Wild Mourning Dove Turned Pet

by Karylynn Mott

Wild Dove to Family Pet Story

In May of this year (2009), I was sitting in my garage with the door open and in flies a Mourning Dove.

I sat on the top step to watch it for awhile.

It walked over to me and hopped up all the steps until it was at my feet.

I went inside and a few hours later it had curled up on the landing and it fluffed itself up.

That night I went back into the garage to shut the door and the bird was still there.

I tried to get it to fly out of the garage but it wouldn't.

I got a dish of water and of food and let it sleep in my garage for the night.

The next morning I went out to open the door so the bird could leave and I went to work.
Dove That Became Pet

Eight hours later the bird was still there, he would not leave.

I even tried to chase it out but it came right back.

The bird stayed in my garage for 5 months.

Even when I went to go up the driveway to take out my recycling it flew after me. It started to follow me everywhere.

I was washing my van one day and it stayed around my feet the whole time.

Even with the noise of the power washer.

We had a party of about 56 people and it started to rain, so we moved into the garage and the mourning dove sat on the back of my chair the whole time.

Didn't even try to fly away from all the people.

If the bird was out in the lawn and I could not see it.

I called, come on pretty boy, come on pretty boy and it would fly to me and land on my head.

As the fall arrived the bird was still here.

It was getting pretty cold out and the bird would tap at the door with his beak.

If we did not answer, he would fly around to the back of the house on the deck and tap on my glass sliding door.

This bird lets me pat him and sits on my shoulder as I walk around.

I put a cockatiel cage out and in he went and that is where he is today.

He now lives inside in a cage and he seems very content.

He is always cooing and loves to coo to music.

I open the door and he just sits in the door way. So weird.

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Feb 25, 2022
My Time As Mother of Two Wild Birds
by: Tara

I bet the "Dove Turned Pet" was someone's pet who got out their house or they released it.

I found two baby birds outside who had fallen out of their nest. They were so new they hardly had any feather.

There they lay so vulnerable just waiting for something to eat them.

I could not stand it and took them inside the house with me and called my Vet for advice.

The Vet told me to let them die that they were way too young to survive, even if I did everything right to raise them.

Against his advice, I hand fed and raised them anyway and they survived!

When they were finally old enough and could fly away on their own, I put the box I raised them in out on the deck turned on it's side with them in it and left my sliding doors open.

They would fly away for a short period, return and hop inside the house. After a few days of letting them explore the outside world and feel comfortable, one day I close my sliding doors.

They were not very happy, but after a couple days, they finally flew off.

I was in the process of moving to a new home and was not there much and hoped everything would be okay for them.

My former neighbor told me they were still returning to the deck of my previous home and when she goes out on her deck, she has to close her sliding door right away or both birds try to get inside her house.

She said after a couple months, they both stopped coming around.

I often wonder how life went for both of them. They were so adorable!

Feb 06, 2022
Thank you
by: Ryan W.

Thank you so much for your story! I enjoyed it so much. Thank you for loving the birdie. And being such a good human!

Mar 24, 2021
To Jillian
by: Anonymous Kelly

I don't know how long it's been since you posted, but here's my opinion, FWIW.

If your dove can't walk or perch, it has ZERO chance of survival in the wild. It will have to be cared for.

Even if it can walk and perch in the future, it still lacks the skills necessary to survive, owing to all the human contact.

My best advice is to see if the rehabber will take it. If not, maybe someone else, a vet or something.

And if not that, it'll have to be you. But by now, even healthy, it's probably too late to release it with any hope of survival.

But talk to the rehabber first. And maybe a wild bird vet.

There are specialists in exotic and wild birds.

You may want to look one up, preferably near you. He or she will know more than I do.

Neither of us are experts, see if you can find someone online, and give them a call them.

Sep 10, 2020
me too!
by: Anonymous

I have a huge dilemma with our mourning dove that adopted us. We are moving. I hate to leave her, hate to take her.

Lately she is molting like crazy and her mate has been pecking her in the head and not letting her eat.

Please email thoughts to me at drakesqueenie
@gmail.com. Btw, her name is Lila, her mate is Larry.

Jun 25, 2019
by: Riannah

I have a small farm that doubles as a wildlife sanctuary from time to time in rural south Georgia. Wild animals are always coming and going. I care for them and feed them when needed. From deer to frogs.

I keep chickens, pigeons and rabbits, as well as an assortment of domesticated pets... including a not so domesticated Congo African Grey (I say that in the most loving way, I do love my Gracie).

Late one night my dog found a mourning dove near my porch. It was flopping around on the ground. At first, I actually thought it was a frog... was hard to tell in the shadows at night.

It's been 5 weeks now that I have been caring for the little guy I call Beaker.

Beaker was about 2 to 3 weeks old when I found him. I hand fed him for 4 weeks (every 3 to 4 hours, uhg!), now he eats and drinks on his own. We have learned to communicate a bit.

He is not afraid of me at all... in fact, he sits with me while I'm working on my laptop. He just likes to chill near me. And he nuzzles up in my hands... in a bonding fashion at times.

I have the means, experience and overall ability to keep this guy indefinitely. But a part of me realizes that he may need to return to the wild.

It would not be out of the question for me to obtain companions for him and to build him a special enclosure. I toss the ideas around and am trying to decide what is best for him.

My research tells me that in the wild his life expectancy is around 2 years or less. However, the possibility of 30 years of life if I care for him bounces around in my head. Quality vs quantity.

My thought is, ultimately, I will let him make the decision to stay or go. But then, there are the predators that I know exist around where I live, including my own cats. So, it is a very tough decision. Nature will do what nature does.

Beaker is not the first wild bird I have rehabbed... and he is not even the first mourning dove I have had the pleasure of knowing.

But it seems as if he really has taken to me... yet, trying not to be disillusioned by my own desires. Ehhhhh... oh the decisions.

Mar 28, 2019
by: Pat

We have had a mourning dove living in our back courtyard for ten months now. She landed on our table last May and has become a part of our family.

She slept for the summer on the back of a metal chair, then when it got cold, I lined a milkcrate with cardboard and put a perch inside. She flew in every night but 3 all winter long.

The three nights she didn't come home were long ones. She won't let us touch her but she likes to climb into our laps and sleep.

Since Spring has come she is spending less time with us. I hope she has met someone.

Mar 14, 2019
How do Doves Know?
by: Anonymous

Yesterday we had a terrible blizzard in Colorado. They called it a "bomb cyclone". Hubby and son went outside to shovel before dusk and a dove hopped right up to them with his wings partially open and covered with ice crystals.

He allowed my son to pick him up. We prepared a box with food and water and covered the box with a blanket to protect him from the icy wind.

This morning my son went to check him. The food was gone and he just looked at my son for a minute. Josh had to encourage him to move.

The little mourning dove flew out and away with no problem.

It was such a warm sight in the aftermath of an unbelievably violent blizzard!

So crazy that this pretty bird approached a human for help and I have to wonder if he knew he would be safe with us....

Sep 30, 2018
Captive mourning doves
by: Anonymous

Why have my captive mourning doves of 12 years unable to fly anymore?

Sep 30, 2018
Tee hee
by: Anonymous

Hehe, that is so funny and cute that the dove follows you and chose you as "their human" friend.

Jul 31, 2018
Does anyone know why my dove is...
by: Lori

Hi,I feed the sweet lil guys in my yard, I can’t help myself. But there is this one little dove who is just the cutest darn thing!

