A cactus Wren's SNOW experience

by Cindy - Desert Mtns. CA
(Desert Mtns. CA)

Cactus Wren in Snow

Cactus Wren in Snow

I have Cactus Wrens all over the place here in the high desert Mtns.

I used to get so frustrated with these little buggars, tearing up my patio furniture, pecking at the rubber lining on the windows of our automobiles, etc.

But have since come to respect the little ones, as they are like little watch dogs, with there screeching warnings of unwanted critters, slithering on the ground, etc.

I always know when somethings a muck, by the change in their sounds. I've grown fond of these annoying little ones!!

We had a huge unexpected snow storm last year. Non of the critters were prepared for it.

WE had a small clearing under our patio table, so I sprinkled some food under it. They were so happy.

As the skies cleared and the sun came out bright, I sat observing this little one jumping through the snow-covered tree branches, hoping that a big clump of snow wouldn't fall from above, and take it down.

No sooner did the thought run through my mind, did it happen. Buried on the ground for a brief second.. he rustled through the clump.. shook it all off... went back into the tree and hollered for all his might, at what he'd just gone through.

I was lucky enough to capture this, but then went out and about, knocking as much snow as I could off our big Pine tree.

I watched it after that.. looking up above itself, ever so cautiously.

Poor little guy!! I haven't seen any of their nests though. Maybe amidst the Cactus?? ha.

Their nesting habits must differ some from House Wrens.

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Cactus Wren sleeping above my ceiling where I sleep
by: Anonymous

This is the author to a cactus wrens snow experience! Sorry I didn't see this.. and hopefully by now you are not having this problem.

Are you sure it is the cactus wren? They are up early.. but they are not nocturnal!" I would hear them at times very early, sunrise. running across my roof.. then sticking to my screen door.pecking at the bugs that were under the porch light during the night, early in the morning.. but not at night!! Hopefully.. there is a way you can close any areas off where they could get in under your roof?
Wishing you peace!!

cactus wren above the ceiling where I sleep
by: Anonymous

Having a difficult time searching for advice about cactus wrens so just thought if the "snow wren" author has any knowledge of these birds nesting above ceiling in houses, I need advice.
They tap their beaks incessantly day and night and it sometimes sounds like the house is creaking but now I'm losing sleep since one is so loud it wakes me. I just wish they weren't active between midnight and 8am.

Breathtaking foto
by: Marlene Seidel

I truly was 'blessed' seeing this 'touching' picture of this dear little bird sitting on a branch in a Pine tree.

The snow the sky and the little 'sweetheart' was a treasure to view. Your descriptive story was so enjoyable about him falling 'into' the snow and scrambling out safely.

Can't wait for more wonderful pictures. Please don't wait to long to share more as it really touched my heart. THANK YOU FOR SHARING

by: Anonymous

What a precious moment to capture.
He wasn't about to be surprised twice!
Unbelievable shot! Wonderful story about
the character of the tenacious little Cactus Wren

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