Doves Decorating Patio Entertaining Grandchildren

by Gary Blaylock
(San Diego, CA)

New deeper Wicker Tray Dove Nest

New deeper Wicker Tray Dove Nest

A little over a year ago we noticed a pair "checking out" a little nook in our patio, on top of a 4X6.

Soon they were busy building a nest. It seemed that the more they worked, the more nest material just fell of the narrow platform.

But, they kept bringing in new material or flying down to retrieve fallen twigs, etc.

We guessed that they must have just given up, because they suddenly disappeared, leaving a couple of twigs on the ledge and a big pile on our patio floor.

I thought, just in case they or another pair decide to come back to the area, I would make it a little easier to build a secure nest.

I found one of our old wicker trays used to hold paper plates. I anchored it to the top of the 4X6, in the same place where they worked so diligently.

Sure enough, a few days later, they were back. I just happened to be watching when they arrived. They climbed in and out of the tray nd "sniffed" all around it.

They must have figured it was safe, because within a few hours they were busy, again, building a nest in their new enlarged home.

They've returned to the same nest several times and have raised at least 4 - 5 broods since I built their nesting shelf.

Our granddaughters are fascinated when they visit. They'll sit forever on our patio watching the "daddy" sit on the nest.

And, of course, are delighted when the eggs hatch and they can get a look at the new babies.

The pair don't seem to mind our bird watching and will get off the nest while we are watching. As though they wanted to "show off" their brood.

I thought this behavior was very odd since they are usually so fearful and startle so easily.

Perhaps they have sensed that they are safe, protected and cherished in our little "Dove Patio"


male dove in wicker basket nest

I finally got a picture of "Dad" sitting on the nest. He didn't seem to mind at all, even when the flash went off.

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Jun 23, 2023
Unique Nesting Spot
by: Jim S.

I have a rarely used folded ladder leaning up against the back porch wall about 20-25 ft from the kitchen door.

For the past 2 years, the top of the ladder has been a popular spot for doves to nest and lay their eggs and subsequently raise the babies.

Within 1-2 days another dove family will move into the same nest and the whole incubation phase starts all over again.

We are in and out of that back door multiple times daily and the dove doesn’t seem threatened.

I can walk by within 1-2 ft of the nest and still, they're not bothered.

This has allowed me to get many close-up pics of parent(s) and babies.

Last season we had 5 moms. Thus far this season we're at 4.

May 07, 2023
Nest in Dragonfruit cactus
by: Laura

We have a dove that created her nest on the top of our dragonfruit cactus.

we have a structure built to support the cactus, and the nest is in a corner but is also using the cactus as support.

They don't seem to mind us walking around and walking our dogs.

So far they are there (that I am aware of) for ten days. The nest looks sparse to me and I'm worried about the babies falling into the rest of the cactus.

I don't know if it’s practicable or possible to put a little safety net/hammock underneath.

Apr 22, 2023
Nest on Door Wreath - 4/22/2023
by: Debra

Just returned from vacation to find mourning doves had nested on the wreath on our front door!!

Unfortunately, she had already laid her eggs and there was at least one baby bird in there.

Will be a challenge but we're trying not to use the door.

Jun 13, 2022
Bird mites
by: First Name

I saw a comment regarding nests on windowsills and concern over bird mites.

I can tell you from experience that I've had about 5 broods in a planter on a cat tree on my balcony, but when I pushed it too close to the balcony windows, after the last brood left we actually *were* invaded by bird mites!

Thankfully they can't live on humans so died off after a couple of weeks but it was THE WORST couple of weeks and my house was covered in DE trying to get rid of them sooner!

So my suggestion is to make sure you clean away any feces or old twigs after the fledglings have left and let them rebuild when they nest again.

Better yet, give them something to nest in further from your window!

It took me until recently to get over the trauma and allow them to nest there again (and pushed the planter away from the window!) 😂

Apr 11, 2022
Doves on Openers
by: Gene

Check out this page: Doves on Garage Door Openers

Apr 11, 2022
Dove nest in garage
by: Ina

We have a Dove nesting in our garage on top of the garage door opener!

They were there a week or so ago and we thought they left for a better spot.

But this morning I saw them back and they are nesting! Now what!?

Do we leave our garage door open or can we close it at night?

We don’t want to scare or injure them.

Jul 28, 2021
Mourning dove
by: Anonymous

I work at a preschool and mourning doves managed to make a nest on a little corner on the back of one of the basketball hoops, one baby only made it through the heat and monsoon season.

We named the adult Bridget and the surviving baby Storm.