He sits on a branch, watches my window, and when he sees my shadow by the window he yells for me! I’m not talking about the regular coo either, I’m talking about a sort of high pitched bird Call.

I have NEVER. heard of this, Please, if anyone has will you comment? Thanks. Dove You!

Apr 16, 2018
Mourning dove comes to live in my pot
by: Anonymous

I have a mourning dove too one day a mourning dove came to my house and built a nest it also laid eggs when they hatched a crow tried to eat them but I scared it away it still gets scared when I approach it so I would love to get it to like me.

Oct 24, 2017
Funny Mourning Dove Story
by: Anonymous

I found a dove in my vegetable garden in the summer that was old enough to have some feathers but still not old enough to fend for itself.

I couldn't find her nest so I decided to keep her. I tried to feed her best I could but she was terrified of me.

Her beak was a struggle to get open since she hated me that much. So one day when I'm feeding her, I randomly mimic the sound of a dove and holy heck that was a game changer.

She began making little chirps and opening her beak for me to feed her. So I guess I'm her mom from now on.

Aug 10, 2017
Found young dove
by: critter lover

Hello bird lovers!
I enjoyed reading these older posts about young and injured doves. My husband found a young dove on the sidewalk and it would look at you but would not move.

It looked ok and then it got up. It was dragging its right wing and we could not catch it.

It went under our porch and stayed in the far corner all night. I did put food & water out for dove.

The next am it was still in same position under porch so I got a long antenna and gently coaxed it towards the food and water.

The dove was alert and did not seem afraid. I went and made a box to set it in and when I returned dove was gone.

My hope is that dove flew off. There were no feathers or sign of it. I looked under all my low lying bushes and shrubs and no dove.

The parents (ring neck doves) have been searching for dove for 2 days. I heard the young dove makes squeaking sounds but I could not hear that anywhere I went.

My hope and my prayer is that dove is alright and his small odds of survival are in his favor!!

Thank you for all your posts and I wondered why their were no current posts??

The parents have nested in our yard for 3 yrs now and this is the first set of babies we have seen.

The other egg white I found in our small pond and tried to incubate it, but it was no good. I was going to rehab the young dove myself if I could have caught it.

I have not seen young dove since, but have left food & water in case it needs a safe place to hide.

Happy Bird watching!!!
Thanks for caring for our feathered kids!
Thanks for listening,
Enumclaw WA

Jul 17, 2016
by: Daniela

Hi Jen,
It looks like you are doing well with the food.
We used baby budgie formula and my Mom opened the dove's beak to feed it. It did not complain at all, because that is how their mom's feed them.

It is important to give the dove plenty of love and let him/her see the outside to keep up the hope.

Good luck and God bless.


Jul 16, 2016
by: Gene

You might find someone to give you some advice from this list: NY Rehabbers

Jul 16, 2016
Dove Rehab?
by: Anonymous

I just found a fledgling mourning dove in the middle of the road yesterday morning. The bird seems healthy, but cannot fly.

He doesn't have all of his feathers, and you can still see his skin. I tried to call a wild life rescue, but they do not take baby birds where I am located.

I have attempted to feed it via the large syringe and glove method, and have him poke his beak in it. I can see him drinking and moving his throat when this happens.

It has been about 36 hours since I rescued him, and I offer him a plate of crushed cat food, wet cat food, bread crumbs, wild black berries, egg yolks, apple sauce and bird seed.

He pecks at the wild black berries when I put them in the box. Otherwise, I haven't seen much gone from the plate.

I mixed some wet cat food chicken, rice cereal and apple sauce in the syringe which is what he is eating every few hours.

This morning, which was about 24 hours since I found him, he had escaped out of the box with a loosely taped screen on the top and was sitting in the sink, washing himself in a bowl of water - which tells me he was able to fly or jump on to the sink and is at least getting some nourishment.

I tested him in my garage and he was not able to fly - just fell to the ground gently each time, attempting to flap his wings.

We will attempt flight rehab daily. Should I be doing anything more to make sure this bird eat and drinks?

I do not want it to die of malnutrition just from being inside, protected from the elements.

I live in a busy suburb in Upstate NY and he will not survive if just left on the ground. When I found him, it had been raining most of the night and he had clearly been there awhile, as he was sitting in his own waste.

He did not get up to move when I approached and picked him up.



Jul 12, 2016
An Ode To Dovey
by: Daniela

Dovey, Dovey flying high.
Take your place in the sky.
When you were lying hurt on the ground,
Under a nearby car you were found.

Dovey, Dovey you live in my heart
We put you in a little box to start.
But you did not give up and die,
You always dreamed that you would fly.

Dovey, Dovey in the sky,
Ascend to your mighty throne on high.
Live in majesty with your beautiful kind,
You will always be on my mind.

Dovey, Dovey precious gift from above,
You taught me how to give and love.
With your sweet round eyes and soft coos,
Your perfect love I will never lose.

Jul 11, 2016
Sad and happy at the same time
by: Daniela

Well Dovey has been with us for a year. He had started singing to the other birds in the area and he was able to fly although he needs to lose a couple of ounces.

Today was Dovey's day of freedom. We watched a last Star Trek last night and kissed him.

This morning, we let him go. We are going to see if he is still hanging around and needs any food.

We love Dovey so much. I just pray that the Lord will take good care of him.
Bye Dovey, we love you.


Mar 04, 2016
An update on Dovey
by: Daniela

Well, our wounded hero, Dovey the white-winged dove, is now fully healed and is a house dove. He tried to fly away once, but just sat on the top of the Post Office.

My Dad had to climb up and fetch him. He just waited until he was rescued.

He shares a cage with two naughty budgies and they have taught him to peck!

He comes out a lot and loves to watch Star Trek, The Next Generation. His favorite part is the beginning and the end when the theme music plays.

He looks so cute watching t.v. I cannot help myself and I have to kiss him.

Mar 03, 2016
Returning Dove after being injured
by: Winston

Although not to the level of comfort the author's Dove has taken to him, I've my own experience with a wild Dove.

Last year a Dove flew into one of our rear patio windows and injured its wing. It could not fly off but was very skeptical of me, typical of a wild animal.

I tried to catch it but it hobbled around the house and up on the ledge of a raised planter box. It stayed there for several days.

So, I put out some seed and fresh water in a dish for it. We could watch it from our home office window and it was eating the seed.

The Dove has intrigued not only me but even our near 4 year old granddaughter. She asked me about "our Dove" often.

It's been months now and even through the winter and the Dove's wing has healed, it keeps coming back.

Now, near Spring time here in Idaho, the Dove now has returned with an apparent mate.

I can go out to put fresh seed and water, but the other dove flies off, yet the formerly injured dove will only walk away from me, but not fly off.

I peer at the Dove through the window and I can tell it sees me because it tilts its head and blinks.

The Doves seem to love the front Courtyard of our home because that's where they fly in to roost during the day...they sun and eat the seed I set out for them.

I tell myself that the Dove(s) return only because I put food out for them, but the one Dove seems to really enjoy being in our front Courtyard to rest.

Isn't this a bit unusual? Oh, and I put out seed in the back yard for birds too, but this one Dove returns to the front of the house because the Courtyard is protected from the outside and street by enclosed fencing and the house.

Comments welcomed.

Oct 05, 2015
Dove that will not leave
by: Lisa

We have a finch feeder in our yard and every so often we get doves that come and eat from the seeds dropped on the ground.

