Hummingbird Feeder Raiders

by Mike
(Southern CA)

Oriole's Raiding Hummingbird Feeders

I recently came across a couple of visitors to my Hummingbird feeder that caught me by surprise.

two female hooded orioles on hummingbird feeder

Orioles Raiding Hummingbird Feeder

At first glance, I thought it was the biggest hummingbird I ever saw, of course, I was wrong.

I sat and watched as they helped themselves to the sweet delight hanging before them and in no time the level of the nectar was slowly going down.

They would leave and return during the course of the day, each time removing the bee guards that I replaced after their last meal.

It was then that I decided to lend a helping hand.

I had parts of an old feeder sitting around and figured I'd make a new place for them to dine.

I cleaned and repaired what was broken and added some new sugar water.

I hung it next to the one they were raiding but this time I left off the bee guard.

I forgot to mention that while I was making a new batch of food and getting the other feeder ready, one of the birds returned and was not happy with finding the feeder missing, not at all!

It was raising such a fuss, bouncing around the hanger looking for the food that I yelled out the window... Just a minute, I'll be right there!

Yeah, like that worked.

I finally got everything set up and they soon returned to continue their feasting, quietly.

They checked out both feeders before deciding on the second one.

The one I had set up without the bee guard, now they have their own feeder and hopefully, they'll leave the others alone.

I'm not really a birder, I just like taking pictures so please forgive me if my photo isn't quite up to standards.

Also, I'd appreciate it if someone could tell me what kind of birds these are.

Thanks, I'll send more pics as they come along.

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Comments for Hummingbird Feeder Raiders

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May 25, 2018
Grey Catbird
by: Anonymous

I just saw a catbird drinking from our humming bird feeder.

Jul 26, 2016
Yellow Oriole on Feeder
by: Anonymous

Either a yellow or hooded oriole loves my feeder too. I am in San Diego. I hear his call and go look.

He is very skittish and I can't get a very good picture - but he is stunning, especially in contrast to the red feeder.

I have so many hummers here that I am currently feeding 4 cups of nectar a day between two feeders!

Jun 11, 2016
HB feeder in North Carolina
by: Cyndy

My husband and I have just noticed a large bird drinking from our HB feeder...this is a first for us.

Trying to identify the bird has been difficult. We believe it's a immature Red-Bellied woodpecker.

We are enjoying reading everyone's comments about this oddity.

Cyndy & Brad

Jun 06, 2016
by: Anonymous

I'm from Pennsylvania but they look like female orioles? Hooded maybe.

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