Jun 20, 2021
by: Gene

They like the more protected spot. Safer from predators.

Just an FYI, food and water close to a nesting site will attract predators. Most birds don't nest near feeding sites.

Try putting up bird netting where they are nesting to keep them from getting where you don't want them.

Amazon Has It

Jun 20, 2021
Trying to get them to nest away from patio
by: Auzzi

Well a pair of doves insist on building under my patio over hang but I don’t want them there.

I built a dove nest house based on pictures I saw. Placed it out by the back fence and high up.

About 4 feet from top of fence.

Even put a feeder with seed below it. They don’t go to it :(. They insist on the patio pergola. It's driving me crazy :((((

May 09, 2021
Mourning Doves
by: Rose

We have a partially enclosed veranda out back. It has a garbage bin for pop bottles.

One morning I went to take the bottles out and here in the handle of the bin was a mourning dove nest! They weren't afraid we just looked at each other.

Now I can be within two feet of them to take a picture. What an honor to be trusted so much.

They are on their second brood. They had two previously but one died.

Mar 16, 2021
Returned to the nest
by: Beverly

We had doves move in last year, they nested between our porch light and awning.

We were going to take the nest down, so happy we didn't.

They showed up this past weekend and moved right into the old nest, kind of added twigs & stuff & she is nesting as I speak, I'm sooooo excited to have them back.

With all we endured this year with Covid it's so great to see life continue. Hope they come back again. God Bless

Oct 08, 2020
october nesting of doves
by: Gene

For the most part the breeding season in your area runs until September. The dove could be brooding a squab or two and still have time to complete the cycle.

If the doves are incubating and it gets too cold the eggs won't hatch or the young may struggle to survive. Doves grow fast.

More on Doves

Oct 08, 2020
Dove Nesting in October??
by: Anonymous

I live near Boston. It is October 7 and I was surprised to see what I think is a dove sitting on a nest in some high bushes I have in my yard.

Isn't this unusually late? I can't tell if there is anything in the nest, but why else would she be sitting there?

Aug 28, 2020
Dove Nest
by: Gene

You can move it. If they're not finished for the season they'll likely rebuild. They probably won't be using a nest during the winter.

Aug 28, 2020
In the gutter
by: Anonymous

We have a pair of doves that have made their nest in a gutter on our house. They have raised we think 3 broods through a tropical (North Carolina) and several severe thunderstorms.

We feel we need to get the nest out of the gutter so the house isn't damaged. The gutter is stopped up.

They have just finished with a brood. Should we get rid of the nest? I don't want them homeless for the coming winter. Any advice?

Jul 07, 2020
Nest under out Pergola
by: Kim Sommers

We have a pair of mourning doves that are on their 4th brood in a candle chandelier under our pergola! I have a great picture but don't know how to upload it on this site :(

Jun 19, 2020
Satellite nesting
by: Jet

We have a beautiful pair who have built a nest on the fixing bar of our satellite dish between wall and the dish above our back gate.

Seem impervious to the coming and goings of us all and are intent on keeping the bird table away from the wood pigeons.

May 24, 2020
Fleas and Mites
by: Gene

No! Any mites would stay with the birds and fleas are even less of an issue. Your dogs or cats would be of greater concern. Enjoy your Doves.

May 24, 2020
Mourning Doves on Window Sill
by: Anonymous

I have a nest that is right on my window sill outside of my bedroom. Should I be concerned about fleas or mites becoming a problem for my bedroom and myself?

The babies have already hatched and they are sitting on them. A friend of mine said to be weary of fleas congregating in my window and coming into my room. Any advice??

May 21, 2020
Mourning Dove nest
by: Jen

I have a mourning dove that made a nest on the top of a window a/c unit. I was worried because the unit stopped working but I hit it a couple of times on the inside while the dove was gone and it miraculously started working again.

Sounded like a little twig was rattling for a bit then it stopped rattling and is working fine.

I now have 3 eggs in the nest and the doves switch out sitting on the eggs. Can’t wait to see the babies.

It doesn’t even seem to bother them when the unit runs. This is the second year they have built there. 🤗🐣

Mar 22, 2020
Nesting in my Flower Box
by: Anonymous

We have a pair of mourning doves make their nest in my flower box. Day's before, they were next door and last Sunday they were in my flower box.

I opened the door and it scared her away. It was then that I noticed 2 eggs in a small nest.

We come and go, we have to pass the nest several times a day. Sometimes they fly away, but they seem to realize that we are not a threat, and now stay on the nest as we pass.

We look forward to the eggs hatching!