Every now and then I put some safflower or sunflower seeds on the ground for the doves.

Today we have a dove that has literally sat down on our wood chips and not moved much. The bird looks pregnant.

I do not know the sex of the bird. I am just wondering if it is going to lay eggs. What should I be looking for?

It is a very large dove.

Aug 24, 2015
Dovey, the survivor.
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the kind words. Dovey is now beautiful and fat. She is on the solid food and is cooing much more now. She is starting to beat her wings preparing for her first flight.

There is no sign of the puncture wound and her wing is healing perfectly. Her feathers are beautiful. I wonder if we can post a picture on this site?

Aug 22, 2015
To: Dovey and Parents
by: Anonymous

congratulations!! I hope you and Dovey have long loving years together!!

Aug 16, 2015
To: Dovey's Parents
by: Larry's Mom

I hope you have a lifetime full of memories with Dovey. I found Larry in a driveway when she didn't have pinfeathers yet and she lived 15 years!)

Aug 16, 2015
by: Daniela

We live in the Cayman Islands and one day, we arrived home and I noticed what appeared to be a lump under the neighbor's car.

It was actually a brown dove. It looked in distress and we took it in and tried to feed it.

We noticed that when we would feed it, the food would ooze out of a hole under it's wing. We thought it would die and named it Dovey.
On closer examination, it turned out that Dovey had a puncture wound perhaps caused by a cat.

Well, we tried to keep feeding Dovey and I guess she was digesting a little food.

As the days went by, the wound began to heal. I bought some baby parakeet formula and we started to feed her.

She became a voracious eater. My Mum would open her mouth and push the food in. Dovey really likes that.

Dovey now has feathers and is very peaceful and gentle. She climbed up my arm and sat on my shoulder.

We love Dovey very much and hopefully, she will decide to stay with us. Perhaps Dovey is a wounded spirit in need of love and affection.

In our family, we love God's beautiful creation and know that even after we have passed from this life, our beloved animals will still be with us.

Jul 15, 2015
to Paul and Chip
by: Larry's Mom

Congratulations and long lives!

Jul 15, 2015
Our friend Chip
by: Paul

Back in March of this year my wife and son rescued a month old baby mourning dove from certain death as it was hiding under a car while crows attempted to make a meal of him.

We have raised parakeets over the years so, nursing this little dove shouldn't pose a problem. After reading online as to how and what to feed him we began nurturing the little guy.

My youngest son decided to name him "Chip". For all we know, he may be a girl. Well, after 2 months of constant feeding, cleaning and trying to wean him, he finally started eating some parakeet seed mix with some millet.

He absolutely loves to be around all of us and resides in a large cage at night with plenty of food water and warmth.

We realize that releasing Chip into the wild would be a death sentence, so he is now a part of the family.

I swear sometimes he seems like a dog with wings. He sitting on my shoulder as I type this BTW.

Jul 04, 2015
Baby dove fighting for life
by: Joy

I found a baby dove outside my condo yesterday.

I have seen other baby birds in the spring and summer so I know they can be out of the nest before they can fly and not to disturb them because this is part of the growing and learning process. His parents were coming by so he was not abandoned.

A few hours later, he had dried blood around him and could barely lift his head.

I was so saddened and knew it was dying. I called a local bird rehabilitator and sent a pic, she said it didn't look good.

She said I could bring it to her or just take it to an animal hospital and ask they end its suffering.

I watched it for a few minutes from afar as it's parents sat with it, helpless, while it slowly stopped struggling and closed its eyes.

I felt so torn knowing this is nature and not knowing if its truly more compassionate to take it from its loving parents to die.

Something told me it had a chance, or maybe it was just selfish thinking I could not sit 10 feet away in my home while it slowly faded away.

I drove it an hour to the rehab center, I held it to minimize the bumps and hoping I could give it some tiny comfort.

During the drive he moved a bit and I could see his legs and wings were all mobile. I was crying like a crazy person when I handed the nearly lifeless baby to a woman, took a quick photo and said goodbye.

I couldn't stop think about it all night and I read everything I could find. It turns out doves often have calcium, vitamin D and B2 deficiency that causes their feet to curl, their legs splay outward and they cannot stand.

Another sign of this condition is the feathers don't come out of the sheaths, looking like tiny porcupine quills, and my bird had all these symptoms.

The kind woman who is taking care of it sent me photos and with the vitamins and incubator, he is alert and eating, and his feathers have already come out in just one day.

I'm feeling better about his progress and my decision, but I am worried what future he has.

As all the stories here confirm, doves 'imprint' on humans VERY quickly, and it may seem cute and wonderful, but often diminishes their chance of a survival greatly.

Today his parents are still out, seemingly looking for him, hopping together over to the area I took him from repeatedly.

It's sad, as I know they are very intelligent creatures and bond tightly to each other and their young.

Now I wonder if I should bring him back here and try to let the parents visit while he recovers. I think I could care for him, but I'm no expert.

I don't know yet if he'll be able to walk, but if he does its imperative he learn how to survive.

There is little chance of this if he's away too long and if not reunited with his family very soon, it's unlikely he will ever learn to be a successful wild bird.

I would consider keeping him if he cannot live in the wild, but I'm not sure what's right. I read the parents will stop looking in a couple days, and then I believe releasing him to fend for himself would be a death sentence.

Even healthy babies with all the care and skills of their parents rearing have much less than 50% survival rate the first year.

I don't know what to do. Is it better to live a short life with other birds as he was meant to, or a possibly long life of captivity?

Any expert suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and I'll update soon.

Jun 17, 2015
To Jillian
by: Anonymous

The visual of Peace (and the Holy Spirit) is a white dove!

Jun 16, 2015
White Dove found me First day deciding to Move into The Woods became pet
by: Jillian G

I found this page because a few weeks ago I got evicted and decided to move into the woods in a tent, I was/am still working at my job.

I've had a lot of trauma in my life as of the past 2 years and a few weeks before moving into my tent I was very seriously thinking about taking my life, on top of many personal issues my phone and wallet got stolen on 2 separate occasions.

Not far apart from each other and I was just exhausted with life's constant struggles, I had nothing to motivate me to keep going. Literally nothing..

So a few days into moving into the woods I was exploring the area and macheteing them so I could access them without getting covered in spiders. that's when I heard something flapping and I looked around and saw a white dove perching on a tree only about 40 feet away from me facing away.

So I was obviously kind of shocked and on wonder, my guess was that he had been released for a wedding or something, he was a dove and not a white pigeon, which made it a bit crueler as white doves have basically no natural protection from predators.

I started talking to him, asking if he was ok and what happened, I said maybe we could be friends, and I was left to fend for myself too, of we weren't alone it would be easier.

While I talked to him I started walking closer, put my machete down halfway there, then I was close enough where the typical bird would have flown away but he stayed put.

Once I got right next to him he turned to fully face my direction and I put out my hand and said come on let's be friends and he walked onto it.

He seemed nervous but like he had a trusting feeling about me too.. That moment was an absolute miracle to me, I cannot describe the peace and happiness I felt when he trusted me and came to my hand.

So we slowly walked back to my tent, and there he stayed with me for about 2 weeks.

A couple days in I woke up and I heard this really weird bird song, his coo was like Coo CooOooOOo Cool -- it sounded so beautiful, I felt blessed he was comfortable enough to sign for me, and I started getting the idea that our fate of meeting meant something deeper than coincidence or primal comfstarted doing that everyday and I realized it was him responding to mourning doves that hung around in the early morning in the woods and their coos.

