Re-Live The Cardinal Cam Experience From Nest Building to Fledging on Camera

This is the video and text of our cardinal camera that was placed above a Northern Cardinal nest capturing the entire process.

This rare experience was watched by several thousand bird lovers who visited our website. Live chats were also had during this time.

A pair of Northern Cardinals decided to nest in a small cedar tree located in a backyard in Lawrence, Kansas.

A bird cam that was originally purchased to be installed in a Purple Martin house was instead placed above the Cardinal's nest.

A connection to the web was made, and we began streaming this live Cardinal cam on April 10, 2009.

From April 10, 2009, until May 10, 2009, this nest (located in Lawrence, Kansas USA) was viewed by thousands of people who stumbled upon our Nest Cam.

It didn't take long to see the drama unfold. And there was drama!

First Came Cardinal Eggs

Three eggs were laid before a Cowbird arrived and removed two of the eggs and laid one of her own.

The female Cardinal incubated and hatched both a Cowbird and a Cardinal egg.

After an attack by a Grackle, our smallest hatchling died.

We were not sure certain whether the Cowbird or Cardinal nestling survived since they looked similar in the nest, regardless; we fell in love with the survivor.

And for the next several days, we sat glued to our computer screens.

From as far away as Sydney, Australia, people came together to watch a little bird, in a nest, in a backyard in Kansas.

Hoping, and sometimes praying, that nature would be kind enough to let this little nestling join the world and safely leave the nest.

Thankfully, she did. This is that story, edited in video and text. After leaving the nest, it was obvious this was a Cardinal fledgling.

Please take some time to relax and enjoy...

Beginnings - Cardinals Nest and Camera Location

A Little background information will give you a better understanding of the surroundings.

The Cardinal camera was placed in a small cedar tree that has always been trimmed to about 9 feet tall.

The reason it's trimmed and kept so short is that the tree is within 12 feet of our Purple Martin set up and Purple Martins don't like tall trees near their housing.

This is the tree where the Cardinal nest is located.

Cardinal Tree and Area

In the photograph below, the white circle represents the location of the nest and bird camera.

cardinal nest site in cedar tree

She Shapes the Nest Bowl

This is a video of the female shaping the nest bowl for her future brood.

Incubation and Egg Turning

Our female began incubation on the 16th of April. She weathered thunderstorms, high winds, and cold temperatures over 13 days and nights.

Early morning of April 29, 2009, two hatchlings were born into this world.

Meet The Cardinal Pair

Outside of view of the nest cam, things were going on. The male and Female Northern Cardinals can be seen bringing food to their nestling.

Sorry that you have to look closely, but I didn't want to disturb them.

Video of the female unsuccessfully trying to entice the nestling to leave the nest by showing him food and then flying out of the tree.

This was day 10. The next day, our little one left the nest.

More Of The Pair Outside The Nest

10 Days In The Nest Revisited

An edited version of the 10 days leading up to the day of fledging.

Re-live Day 11 Of Our Little Cardinal Nestling Leaving The Nest

A bird cam was placed above a Northern Cardinal nest. We were the first website to capture a Cardinal from the nest-building phase to fledging a juvenile Cardinal.

Eleven days after hatching, the surviving nestling left the nest. This is an edited video of that last day known as... Day 11, Fledging Day.

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Northern Cardinal Life Cycle.

The Cardinal nest was begun the week of 4-5-09. The camera was installed on 4-10-09.

If you're interested in having your own bird cam take a look at the Hawk-eye Bird Cam that we're using. It's very affordable and easy to install. is an Amazon Associate and earns from qualifying purchases. See our Privacy Policy

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