Mar 09, 2020
Ivy Plant Nest
by: Gene

I think you'll be surprised. The adult pair won't have any problem keeping the eggs warm. Whether the coming and going is a problem I don't know. Good luck.


Mar 09, 2020
They don't know what their doing
by: Anonymous

In the past three years we had dove nests built on top of an old wire book rack on the patio.

Said rack is gone, however, I can only assume the same pair is back and now have laid their eggs in my hanging basket right on the dirt.

No nest or twigs at all. Well... I guess that my ivy in the basket is going to die because now I can't water it.

I just can't believe their eggs are right on the dirt. I wonder if they will even hatch or how warm they are going to stay.

They are really close to the sliding glass door on the patio too. I guess time will tell.

Jul 25, 2019
BBQ Dove
by: Patrick

No, I didn't BBQ one, but she has made her nest with two eggs on the shelf of my large BBQ...that's it for cooking outdoors until the babies have flown!

Apr 29, 2019
Help please
by: Anonymous

I found a doves nest in an small enclosed area,( hvac equipment). She is just inside the gate and there are a bunch of eggs that she is patiently tending to.

That area is in another small fenced yard. What shall I do, they won’t be able to get over a 3 ft wall and then another 6 ft fence beyond that. Any advice.

Apr 17, 2019
I have two attempting to build a nest on my window sill
by: Brian

I have had two mourning doves hanging around my house for many years.

I'm sure it is not the same two, being the number of years.

But, they are here all of the time. For the past week, they have been hanging around on my upstairs bedroom window sill.

Four or five times so far, they have attempted to build a nest, only for the twigs to fall off. My house is brick, as is my window sill.

I feel concerned, as I don't know how well they will be able to brace the nest.

The window faces the Northeast and gets the brunt of the wind.

But, I am sure nature knows what it is doing.

The only drawback is now I will have to keep my window closed, as I would not want to scare them once the eggs are hatched.

When the window was open, they would hear me and look through the screen. That was a funny and adorable experience.

Anyway, I hope they do well and can keep the best. They are now on nest-build number 6. This time, they seem to be successful. So far. :)

Jan 04, 2019
dove on sill
by: Gene

Either it's just an evening roosting site or it could be a potential nesting site this season. Window ledges are often used as nest sites for mourning doves.

Good Luck.

Jan 04, 2019
by: Alan

A dove returns to my window seal most evening for the last 5 weeks is this unusual sometimes gone for 3 days then returns

Jul 18, 2017
My doves have decided I need a new tv
by: Anonymous

We have a tv mounted above the window on our back patio. Our pair of doves built their nest on the tv and bracket.

Babies hatched within past couple days. I told my husband we're probably going to have to get a new tv once the babies fledge lol

Jun 02, 2017
Dove made nest on patio
by: Gretchen Payne

I have a roofed two walled patio with an antique chandelier where two baby doves hatched and one day fledgling on floor, wondered if it survived.

Still one in nest. Enjoying watching taking pictures even flash doesn't bother them. So cute.

May 14, 2017
Nesting on my ladder
by: Anonymous

I have a pair of doves that made a nest on my ladder. The twigs keep falling of so there is literally like three twigs on the ladder, the rest are on the floor.

I am worried when the eggs hatch they may fall too. Would it be ok for me to put twigs around the eggs, will the doves come back?

May 07, 2017
by: Anonymous

There is a pair of Turtle Doves in my flower bed near the house. Looks like the nest is in the stones on the ground. Do they do that?


Yes, doves will nest on the ground. I might add that if you live in North America there are no Turtle Doves. Here is an article that describes the differences. Difference Between Turtle Doves and Mourning Doves

Mar 12, 2017
cold temps
by: Gene

Those are not bad temps, not great but not bad. Once the young hatch, the adults will brood (keep them warm) for awhile. The problem is when the adults are scared off the nest when it's cold. Give them space.

Thanks for caring about our birds.


Mar 11, 2017
Dove Nesting on Porch in -10c to -15c
by: Anonymous

I have dove nesting in hanging flowerpot on front porch. Bitterly cold out. Been there now for close to two weeks. I'm concerned she'll freeze or abandon nest. Any ideas?

Jul 03, 2016
Robin's nest re-purposed
by: Ann

Earlier this spring I watched a Robin pair build a nest in my carport & successfully raise 3 babies. The used nest had been there for a couple of weeks and one evening this week my son noticed there was a bird in it...a dove.

Beautiful & dedicated the dove is always there at this point, even though it looks like the nest is a "tight fit" for the dove.

The nest is too high for us to see how many eggs they have. No babes yet, but looking forward to watching the second family of bird babies grow up in my carport. It's such a blessing to watch!!