So every day I looked forward to being woke up at the crack of dawn to hear him sing. I named him Esperanza (I assumed he was female at first- Esper for short) .

A few times I got buzzed listening to Pandora on my phone and I started hearing something and he was singing along with me! I couldn't believe it!

During our time together we started started trusting each other deeply. He slept right on top of me in the tent every night.

If he didn't start there I'd wake up and he'd end up there somewhere on me lol. His favorite spot ended up being on my pillow right next to my head. I couldn't move cause I didn't want him to think he had to.

We started cooing to each other every day when I'd get home from work before I'd come in the tent. Then when I'd finally come in the tent I'd talk to him in my dog/baby voice and he'd start laughing at me!!

It was the craziest thing ever! I was like OMG he is like a dog or a baby he loves it!

Then I read a lot of weird info so I'm still not sure what it meant other than he was likely male because he did it kind of a lot.

It did seem like he thought whatever I was saying was funny..

So anyway I would often leave my tent open and he'd never fly away.. But one day he did.... I climbed up the trees he was flying into with a net to try to catch him but I kept falling out of them (I'm a bit on the heavy side) I got cut up and he.

Ever came back down.. I tried to sing to him, coo, everything I could think of. I was thinking maybe he wanted to mate and that urge was too strong?

But the whole time what I wanted to believe was that he was an angel of faith sent to me to Guide me in my most difficult time...which he did end up doing...

The most heartbreaking thing was that the next morning he either stayed in the area or came back to say goodbye to me.. But that morning I woke up to his song one final time.

I was so tired and happy and sad and I cried thinking there was nothing I could do but that he loved me and wanted me to know that.. He knew I loved his songs. Ugh.

I will never be able to get over this experience, It's been one of the most profound of my whole life. There are many hawks in the area and a white dove is easy prey. The cruelty of dove releasers is beyond words.

You set a beautiful life off to die to symbolize YOUR forever and their imminent death. It is disgusting.

Esper was my angel and she will be forever. I'm happy other people have had angels come to them to.

It is a blessing.. And I'm not sure what it's all about but there is a deeper meaning and a profound love attached to the reason these doves chose to trust us and be with us...

May 06, 2015
Wild Birds
by: Gene

Hi Tina,

They are wild birds and shouldn't be petted. Nest abandonment may happen and it's never a good idea to treat wild birds or wild animals as pets. Enjoy watching nature.

May 06, 2015
Mourning Doves
by: Tina

I have a mating pair of Mourning Doves on my porch. They are sitting on egg/eggs I cant tell yet. I love to watch them care for them.

The male sits them all day and the female 6 p.m. and takes her shift until around 9 a.m. . I was wondering if anybody knows whether or not it would be ok to try to pet them?

I don't want to scare them away I don't want them to abandon the nest.

Apr 10, 2015
Similar experience with a brown dove
by: Anonymous

2 days ago, my 22 year old son found a bird in our kitchen in the morning. It left on its own shortly thereafter.

Around 7 pm yesterday evening, while walking my dogs, I saw 2 pair of Brown doves at the end of a house driveway.

Then around 11 pm a Brown dove flew into my bedroom (on the second floor) thru the double French doors.

He perched on the mirror, then flew across the room onto the curtain rod and then onto the floor.
My husband put him/her on the patio/deck outside our bedroom, but he did not move.
He allowed my son and I to touch and pet him.

Fearing that a bird of prey was after him, we put him back into our room, where he spent the entire night in the same spot (beside our bed).
This morning, while trying to get him out, he flew onto our bed and nestles between our 2 pillows.

I put him on another smaller outdoor patio. At first he refused to leave. I closed the door and peered at him through the single French door.
He inched up to the edge and flew onto a nearby pine tree.

I looked at him/her thru binoculars for about 15 minutes and he then disappeared after I looked away at another bird for a short time.

That prompted my search online and I found your wonderful story.
Thanks for sharing it.

Jan 08, 2015
Spotted doves & collared Eurasian doves
by: Rahul Choudhary

built a nest for a mourning dove couple in my bathroom window, they raised three chicks until it was summer.

Then she was shocked to see broken dove wings at the front door, back door and finally a third one hidden behind the rose bush, then she shifted her nest. (some awful people in the neighborhood)

at least three pairs and more of collared doves and mourning (spotted) doves come over every sunrise on my rooftop, we have breakfast together; they have pearl millet and a nice bath. sometimes a full bath, and they just practically lie down sunbathing and drying the inside of their wings too which is quite a remarkable sight

the enclave I live in for the time being, a walk around the periphery would have over a hundred doves sitting out on electricity wires. it's a retired army officers housing society.

they are such remarkable communicators; always trust a dove to tell you the mood of the moment even when your thoughts are with someone half a globe away

looking at their rate of reproduction, a dove must raise over hundred babies in her lifetime, like a 100xgreat grand mother by the time one passes away. wonder how many of them are twins...

Jan 08, 2015
baby mourning doves
by: Anonymous

Please go to someone who hand raises their baby birds as hatchlings and be mentored...they require formula just like babies from a sterile setup

Jan 08, 2015
newly found friend
by: Fundi

In the office today we had a visitor, a small mourning dove. I want to take her/him as my pet. I never had a pet before, what can I feed new friend.
Please advise. Thanking you in advance.


Aug 07, 2014
Fledging Mourning Dove
by: Kelly H - Sharon, ON

Hi Karylynn,

I enjoyed your story, but I wish my story had a happy ending. This is how it goes...

I was recently caring for a fledging mourning dove. I found it hopping on the road across from my house at 10:30 p.m. on June 27/14. His left wing looked tattered like it was missing a lot of feathers.

I picked him up, and took him in the house. Placed him in a cage I had from my previous pet birds. Within days he began feeding on seeds from a shallow glass dish, drinking water, preening himself, and thriving very well.

Each day his feathers were improving. I was so impressed with his progress. He was growing so quickly. We decided to call him "Peep." We kept Peep in the cage at night in our master bathroom.

During the day, we would put him outside in the cage either on the lawn, or on our deck. So every night by 8 p.m., we would return him back to the bathroom to sleep.

Unfortunately, this passed Friday evening, a raccoon knocked over the cage on my deck, and obviously attacked Peep.

I only found a pile of plucked feathers on my deck. We were too late. I unknowingly put Peep in harms way.

We were planning on eventually slowly releasing him back in to the wild. I was reading a lot of information on doves, but I learned too late of their potential predators.

I knew raccoons ate birds eggs, but I had no idea that a raccoon would, on occasion, attack a bird. I think initially the seed was the attraction.

Now, all I can do is think about Peep every day since this tragedy. Blaming myself, feeling guilty, and so devastated over our loss :(

Aug 05, 2014
your blessed
by: Anonymous

Its not weird you're blessed.

Aug 05, 2014
morning doves
by: Anonymous

My daughter raised two after they fell out of the nest. She had them a few months and released them.

The male stayed and the female left. He is now our pet who is free to go but won't leave his cage but for a few minutes to fly, and back he goes in the cage. lol

Jul 03, 2014
My neighbor just gave me at mourning dove. Help.
by: Space Cadet

My neighbor just brought over a mourning dove that she rescued from her cat.

The cat had caught it outside and brought it inside and was wrestling it under the table when she noticed the ruckus and feathers flying all over.

I do not know how seriously injured it is. My neighbor brought it over by carrying it gently and it was wrapped with a paper towel to prevent flapping.

