Wren Inside My Shed?

by Kily, MS
(Lisa Lier)

Close Up Of Wren Nest

Close Up Of Wren Nest

Wren Nest in Shed

My husband is building a wonderful "Work Shed" that is 90% finished where I will have a studio to work on whatever "Craft" I'm into at the time.

The building isn't sealed yet at the area the roof and walls meet (soffit?) and that is how I think our "visitors" have gotten in.

We haven't been in the shed much lately, although we have already begun putting supplies in the shed.

There is one set of shelving where I have placed brightly colored 6X6X8 inch bins to store supplies in on a shelf about 4 1/2 feet from the floor.

You can imagine my surprise about a week ago when I noticed straw sticking out of one of them!

I took a closer look and it is a completed nest with 3 or 4 tiny white/tan eggs in it.

I backed off immediately and left the building.

I've gone back to look and until today the nest was empty I thought the eggs were abandoned but waited until my husband could see them.

Today, he and I went for him to peek in and make a decision as to what to do about this nest.

I looked first and there was a bird in the nest!

I think it's a Wren... but I'm not certain. Could the eggs still be viable?

I'm afraid they aren't but why would a mamma bird come back and sit on a nest like that?

I don't know but I'm waiting to see what happens!

I hope this has a happy ending, I'll watch and post pictures if there is something to post!

Wouldn't it be an awesome thing to see... Wren's living in my shed!

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My shed too. Every year
by: Jim

I have had wrens nest in my shed almost every year.

The shed is tightly sealed and the only opening is a small hole in the door. (about 2")

When the babies leave the nest it is like an aviary in there.

The mother sits outside and calls them to come out. I usually leave the door ajar during this time.

They have hatched!
by: Lisa

Yes! They have hatched!

I've been going in to check on them every day or two and this afternoon Mamma Wren wasn't on the nest and there they were!

I can see 3 little mouths for certain and maybe a 4th... there were 5 eggs I hope there are 5 babies!

This isn't the best photo but at least you can see them!

I'm so excited!

by: Lisa

Cindy... this shed is built better than some houses I've seen!

My husband built a 16'X16' shed (for want of a better word) on what they say is 16" centers.

It looks like a small barn and he has installed a attic stair well to the sheds "attic"? LOL! We need the storage that's for sure!

Now it's a bird nursery also.

I agree... I won't be making any jewelry, beads, soldering, sewing, etc. for a while! *G*

She has my supplies held hostage! No worries, I'll be watching for photo ops!

No wonder why these little birds decided this was a great place to raise her young.

I am worried that the eggs were left alone in there too long.

Plus how is she going to manage to get those babies out of there?

I suppose she knows better than I, right?

Thanks for finding my story interesting!


What a wonderful surprise Lisa!
by: Cindy

Sounds like your "shed" might be hushed for a bit.. until the new family emerges and takes off.

It is always so inspirational to see something like this happen.

Please keep us posted.. and get pictures if you can.

If it is a Wren... Wrens are (from my experience typically unafraid of humans.. never the less a bit cautious.

There are a few different types of "Wrens".

The ones I have are called Cactus Wrens.. and are very BOLD, to say the least.

They'll come up to within a few feet of me. 2 ft. !!!! to get a tidbit or bird food that is out for them.

They are smart little birds! Of course, they are.... who's going to bother their family in your shed?? lol

Have fun watching the family and post with pictures and a follow-up if you can!!!!!!!
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