Jun 19, 2016
doves in rafters
by: Karen

I noticed a mess on the floor of my front porch, as well as a small egg half shell on the ground.
I looked up and spotted a nest with 2 doves sitting in the rafters of the roof.

It really surprised me, as I heard nothing, saw nothing in the days before. I am concerned that they are so close to the front door.

We do not use that door often, and I have placed a sign telling others not to approach the door. I hope that the birds do well and are happy and healthy.

I have several bird feeders in my back yard and see doves there all the time! I definitely plan to put a nesting box on the rafters of my back yard shed.

Jun 15, 2016
mourning Dove
by: Ed

We have a dove who built a nest in our hanging Boston Fern. She has been there for over 20 days now.

My wife she spotted 3 eggs, and now some chicks may have appeared, she sits in the nest continually. The nest is only about 6' in the air.

She has been spooked only a couple of times, being she is right next to our front door.

Jun 07, 2016
Nesting dove on garage door opener
by: Anonymous

I noticed doves built a nest on top of my garage door opener. When we first noticed, no eggs. A few days later, there are two doves eggs in the nest.

They have not hatched yet, but one mate is always on the nest. I try to keep the garage door open as long as possible so they can come and go as they please- and eat.

We are moving in two weeks though, and I worry about the doves being in the enclosed- hot- garage for an extended period while the house is empty between tenants.

I know they incubate for 2 weeks and the fledglings don't leave the nest for another 2 weeks. What to do?

May 06, 2016
This year in my carport
by: Boomer

I have quite a mess in part of my carport. I moved into this place 2 1/2 years ago in a hurry and piled stuff into my carport.

I haven't had time to clean it because of health reasons. A pair of mourning doves have nested in it. It is too high for me to see into it.

I may take a ladder next but I have not seen any movement yet. It has been there for more than 2 weeks. There is always one of the pair sitting on the nest.

I look forward to seeing the baby(s)! And until they can fly, I am not cleaning out the carport until that happens!

Dec 04, 2015
difficult to know
by: Gene

There isn't much you can do. If something happens they'll either try again in the same place or move on. Hope it works out well.

Dec 04, 2015
Beautiful young dove
by: Anonymous

We have a grin a dell a bush. It's about 3 mtrs wide and 1 and half mtrs drop. Quite thick. On the top sits a dove. Doesn't mind me coming in and out door. I don't see any shrubery. Won't the eggs fall through the grinadella bush?
From O Jarratt

Sep 05, 2015
Dove Nest in window box of cherry tomatoes
by: Jan

We saw a flimsy looking nest in the window box where we grow cherry tomatoes. (We live in a 3rd story Condo) my husband noticed the empty nest when watering the tomato plant yesterday.

When I got up this morning and opened the French door to check for ripe tomatoes a dove was sitting on the nest just looking at me. I closed the door quickly so as not to scare her away.

Later in the day we looked out and the bird was gone and there was 1 egg in the nest. About an hour later a bird was back on the nest. Not sure now whether there are 2 eggs or not.

Going to enjoy watching through the blinds and hope the doves will remain until the eggs hatch!

Jun 13, 2015
We love watching doves
by: Michelle Jorgensen

I've got a pair of doves outside my window making a nest & getting ready to lay eggs, & they're not in a tree.

She comes around and makes herself cozy under my Japanese maple and has been hanging out here off and on for about a week now, and it's a real blessing to watch them.

For all my fellow birders out there, always take care of what God gave you, because you only get one chance to enjoy it!

Apr 15, 2015
Dove Concerns
by: Scott

I live in Houston, Texas and we have a large population of what I believe are Eurasian Ring Neck Dove. Big as pigeons.

Over the last 10 years, I have often wondered how this species survives in suburbia. They are terrible nest builders!

They will constantly fly into the trees with large twigs, place them, and they fall, then fly back down and try again. There are eggs all over the sidewalk and driveway, even on our car.

Today was the most sad however, as I found a babe who had progressed to quills before falling out and dying.

I too, have planters and window boxes that I gladly donate to the spring rituals and leave empty for the next season.

The trees though, I wish I could build a permanent structure up in the limbs for them to use. Hopefully enough hanging baskets and coconut liners will make them move from the limbs.

Also, when they feed on the lawn, they never see cats or even Chihuahuas coming. I have a large Red-tailed Hawk and an Owl who constantly swipe the adults out of the trees.

The Dove have gotten better at seeing them coming as the whole block explodes in that crazed fright flight the dove do.

I was just wondering what others have seen and finding this site has been great!