We put it into a large open-topped box and I put an upside down miniature laundry basket on the bird so it's acting like a cage.

I don't want it to panic and try to fly and damage its wing any more. My neighbor says it looks like the wing is injured and there are some feathers missing from it.

My neighbor brought me the bird because she knows I am very sensitive to animals and will do absolutely anything I can to help one.

Can anyone tell me what I need to do now? I will put a small dish of water in the "cage" now. I don't have any birdseed though...I'll get some tomorrow.

I will also contact my sisters former employer who is a veterinarian (Avian Specialist along with the local wildlife rehabber.

I am reading such wonderful things about these beautiful birds as PETS! I would rather let it be free but I will adopt it for sure if that's what it chooses.

It kind of brings tears to my eyes...I've had a pretty heart-wrenchingly lonely past few months since being left by a not-so-nice-guy.

Things had been hard before that too...so, if this bird would like to stay around here...I know it is a sign. That's the part that makes me tear up (happy tears though!!!!)

Oh yeah, as for antibiotics...can I administer any myself? Please let me know because I'm sure it was bitten by the cat....the cat is huge and very very mean.

Thanks for your time.

Jan 24, 2014
Doves and cats
by: Larry's mom

To Scruffy: I had eight cats for 10 years with Larry!!! They were interested at times but for the most part left her alone; she slept at the bottom of a rabbit cage on bedding on top of my dresser. I wonder if her wing wasn't broken would I have let her go or was I meant to find her?

Jan 23, 2014
by: Anonymous

Thanx for all the great info. I am currently rehabbing a mourning dove that had been mauled by umm, my cats. He's in a cage and it's been 2 weeks and he's doing well.

And I am getting terribly attached but must let go as I have 5 rescue cats. Scruffys cage is high up on the armoire and I must bring the ladder to feed him. Although the cats are ignoring him now I don't trust them.

We love the birds and so we support spay neuter programs for cats which in turn saves the birds!

Jan 19, 2014
Larry Bird
by: Larry's mom

I loved your article!!! I was looking for someone who, too, had known the love of a mourning dove.

I found a baby with a broken wing and only pinfeathers in a client's driveway one day as I left her house after my caregiver visit; ( I thought he was a leaf laying there!)

Larry (bird) lived with us a presumed male until seven years later when I introduced a beautiful white female dove and they lived amicably for a month or so until one day I found Larry picking at the white dove's bloodied head.

Here Larry started laying eggs and the white dove was trying to hatch them! They were separated and the white dove was given a loving home, but Larry stayed my baby girl for fifteen years!

I still cry three years later since she passed from a terrible cyst-forming disease on her broken wing.

Jan 06, 2014
Frozen bird
by: Denise

Thank you anonymous and coo-coo dad for responding.

I actually saw him drink the water earlier and peck at the seed (not sure if he actually ate any). He does move around some but appears a bit lopsided.

He obviously couldn't be freed at this time with the temp at -20 and his current condition.

So... How long can I keep him before he becomes too domesticated to survive outside (assuming he improves enough to be set free) ??? AND ... If he doesn't improve, what are the 'rules' for a captive dove???

Thanks again, Denise

Jan 06, 2014
Wild birds have
by: Coo-Coo's Dad

a amazing ability to heal themselves,if his feet stay a natural color and do not turn black he/she should recover.

Even if he loses a toe or two due to frostbite he will adapt and get along fine.

Good Luck and Thank You for saving another wild bird in distress.

Jan 05, 2014
Frozen bird
by: Anonymous

Your bird will probably eat small seed that you feed your other pets. I have been purchasing wild bird seed for our dove. Hope your bird recovers and has use of its legs.

Jan 05, 2014
Found nearly frozen bird
by: Anonymousdenise

Poor thing was flopping around "spread eagle" way in the back part of our yard. At first I thought it was a stray piece of paper, as the snow was/is coming down, the winds have picked up, and we already have 12 inches on the ground.

The temp is only about 15 and supposed to be subzero in a few hours. As soon as I realized that it was a bird, it was just 60ft from our back patio, and it's movement was almost nonexistent.

I cupped it in my hands to warm it up. Unfortunately there was so much snow and ice caked on its feet, that I'm not sure if they will function when they thaw.

Currently I have him in a small covered cage in a warm room with a water dish. I already own a bare eyed cockatoo and 2 parakeets. Will a dove eat either of their type of seed?

Dec 27, 2013
Desperately wanting to be a momma
by: Squiggy

We found a baby dove that fell out of a nest on a windy rainy day and raised it. We named him Birdie, only to find out he was a she.

She has laid a few eggs, but they are not fertile. She has gotten loose about 6 times and has always come back, luckily.

There is a neighborhood hawk that lives and hunts birds nearby. We are always scared that Birdie may have been eaten by it.

Anyway, she has recently laid two eggs and is sitting on them diligently. We don't know if we should let her keep sitting on them since they are not going to hatch.

In the past when she laid eggs, she always got bored and left them in her nest. This time she is sitting on them for days. Please advise if you know what we should do.

We don't want to upset her. By the way she is about a year old. mmgarcia10 @hotmail. com

Oct 30, 2013
Mourning does Come to People. Why?
by: Anonymous

Just to add to the rest of the experiences, I've come across a mourning dove walking in front of my car yesterday evening, as I was parking, and almost ran over it.

As I begin to slow down to a complete stop, I notice the bird going under the car. I walked with it to the back of the car and my son ( 5 years old) hops out of the car also and goes to pick it up.

It allowed him to do so, but to make a long story short. It is sitting on the table in the kitchen as I type. Cool!!!

Aug 16, 2013
Mourning Dove
by: Lynda

Hello. Stumbled upon your page while trying to find some info on mourning doves. A couple days ago I was given a mourning dove who has a wing injury and can't fly.

I tried putting him with my ringnecks because they are both female but they kept pecking him.

He's in his own cage now and seems content for the most part. He stopped pacing and is getting used to the traffic in the house.

I don't think he'll ever be able to be released and I don't know if it's even possible to keep him or bond with him or whatever.

I can pick him up but he's jittery until I have him in my hands awhile. Just needing some friendly advice here.

Contact at lyndapitt @ icloud . com. Many thanks.

Aug 09, 2013
a visitor came to visit
by: Bob

A mourning dove showed up on the back of my truck park with lumber for my project. I thought when I got a piece of lumber it would fly away, instead it started following me staying near my feet even on my shoes.

I fed him to get him away from the work site so he would not get hurt, Didn't work.

With power saw drill he stayed right with me even getting on shoulders walking back and forth, stays with me all the time.

At night, the dove sits at the window near my chair to see me and has started pecking on window.

Will not let me pet him, started pulling at hair on my legs and landed on my head today with me walking around.

After reading the comments I have had to change name from Bernice to Bernie. We also thought it was a message of some kind but now know I just needed a new friend and hope he stays with us.

I will use all of your info to make it happen. I also love the songs.

Aug 07, 2013
Nicole / Beanie
by: Coo-Coo's Dad

He will start to coo-coo very soon.Only the males are vocal.

I did the same with my Dove, with a cover on the pillow next to me he would sleep as he got older and bumped a few times in the middle of the night by me he decided to move to the hutch.

But at day break if I was still sleeping he would land softly on the bed, sneek up on me and stick his beak in my ear, now that will wake you up!

