A Fledgling Mourning Dove's Road to Recovery

When Liz, from Malibu, received a fledgling Mourning Dove, she embarked on a journey that filled her with the joy of making a difference.

The Rescue: A Chance Encounter on a Busy Street

I was handed a fledgling dove that had landed in the middle of a fairly busy street.

The dove was brought down by another bird. The person who brought the bird to me caught a glimpse of the knockdown, but was not sure if it was anonther dove or hawk.

Within moments, I found myself holding what appeared to be an adult dove.

I discovered later that she was actually an older fledgling, still displaying traces of tiny baby feathers on her chest.

Identifying the Fledgling: Signs of Youth and Gender

fledgling dove on Arm of Chair

Fledgling Mourning Dove

By observing the delicate features of the dove's head, I deduced her gender based on online resources.

It became evident that she was an older fledgling, still in the process of transitioning from infancy to adulthood.

At first, I put her in a dog kennel, thinking her wing was broken since she couldn't fly well and seemed a bit clumsy.

After calling the wildlife people who were too far away, I thought I would care for her so I could let her go in the area we found her.

Feeding the Fledgling: Discovering the Perfect Diet

After much research online, I discovered some foods that she might eat. She was quite easy to feed.

She loved blackberries, blueberries, and dove seed, but became bored with the fruit after a few days.

I finally discovered that by grinding raw organic almonds into a powder using a coffee grinder and then mashing the almond powder into a banana, it transformed into a pudding-like consistency that became a real hit for her!

Creating a Safe Haven: Setting Up the Bathroom Sanctuary

Within a couple of days I was transforming my spacious bathroom into a sanctuary.

I equipped it with perches and a constant supply of fresh water. I was giving the dove 4 daily feedings.

However, I remained cautious about the presence of mirrors, as birds can inadvertently injure themselves by flying into them.

To mitigate this risk, I covered the mirrors with newspaper, ensuring the dove's safety during her stay.

The Release: Saying Goodbye to a Feathered Friend

After seventeen days of dedicated care, it became evident that the fledgling dove had regained her strength and ability to fly confidently from perch to perch.

With a mix of emotions, I decided it was time to bid her farewell.

Taking her to the backyard, we placed her on a perch beneath the sheltering branches of our pepper tree.

After a brief moment of hesitation, she took flight, disappearing into the sky.

Though we miss her dearly, we believe she was ready to embrace her freedom.

I live in Malibu near the ocean, and I feel good that she is free where she was born. I am hoping she found her loved ones.

We have kept the bird feeder out, but only a finch has been eating from it. We worry about her, but believe she was ready to leave.

Reflecting on the Journey: Memories of a Sweet Companion

We have videos of her playing with toys and taking a bath in our sink under the running water. Here's the one where she's bathing.

Rehabilitating the fledgling mourning dove has been a remarkable experience, filled with compassion and personal growth.

Our hearts are filled with gratitude for the opportunity to make a positive impact on the life of this beautiful creature.

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