May 27, 2014
nesting bird
by: debbie

I was never a bird watcher but one day I had put out a few hanging baskets of flowers and the next day I have a dove sitting on a nest in my biggest basket.

I have to say it is great to just sit and watch the bird. He or she now thinks they own my porch. How wonderful!

May 22, 2014
Dove Nest Gone

We have doves living under our eves. Yesterday we walked outside and a dove is standing on our porch!

He or she stood there all night! We were not sure what was wrong and still do not know.

All we do know is in the morning we came out and the dove was up where the nest used to be but the nest was gone! And no mate either. Just one dove.

There was no debris or sticks on the ground below. Anyone know what this could be?

I told my wife they got a divorce and she took the house. Any other ideas?

May 13, 2013
Nest in a planter
by: yana

Our doves built a nest in a planter with mint on our balcony. Tonight I scared her and she flew off, leaving one egg in the nest.

It's been 3 hours since she left. It is a cold and windy night. Any chance for her to come back, how long can the egg be exposed?

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Dove in Pecan Tree

by Ann
(Houston, Texas)

Dove Nesting in Pecan Tree

Dove Nesting in Pecan Tree

I have an upstairs art studio where I often work in a corner of two sliding glass doors.

My dove is nesting literally just an arm's length from there ... Everyday I pull open my curtains & she doesn't seem to mind me working at her side.

One day as I was working, a squirrel sat right next to her & ate a whole pecan & she didn't even notice him until he left!

She is nesting in a pecan tree here in Houston & there is not a leaf on the tree & she is only blocked from the west wind.

I now know where the expression ... "tough as a bird" came from. We have had severe weather here this past week or so & she &( I now understand her mate) have sat diligently on their nest.

She seems to be OK with my husband & me looking at her & I've taken some snaps of her I'll share with you.

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Jun 20, 2020
by: Gene

Should be within 2 weeks of hatching.

Jun 20, 2020
Nesting in porch light
by: Anonymous

During a recent thunderstorm my porch light was blown on it's side and the top opened up by the time I noticed perhaps 2 days later a pair of doves moved in and made a nest.

Now there is a baby and we haven't been able to turn on our outdoor lights for a month.

How long before we can safely clean out the light and turn it back on?

Mar 20, 2020
Two beautiful morning doves
by: Shae Deschenes

I have 2 morning doves that just arrived yesterday. I live in Strathmore, AB Canada.

It's still pretty cool here but we have sunny days and they have been busy around my hanging bird feeder and I have a covered one filled with black oil sunflower seeds.

I have 2 fairly large trees and am hoping to put the nest in one of them and anchor it with wire and rope.

Unfortunately the eves on my house are not an overhand type but think one of the trees would be safe.

I also have a large bush that when in bloom gives great cover but I worry about cats being able to get at them.

I have read of them making a nest on sun decks, etc. but again I can't imagine it would be safe. Anyway I have the nest ready.

A fairly good size wicker basket with cotton, straw, twigs and a few pebbles. I also have a partial cover that is open on one side to more or less protect them from the weather. Sure hope they nest in it.

Jun 24, 2018
Doves as Thieves?
by: Linda R.

One morning my husband and I noticed that the robin in the nest near our back porch was not sitting in her nest but one of the mourning doves who'd been hanging around was instead!

For a week or so, we'd see the robin sitting in the yard gazing mournfully up at what had been her nest but she didn't try to get it back.

I was very surprised that the doves would just move in like that and I wondered if that's a very common thing.

Aug 17, 2016
No seed close to nest
by: Gene

Never put food close to any nesting birds. The potential for predators to find the food and the nest is not a good thing. Place food away from the nest, they will find it.

Aug 17, 2016
Nesting in fern
by: Lulu

We found the dove nesting in an Austraian tree fern. It's been about a week now. Should I put out some bird seed underneath?

May 11, 2016
gestation peirod for a dove
by: Mel Jaclobs

We have a mourning dove setting on two eggs. She had been setting for 3 weeks. How long does it take for the eggs to hatch?

She allows us now to come very close to her without getting excited. I have taken pictures of the nesting bird. She seems very calm.

Would appreciate any advice feeding the bird. Up to now we have done nothing but look at her.
The Habits of Mourning Doves

Mar 31, 2016
by: Anonymous

Doves had tried to make a nest on the outer edge of my 2nd story apartment deck now the male was moving the nest which wasn't really a nest as it kept blowing off and there was already 1 egg there.

I'm not sure if it was done by accident but the egg rolled off the deck and now sits inside the satellite part that attaches to the side of the deck.