Every morning was like being in the woods camping, his morning song was a beautiful sound, as soon as he spotted me he was either on my head or shoulder. A true friend.

You made the right decision to keep him, he will be a loving friend for life.

A toy for them is saran wrap, why I don't know, but you will laugh at the silly antics when he starts to mess with it, including flying thru the house with it in his beak, sometimes covering his eyes and making him land for loss of vision.

Then showing anger at it for blinding him.
Funny birds for sure.

Aug 07, 2013
Keeping Bean
by: Nicole

You're right, he has no chance out there. I spoke to some other people with mourning dove experience and they said the same thing.

Beanie is so sweet and is laying next to me in bed as I type this haha. His eyes are very round so he might be a boy!

I hope Beanie has a long life with me. Thank you for your advice!

Aug 05, 2013
Keeping Beanie
by: Coo'Coo's Dad

Keep him as a pet, he or she will keep you company for years.
Read some of my prior posts on what to feed him.

Having been hand raised he hasn't a chance in the wild. He has little fear of things he should have.

You can guess sex by the eyes, if very round(BB shaped) more than likely it is a male, if almond shaped its a girl in most cases.

Let your heart be your guide deciding to release the Dove!

As in Coo-Coo's case he was a gem of a bird who spent 15 years with me, never had to look for food or water, and never had to fear animals or humans.

Aug 04, 2013
Should I let Bean go?
by: Nicole

I found Bean about a month ago. He had no feathers and was on the ground alone with no mom in sight. (I dont know if Bean is a boy or girl but I feel like hes a boy) So I took the baby in.

I never had a bird before so it was new to me but I got the hang of it and he grew big and strong on baby formula.

Now he is on a seed diet and is doing great. He is so sweet and will fly out of his cage and onto my bed. He will cuddle and lay on my back and chest or sometimes sit on my pillow looking down on me.

He means so much to me and now I'm faced with the dilemma of releasing him. I don't think he will have a good chance of survival. He can fly well but is very trusting of people. He is also a bit unbalanced just walking. He falls over a lot.

I did let him out today and he flew into the trees and the entire day I was crying and looking for him.

Around 6pm he showed up outside and sat on the ground next to me and ate some seeds. He then tried to nap on the ground which is obviously a no no so I brought him back in for the night.

He ate a bunch more seeds and gobbled down water and then cuddled in bed with me. I love him so much and want him to have the best life. I just don't know if the best life is with me or in the wild.

He could have years with me but could have only days, weeks, or months outside.

What should I do? I love Beanie and need help.

Jul 27, 2013
Would love to have BUT !
by: Coo-Coo's Dad

After the heart ache I suffered at Coo-Coo's loss I never want to go thru that again.

To me what I had with Coo-Coo could never be the same or duplicated. He knew me who hand raised him with a eye dropper as his mother/father,his affection was unconditional.

I know from owning other birds you can own only one if a true bond is expected, once another bird of the same species is around that bird becomes his best friend.

I had thought many times thru-out the years about getting Coo-Coo a girl friend, but I also knew once this happened Coo-Coo would no longer be my buddy.

His new mate would be his life, this happened with a cockatiel I had years ago, the coolest bird I've ever seen at the time.

For 4 years this bird talked up a storm, teased the cat(who was trained not to hurt him)did all kinds of silly things to keep himself occupied, and bugged my wife constantly while she cooked or washed dishes.

I made the mistake of getting him a mate, within a matter of days he got very mean, quit talking and would actually attack you if you approached his cage.

I ended up giving him and his mate to a breeder, he no longer had anything to do with people.

As much as I would love to have another Coo-Coo, he will never be replaced.

Instead he will remain in my dreams and mind as the best bird friend I ever had. I am getting old(64) my days are like Coo-coo's getting short and numbered.

I worried about dieing first and what would happen to Coo-Coo if left in someone else hands for care.

I fully understood him, he could not speak but his actions let me know when he needed something such as a bath or fresh seeds or water.

I hope you find a good loving home for this pair of Doves, they deserve love and attention, and will always return the love you give them, its just there nature.

Bob Schlund (AKA:Coo-Coo's Dad)

Jul 25, 2013
Home for 2 mourning doves?
by: Jen

Last September, a friend of mine brought me two newly hatched baby mourning doves that barely had any fuzz on them.

Their nest had been knocked down at a construction site and the mother never returned.

When I received them, I wasn't sure if they would make it, even with my extensive experience in caring for orphaned hatchlings.

Anyhow, I raised them and had planned to release them when they began flying. Unfortunately, they became extremely attached to humans and constantly want to be near me or my husband.

I am desperately trying to find someone who would enjoy having them as pets and care for them as we have.

They are so tame and will sit on top of their cage for hours just chilling out. We hardly keep them caged as they are so calm. We live in MI, so hopefully there is someone willing to take them.

We both work so much and are traveling a lot. They really need to be somewhere with people who will give them a lot of attention.

Releasing them into the wild is a death sentence that we refuse to do.

May 19, 2013
Now this is a Love Story
by: Milly Leonard from Houston

This is a lovely story that I wish it were me experiencing this heavenly joy. I love Mourning Doves so much that I have copied and pasted this remarkable experience on my Facebook Page,
With lots of love for you and that sweet "love bird" of yours.......Milly

Apr 24, 2013
Coo Coo
by: Anonymous

So sorry to hear about Coo-Coo Bob. I have 6 new baby ring neck chicks, In honor of your Coo Coo I will name one of my chicks Coo Coo Jr. If that is ok. My chicks are all hand fed and are in the beginning stages of fledging. .

Again sorry for the loss of your Coo Coo


Apr 24, 2013
Coo-Coo Went to heaven yesterday
by: Anonymous

As much as I hated to I had to put down Coo-Coo. He is no longer with me.

A very good bird vet took a look, explained what what might be going on with him, "could be Gout, Kidney stone or a list of other problems, a x-ray would tell the story".

The x-ray showed a tumor growing next to his spinal cord, it was cutting off the nerves to his legs, thus crippling him, right was all the way gone, left was going fast, he only had about half strength on left leg and foot, and would lose all soon.

Surgery was not a option,so I had no choice nor did Coo-Coo.

Dr said he seemed to be in no pain, just confused as to why he crashed when he tried to land.

It was very hard on me, my soft heart didn't give me a break as to the pain of loss of this little hand raised guy. I'll have memories of him for life. He was a very loving bird and comical too.

I brought him home in a box they put his body in, placed it where he used to sleep for the night, Lingling gave him a Chinese Funereal last night with candle's and a Cross.

I'll say a prayer for him today and bury him next to Petey, my other Dove who died in "81" at the ripe old age of 24.

Coo-Coo had just turned 15 in human years or 105 in bird years this month, it was time to go I guess, we all have a expiration date but never know when that is until it happens.

Bob Schlund

- I did miss his morning song today ,that didn't help matters for me.15 yrs of Coo-a-loo,Coo-a-loo,Coo-a-loo everyday at day break was the norm.

Apr 21, 2013
coo coo
by: Pee Wee's dad

Sorry to hear about Coo Coo. I hope he gets better. But he is closing in on his life expectancy, but he still may have some guailty life left.

Hopefully you will be able to find another replcement bird before to long.

I just released my white wing dove I had for over a yesr. He had a broken wing.

Late this evening I noticed he had returned to his pen for some much needed nurishment. He stayed put in his pen and waited for me ro close the cage door.

So I guess I will let him come and go as he pleases, I am sure he will stay around when winter comes. He knows that he has it made .

