bird Bath Use it All Year Long. Find out more here: Heated-Bird-Bath

Looking For Bird Info?
Need to know somthing about a particular bird? Have questions about what Blue Jays eat, how to attract Cardinals? Here's a list of the bird species we cover. Find the Name, Click the Link and Discover! BIRDS

Squirrels Giving You Fits?
Get A Squirrel Proof Feeder
Squirrel Proof Feeder
Now You Can Stop Feeding The Squirrels Your Expensive Bird Seed. Check Out These Squirrel Proof Feeders

Be Ready For Hummingbirds
Make sure you're ready for the Hummingbirds return.
hummingbird feeder
As a Gift or For Yourself Hummingbird Feeders make summer birdwatching more fun. Check out a few here: Hummingbird Feeders

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