They cant get in there to sit on the egg should I try to move the egg out of there, they come back to make sure the egg is there. Did they do this on purpose I'm very concerned

May 15, 2015
Mother and 2 baby doves suddenly
by: Anne

Recently my Easter wreath was taken over by a momma dove. She's has 2 little ones that look pretty big now.

While leaving I glanced over to check on them and they were all gone. The nest was definitely in poor shape as in something had gotten to it.

Any ideas what could have happened with the nest being so high up?

Apr 22, 2014
Easter Egg
by: JB

I have one (or two) nesting on the railing of my deck, just outside the door. Was so cute she laid her egg Easter morning so we have an Easter Egg!

Shes so sweet and pretty but I've worried about her not eating. I put some polenta quinoa flax and chia out and some water. But couldn't tell if shes touched it.

I talk to her. She listens and seems calm around me. I'm grateful for the posts and sites here on the web as many of my questions and concerns have been answered.

Thanks to other thoughtful people.

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Picture of nesting mourning dove

by Christina
(Arlington, VA)

Dove on Eggs in Planter Box

Dove on Eggs in Planter Box

I have had a Mourning Dove nesting in my flower box for a week. I put food and water out. It let's me get pretty close to it.

From Wild-Bird-Watching
It is best to never place food near a nest as it will attract predators that will harm eggs and doves.

The farther away the better, doves can find the food with no problem.

The male incubates during day hours and the female incubates through the night.

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Jun 11, 2018
Sweet sweet Turrle Doves
by: JW

I was so happy to find your site!! When I saw your basket I offered our doves one as well...we had so many sticks on our porch then I saw the two doves trying to balance more sticks on the ledge...I am thrilled to say we now have two doves caring for their two eggs!!

Today one of the doves is turned around and facing the corner and I wonder if this means anything? I do not want to scare them but if they leave again

I will climb on the ladder and hold my camera hope hoping I can get a picture of the inside of the nest exciting and so very, very sweet!

May 02, 2017
by: Gene

please see:

May 02, 2017
Morning doves
by: Lori P

Third year, I have morning doves nest up in the awning of my front porch. I always miss the hatching and getting a glance of her babies. She's been sitting constantly in nest for about 8 days now. When will her eggs hatch?

Apr 18, 2016
by: Lynne

I came home after a week vacation and was pleasantly surprised to find my ever present dove couple nesting in my flower basket over hanging our third balcony!

The basket is filled with blooming pansies that wave over and around our sweet doves. It is quite warm out and the flowers provide a cool spot, as the balcony is exposed to the sun all day..there are two eggs.

Should I water carefully around the nest? Worried as dying flowers will expose the eggs and doves to 90 degrees and up? Any suggestions?

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Lovey's Nest On Gazebo

by Lorna
(Fort Worth, TX, USA)

Dove Nest on Gazebo Rafter

Dove Nest on Gazebo Rafter

One day in very late March, I was out on the deck and noticed that some brush had blown up and gotten stuck in the cross pieces of the gazebo.

The next day my husband told me to kneel at the window and look up....and silly me!

It wasn't brush that got stuck in the roof, it was a dove nest and a beautiful dove was sitting on it!

We named her Lovey, but then we read this webpage and found that it is probably not the female sitting atop the nest during the day hours.

But whatever. We still call him/her Lovey.

He doesn't seem to mind that we are out and about the deck or backyard.

We have a vegetable garden that we have to tend to every evening, so we are walking about and watering.

The dove he/she doesn't bat an eye.

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Apr 13, 2020
They are back for a second season
by: Fred

It looks like they found a "permanent" nesting location. This is their second season on top of my garage door opener.

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Doves Nesting On Patio Ceiling Fan

by Loli
(Wellington, Fl., USA)

Ceiling Fan Dove and Nest

Ceiling Fan Dove and Nest

We live in Florida. Our back patio and yard face a small pond.

Wildlife is always plentiful by the pond, especially mornings.

We regularly see Herons, egrets, snake birds, blackbirds, a red cardinal, and once in a while, an eagle perches atop a pine tree at the pond edge.

However, recently we noticed a mourning dove coming and going in the backyard. (casing the area?) Soon afterward another appeared, apparently its mate.

Then, lo and behold, they began building a nest atop the unused ceiling fan on our patio.

The reason this was possible is that the last 3 hurricanes blew out our patio screens.

After the last one, we quit replacing them. This enabled these birds to come and go.

I am amazed though since we also come and go on the patio, taking our 3 shelties out, or eating at the patio table which is directly under the ceiling fan.