Apr 21, 2013
15 and not doing well
by: Coo-Coo's Dad

My little feathered friend has turned 15yrs. this month.

I feel his days are getting very short.
He has trouble walking, his right leg might have arthritis or something.

He has pretty much quit walking and avoids standing on it. His sleep habits are most of the day now and I notice his breathing is very hard.

It's going to be very hard to say goodbye to this little friend. I pray everyday and will ask others for your prayers too!

Thank You !
Bob Schlund (63yrs)
Coo-Coo's Dad.(15yrs)

Apr 21, 2013
Pet mourning bird escapes
by: Coo-coo's Dad

#1.Your friends Wild Dove may return if he/she felt wanted. Mine escaped out the door at about the same age one night thru a open door wall. He was waiting on a lawn chair the next morning to come in. Which he did when I opened the door and called him.

On the other hand at 8-9 months old he will learn from other Doves how to survive outside. These birds are very smart and learn very fast.

This birds natural instincts should protect him until he learns the way of the wild.

Mine is 15 years old and lived in the house his entire life, but if he spots a cat, dog, hawk thru the window he goes and hides. He has never lost his fear of predators.

Apr 20, 2013
Pet mourning bird escapes:
by: Anonymous

My friends pet mourning dove escaped his cage.

I would like to offer her some comfort but can't seem to find the answer to my question. I hope someone here knows what to advise me.

Do any of you know what the probability is of this dove surviving? He fell out of his nest about 8 months ago and has been in my friends care since then.

Is it possible that genetics will kick in and the bird will survive?

Thank you.

Apr 03, 2013
Dove Diet
by: Anonymous

Most doves will stick mainly to milo, cracked corn millet and Pee Wee just loved hulled sunflower seed, then I would chop them up a little so he could eat it ok.

One thing that is important is that you offer your bird some "GRIT". That helps your bird digest his seeds okay.

What happens is the birds seed goes through their gizzard and the the grit assists in breaking down the seed properly.

What I do for my birds as well is because they are breeding and laying eggs, I supplement with oyster shell or I save egg shells which I bake in the oven for an hour or so and crush the shells and offer that as a calcium supplement.

I would only do the calcium if you have breeders.

I believe you are doing fine, now you can offer chopped up green lettuce, chopped up apples as a treat but remove it after a couple of hours to avoid spoilage and preventing your bird getting sick.

Mourning doves are a very hardy bird and rarely get sick. Just keep your food fresh and plenty of water and TONS OF LOVE
And you will have a companion forever.

If I can be of help please let me know. Please go to my blog site if you wish register and I will get you my email address. I will help when I can. And yes I really enjoy my birds they keep me going and entertained.

Take care

Apr 03, 2013
So sorry...
by: Anonymous

Oh my goodness, I am so sorry to hear about Pee Wee..that is so horrible! Sounds like he had the very best life and I know how much you must miss him!

Thank goodness you have so many other birds to keep you company. We, too, have a mourning dove and have had her for 1 year. (of course I say "her" but it is really hard to know) She is our sunshine,the sweetest funniest bird ever.

As I am typing this she is sitting on top of my laptop talking to me.

We have so many hawks in the area where we live and have seen it happen to the doves too many times.

I was just wondering if you could tell me if you gave him anything besides seeds like peanuts etc.

Someone told me that they needed oil in their diet. I would appreciate any advice you could give us.

We want to keep her for many, many years and want only the best for her. Thank you so much and again I am so sorry about your Pee Wee.

Apr 03, 2013
by: Anonymous


Thanks for your comment on PeeWee, I sure do miss my little buddy, he was great companion. I also have 4 adult ring necks and one juvenile ring neck (Breezy) who wad hatched on March 12013.

I am in the process of working with Breezy getting him acclimated to hanging out in the house with us.

He still needs to be with his parents until he is completely weaned and on seed 100%..

He still begs for some "CROP MILK" from his parents who oblige him a little less each day. He will be weaned in next week or two.

I also have two hens sitting on 2 eggs each and are due to hatch on 4 April, just a couple of more days. So I keep busy but I often think of my PeeWee as well.

I also adopted a female cockateil, who was outright mean and would bite you just to be mean. However I found out "BONNIE" had been abused by previous owners and was neglected as a chick.

It has taken some work but BONNIE is doing great and has adapted well.

Apr 02, 2013
So sorry about PeeWee.
by: Trish

I am so sorry you lost your dear pet. Mourning doves are so sweet. It sounds like you did everything you could and that he had a very happy life.

Jan 24, 2013
Pee Wee Update
by: Anonymous

I just wanted to give an update on my mourning dove
Pee-Wee .

As you know I have had Pee-Wee for 3.5 years. Well just two days ago I was outside with Pee Wee letting him fly around for a few minutes. When PW is ready to go back in the house he will fly to my shoulder or my head.

Well PW decided he would forage around the yard for a bit. In doing so I went and sat in my chair on the back porch until PW was ready to come inside.

All of a sudden a hawk swooped down and attacked PW and grabbed him with his claws and flew up with PW in his grasp.

PW struggled and some how broke free and fell in my neighbors yard.

I went to get PW and he was severely injured. One of the hawks talons punctured PW chest.

I did all I could for PW, but he died. I understand nature and what not but ole PEE WEE was a special pet and I will miss his company.

Jan 23, 2013
Mourning dove and Inca dove
by: Trish

I am so happy to have found this page! I have had a mourning dove since April 2012. A coworker found him, just a little baby bundle of feathers. His tail was missing and he had a head wound.

After 2 days of holding him and singing to him, he finally ate some baby bird formula from a tube and we've been inseparable ever since. His name is Rooh, and rides around on my head and follows me everywhere.

My house is empty while I'm at work all day, so last summer I started looking for a friend for him.

A couple in Austin had a baby Inca dove they'd hatched when his mother was killed by their outdoor ceiling fan.

I adopted that little guy too and named him Necco. I spend as much time as I can with both of them.

Weekday mornings and evenings we sit together and preen/scratch/pet/sing for at least 30 minutes but I'm concerned that they're lonely and not getting enough exercise.

They have free run of the house on the weekends but are in a cage all day during the week. It's a flight cage, but Rooh needs more room to fly than it provides.

And now Necco has become territorial so I'm keeping them in separate cages. Two big cages, side by side.

It's becoming obvious by their behavior that both are males, and Rooh is displaying classic nesting wing-twitching-stalking and jumping mourning dove courting behavior, aimed at me because I'm all he has.

Rooh is a fast and agile flyer when he wants to be, but most of the time when he's out he just follows me around the house on foot or rides on my shoulder. He comes to me when I call and has no fear.

Necco is a little more independent so I'm not as worried about him. I'm considering building a walk-in aviary for them instead of cages but unless Necco settles down I may have to continue to keep them separated.

Does anyone else out there have an Inca dove? And any ideas how to get Rooh to use those beautiful wings of his?

Releasing either one would be a death sentence; both are fearless and will land on anyone's head. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated :)

Oct 23, 2012
Pee Wee my Mourning Dove
by: Anonymous

I have had Pee Wee my Mourning dove for all of his life. I found him with very little feathers after he was blown out of his nest. I tried to reunite him but the nest was obliterated in the wind.

Anyway I raised Pee Wee on Kay Tee -extract until I was able to wean him and got him eating wild bird seed.

I have now had Pee Wee for 3 years (Oct 2012) and he has no intention of leaving. I have tried to set him free but he refuses to leave.

