How Baby Birds Get Water While in Nest

Ever wonder how baby birds get water while they are in the nest or birdhouse? Of course you did, that's why you're here.

In the summer when the temperature starts rising, and the rains stop, many emails arrive asking this question.

The simple answer is that moisture is provided through the insects and worms that the adults bring to the nestlings.

But wait...

nestling robin out of nest

Nestling Robin

Not all birds eat insects, what about them. Well, in some cases, birds that are primarily seed eaters will still be given some insects for protein and water.

Other birds will feed their young fruits or dip any food they bring to the nest in water before feeding the chicks.

This method gives them all the water the baby birds need to survive without a bird bath inside the nest.

Never give a baby bird water or even try to get it to drink. You're more likely to cause drowning than any good.

Some Birds Provide Liquids Differently

Pigeons and Doves are unique in that the adults create a thick milky-like substance in their crop, and all their young drink this "crop milk".

The young (squabs) place their head inside of the adult's bill and drink this for both protein and hydration.

Flamingos and Penguins also provide a type of "crop milk"

When Do Baby Birds Get Water By Themselves?

When young songbirds first leave the nest, they don't fly well so the parents continue caring for them until they can fly.

fledgling bluebird

Eastern Bluebird Fledgling

When they're able to get around well, they will begin drinking water the way that the adults do. Getting their water from natural water sources and bird baths.

Insects and fruit will continue to be a source of hydration throughout the bird's life.

Providing a bird bath for the adults to dip food in can aid the baby birds in your backyard and get them off to a healthy start.

fledgling robin just out of nest

Fledgling Robin Proper Time

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