I am amazed the bird feels so safe up there. We smile each time we look up now.

Update On The Ceiling Fan Doves
closeup of dove squabs in ceiling fan nest

The Baby Doves Have Arrived

My husband and I went away on vacation.

Before we left the mom-and-pop doves were still coming and going, but no sign of birth.

We did, however, once see them both take away a half we wondered if one of the eggs was a dud since there were still no hatchlings.

Then...we got back from vacation and checked the patio, and lo and behold, the miracle of birth occurred while we were away.

Two adorable hatchlings are now part of our family of doves.

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Dove on Garage Door Opener.

by Karen

Dove Nest on top of Garage Door Opener

Dove Nest on top of Garage Door Opener

Lovey Dovey built her nest about 2 weeks ago on our door opener.

We are pretty sure her mate (found a dead dove in the yard) was killed in a hail storm or by the neighbor's cat.

We have provided water and wild bird seed for her but not sure if she is eating it.

I will post an update and more pictures of the fledglings when they pop up!!


baby doves in nest on garage door opener

LoveyDovey's Babies

After weeks of worry, we finally got a peek at the babies yesterday when mama left the nest.

She was gone quite a long time so more worry if she was able to come back, well not only did mama return but long lost papa was with her.

I have a feeling unbeknownst to us they were switching all along.

We were relieved to see her mate was not the dead bird we found in the yard.

I am guessing they are about 8 days old.

A week ago we saw white eggshell pieces in the driveway along with some Hawk droppings so then we worried the nest had been attacked, but she stuck to her business and you can see the results!!

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May 24, 2008

That's an adorable story
by: Jessica

I'm so glad daddy dove wasn't harmed, and that the nest hadn't been attacked. Good for them!
Apr 16, 2008

Tweet Tweet
by: Judy

Best Wishes on your New Arrivals to be!!!
Apr 15, 2008
hello from Ginger
by: Ginger


Didn't know you were a bird watcher! Hope everything goes okay. Ginger

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May 03, 2018
Doves nesting on garage door opener
by: Ruth in NH

Fascinating to watch nature evolve. We saw the doves bringing in sticks to build their nest for a few days, then each day we watch them come and go.

When we leave for weekends we have our neighbor open and shut the garage door daily so they can go get food.

The shaking of the garage door doesn't seem to bother them at all! So far we haven't seen the babies, we've been watching for two weeks!

Jun 08, 2016
Dove on window sill
by: Anonymous

Every time a dove comes to a home and sits on a window sill or above door etc - some one is going to die in that home/family - this has happened 3. times to us.

Old timers believe that when a bird nest or stays on a window sill etc - it is a bad omen, I truly believe this.

Jun 03, 2015
Our Doves in our garage door opener!
by: N. MossName

Many thanks for the story of your doves and the garage door opener.

We thought we were the only ones blessed enough to have this pleasant surprise! Good luck to us both with our families!

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Dove Nesting On Ladder.

by Lee

Dove on a ladder

Dove on a ladder

One day I went out into the backyard to find a bunch of twigs and sticks on my ladder.

At first I thought it was kind of funny but figured what the heck. We'll see what happens.

A couple days later I come home late from work to find all the twigs on the ground but an egg sitting on the paint shelf of the ladder.

I picked up all the sticks and kind of placed them back around the egg quickly and left.

Next morning we have a dove sitting on the egg.

The ladder is right in front of a window and I have been able to open the shades to get photos.

The birds don't seem to mind to much. I take a quick photo and close the blind.

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Front Door Nest

by Chris
(Islip, NY)

Dove Nesting on Front Door Wreath

Dove Nesting on Front Door Wreath

A pair of doves built a nest on the wreath which was hanging on our front door. We were not able to use our front door for weeks, while we waited.

They were pretty calm when the eggs were in the nest and we could walk up on the stoop for a closer look, but once the babies hatched they were quite nervous.

We had to put a baracade around the stoop so no one would come knocking at our front door and scare them.

Fortunately we could see the nest from a window in our house so we were able to watch the whole process.

The babies finally flew the nest early one morning and as luck would have it, I was awake and checking on them and got to see the babies' first flight.

We took the wreath away but they came looking for it the next year but settled on one of our window boxes.

In my new house I have what I've been told is called a dove cote attached to the side of the house.

It's beautiful and I'm hoping to attract a family of doves in the spring.

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Baker Rack Dove Nest

by Ernie Munshower
(Spring, Texas)

We were working in our front garden area and found mulch on a baker's rack on the front patio.

location of dove-nest on the baker rack

Here's What The Nest Looks Like on the Rack

We threw it into the garden and did not think much more of it until the next day when we found the "mulch" back with an egg in it.