The longest time he left was 30 minutes and back to his home. He now goes outside flys around and comes back inside the house.

He prefers to be in the family room with us. He has several perches, my television, my headboard where he sleeps with us at night and takes his nap.

He takes a trip into town with the wife and goes to the grocery store where he is well received.

Pee Wee is a loving bird and just lives to please by cooing all day long.

He has been a great friend.

Sep 11, 2012
sibling birds
by: Anonymous

I found two baby mourning doves a few months back. One of them was much bigger than the other. The smaller one was almost dead. They have not begun cooing yet.

When they were very young, the larger bird would often take food out of the crop of the small bird. At this time, they are just about equal in size, however, the smaller of the two is still just a tad smaller.

At any rate, I have a couple questions, and hope someone may be able to shed some light.

The smaller bird has begun to chase the larger bird around the cage, also, the smaller bird has poked at the larger bird when both of them are eating the millet treat.

What is going on?

Aug 31, 2012
by: Anonymous

Our mourning dove has started making a coughing like noise.... I would appreciate any advice! Don't want to loose her!!

Aug 28, 2012
mourning dove
by: Anonymous

How did you train your dove to use the bathroom on a newspaper??

Aug 01, 2012
by: Amanda

We just found a baby mourning dove that fell out of our tree. We weren't sure what it was at first or what to feed it, but now we're feeding him Exact parrot formula. We named it Birdy and I guess we're going to keep him:) Thanks for the story, it helped us make our decision!

Jul 26, 2012
To Jasmine and other owners of a Wild Dove
by: Coo-Coo's dad

You really need to bring your Dove in the house,a cat or dog is going to kill it. This bird has decided to be your friend/pet.

Get him some wild bird seed some grit and some vitamins, a water dish of some sort and enjoy his company.

You may want to buy a large cage so it doesn't mess up his tail feathers, or like mine he has his run of the house but is paper trained(sometimes he doesn't make it though).

Mine turned 14 years old this spring (April-98yrs old. 7 to 1 in bird to human years)
PETCO sells a Dove/Pigeon mix of seed and online you can find Petamine Breeding Formula a very good general vitamin for all birds.

You will also need some fine grit or gravel made for a birds digestive track (gizzard) I also use a little crushed coral for fish aquariums it adds calcium to the diet.

Please get him out of the bucket, he needs your affection and love, that's a window-less prison for him! How would like to live that way? I don't think so.

He will return your affection 10 times over if given the chance. If he sings and coo's all day it is a male, if very quiet and doesn't coo in the morning it is a female.

And please remember every animal needs exercise a bird needs lots of exercise to stay healthy, if you want it to live a long time let him fly every day, if he is given the chance he will do hot laps thru out the house for hours not minuets.

That's why mine has lived so long,good food,fresh water everyday affection and exercise.

This is the second Dove I have raised I am 63.
The first one (Petey) lived 24 years and died from old age, his vital organs started shutting down no saving him.

Ten years later #2 (Coo-Coo) came into my life, 14 years later he is still with my family, although he has slowed down quite a bit (no more hot laps thru the house)but still fly's well and often, he is just happy being near people or on someones shoulder.

Sleeps a lot but when awake is a comical little guy and very noisy.(coo-a-loo's all day)

Good luck with your new found friend, given the chance he will be with you for many many years and reward you with a birds affection, song and love!

Good Luck !
Coo-Coo's Dad
Bob Schlund SE Mich.

Mar 04, 2012
Time for a mate
by: Anonymous

I raised a mourning dove, and it sometimes sleeps with me on my arm. It is constantly cooing, wanting out, then going to a spot on the top of the cage spreading its shoulders and doing the little roo- and mating gasp..blowing air in and out of its mouth with its mouth partial open any of you guys got a male by any chance?

Jan 07, 2012
Somebodys pet once
by: Anonymous

it had to have been somebodys pet once when it was raised as a baby and somehow got loose. I KNOW because mourning doves are wild and skittish. It HAD to have been someones pet once.

Sep 21, 2011
We seem to have a new pet too.
by: Anonymous

My daughter was playing with a fully feathered, but very young mourning dove in the yard a couple weeks ago.

It couldn't fly, but I knew the parents were around. Because of all the dogs, cats, and foxes nearby, I put it in the garage and fed it thinking it would fly in a day or two and we would set it free.

Over two weeks later, it still can't fly very far - but seems very active and otherwise healthy. It's eating well and growing. It's parents are gone.

All of the mourning doves in the neighborhood have gone for the winter. It isn't very fearful of people and will sit on my lap for long periods of time and allow me to pet it.

I love birds, but haven't had one for years. I guess we'll keep it :-)

May 18, 2011
Adopted by a Baby Dove
by: Anonymous

That encourages me to keep my orphan Dove. I named her Squirt.

Apr 17, 2011
My 12 year old wild morning dove
by: Bob in Mi.

I have a male who just turned twelve years old.
He had either fallen or was kicked out of his nest when he was the size of a golf ball.

I put him back in the nest once only to find him on the ground again a few hours later.

I did a little research on hand feeding birds, got an eye dropper and some baby parrot food.
To my amazement he lived, much like any other pet he comes when called.

I feed him pigeon/dove seed mixed with, parakeet, finch, wild bird seeds. Golden Sunburst Millet makes a perfect snack. Petamine Original mix is a excellent vitamin.

His song every morning is so relaxing. He loves to play with saran wrap for some reason and flies around the house with it hanging out of his beak.

Coo-Coo is a very comical and curious bird.I have to watch him closely and where he's at constantly. He almost got crushed under a reclining chair once, and got himself trapped in a Christmas paper tube another time.

He is not caged but instead paper trained, when he has to go he heads for the old news paper in the family room.

Any bird needs lots of exercise to stay healthy, be sure to let them out to fly everyday!

Bob in Michigan

Mar 23, 2011
New friend
by: Anonymous

Hi all last night whilst out on our patio a dove hopped up the steps to where I was and just sat there looking at me.

I then realized it could not fly but did not look injured in any way at all I went to the back door and it followed me so I sat on the step and put some water down.

It just sat right next to me very still just looking at me, I was worried cats would kill it in the night so I place it in an empty rabbit hutch with water food and bedding.

This morning it seems more with it so I opened the door up its not interested in going anywhere and is sitting there cleaning itself, maybe it knows it cannot fly?

I am not sure what I should do with it.

Oct 17, 2010
I have one too.
by: Anonymous

It is so amazing. I can't understand why the little bird wants to be with my Dad and I instead of being free. But it will not leave us. Why is that.

Jun 09, 2010
by: Another Bird Lover

You are so blessed! Glad he chose you to live with. They really are sweet birds and we love their song.

May 27, 2010
Sweet, sweet, sweet!
by: Karen

What a neat story! I love mourning doves and it is clear you do as well. Nice to have your love reciprocated, I'll bet!

May 27, 2010
How Sweet
by: Anonymous

That has got to be the neatest thing I have ever heard.

Thanks For Your Story

Apr 25, 2010
Wild Mourning Dove Turned Pet
by: LaDonna Clark

What a wonderful story! I'm so happy for you both! You have a wonderful pet, and he has a safe home. How lucky you are! :)

Nov 13, 2009
RE: Comment
by: Anonymous

Yes, we believe that he did loose his mate.

Nov 12, 2009
Pretty Boy
by: Anonymous

How sweet. Do you suppose he lost his mate?

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