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My Friends, The Wrens by John

A nesting pair of Carolina Wrens became very friendly and began eating mealworms out of my hand, daily. For years I had put mealworms in the feeder shown in the video, and after a while the wrens began to wait on nearby branches, waiting for me.

Often times, they would enter the feeder when I was only a few steps away. One day, this spring (2008), when they were nearby, I simply put the mealworms in my outstretched hand, held real still, and within a few minutes they hopped on.

It wasn't long before I could hold my hand close to my face, and they would still not only visit, but stay for a minute or so. this went on for two months, then they suddenly disappeared.

I fear that they were victims of a predator, and I miss them.

Carolina Wren - Wild-Bird-Watching.com

The poor little Carolina Wren in this wren video is foraging for sunflower seeds that have fallen out of the shell since he is not built for shelling bird seed.

It's still snowing! Be sure to offer suet for these little birds. You can find a Suet Feeder here.

Feathering Estates - Karen Barchent Findlay, Ohio

My cousin hand paints beautiful birdhouses and gave me one as a gift a few years ago. I hung it in the backyard mostly for decoration, but was tickled when I discovered a nest had been built inside.

I set up my camcorder and made a little clip complete with music. My cousin's daughter submitted it to YouTube since my computer is a dinosaur. Sorry for her misspelling of "wren" and "feathering"! :-) I think you will enjoy this clip!

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