The attached photographs are the result of the "mulch".

baby dove in nest on baker's rack

Two Baby Doves

Ernie Munshower

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Doves Under Lid of Propane Tank

by Katie Allen
(Colfax, Indiana)

My 3-year-old daughter and I were outside when I decided to check the gauge on the propane tank, knowing we would need it filled soon.

When we opened the lid we were surprised to find two eggs in a nest.

Carolina Wren Nest with 4 Eggs

Carolina Wren Nest

A few days later we went back to check on them and there were four, and as I suspected we were also low on gas.

When I went to the gas company to have them refill I asked if they could try not to bother the nest.

The lady laughed at me and said she would write in on the order but the person refilling it would probably laugh too. She said that it happens "all the time."

Two days later the guy showed up to fill the tank. He told me to leave the lid open and in a few days come and knock the nest out.

I said "sure" and as soon as he pulled out of the driveway I put the lid back down. I was afraid the dove would abandon the nest after that. However, they've been coming back to the nest.

My daughter and I eagerly await the babies to hatch.

We have been doing our research on mourning doves and have since discovered a robin's nest we check on as well.

It's wonderful that she is so excited to learn about the mourning doves (and Robins) and their life cycle.

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Jan 22, 2020
dove nest
by: Gene

I'm afraid you've mistaken the nest identification. This looks to be a Carolina Wren nest. They are also lovely to have around.

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Doves on TOP of small finch house

by Edie Goodban
(Redding, Ca, US)

We hung out a small birdhouse for house finches.

It has a peaked roof and is hung up against a porch pillar. A pair of mourning doves decided to use the roof to build a nest.

Dove Nesting on a Birdhouse

Dove Built Nest on Top of Birdhouse

They had twigs sticking out into space, but persisted!

The nest was completed and the birds began setting on it. The location is right outside our bedroom sliding door, and they can see us and we can watch them.

My husband can even water the patio plants by moving slowly and carefully and avoiding looking directly at them.

Finally, the eggs hatched. We could barely stand to watch as the babies hung onto the little nest, sometimes getting their balance by flapping a little wing.

It was nerve-wracking, more for us than for them!

In a couple of weeks, the fledgings took off, after having survived the crowded nest on the little birdhouse roof.

We wanted to remove the birdhouse before they started again, but in only one day Mom and Dad were repairing the nest and starting another batch!

I guess we'll just hold our breath and hope no one falls out this time.

They are wonderful to watch, though, and we are hoping for another successful brood.

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Dove Nest on Hanging Ladder

by Aubrey Huggins
(Kingston, Ontario, Canada)

While cutting my grass the other day I heard a sound and saw something out of the corner of my eye.

I looked up and saw what appeared to be a bird nest built in/on a ladder that was hanging from a neighbor's shed.

Dove Nesting on Ladder

I got my ladder and soon discovered 2 white eggs in a flimsy-built nest.

My wife and I took many photos of the eggs and were glad to see the pair of doves return and one to sit on the eggs.

The other was on a wire not far away.

We took many photos of the one dove sitting on the eggs.

Today the contractors were here to put new shingles on our roof. The sitting dove did not leave the nest all day while they were here/.

They finally left for a little while when the noise from the roofers stopped.

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Mar 30, 2015
Dove nest above a/c condenser
by: Anonymous

I also have Doves nesting on a ladder hung on the side of my house. And just a few feet below and to the side sits my a/c unit.

I'm wondering if it will disturb them to turn on the a/c as it is kind of loud. I would hate to cause them to abandon their nest but it's starting to get hot here in Arizona.

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Gertrude, (Gertie) the Downspout Dove

by Marjorie L Martin
(West Allis, WI, USA)

When the weather warmed up, I noticed small branches at the entrance to my front door.

Thinking the wind had blown them there, I would sweep them up and not give it another thought. However, one day I looked up at my gutter downspout and there was a nesting bird.

dove on nest built on downspout

At first I thought she was too close to my front door and I should have her removed...After considering for a moment, I decided to leave her alone to continue her nesting process. (I now use my garage door exclusively) so that I won't bother her or frighten her away.

I went online and found that she is a "Mourning Dove". I have asked my friends to call before they come over so that I can let them in through my garage door.

I call her Gertrude, Gertie for short. I will leave her alone until her nest is empty; then, I will have my Condo Association remove the nest and install flashing to keep the area bird free.

However, I am really enjoying watching her process. She is beautiful, very quiet and even if I open the door to view her, she seems just fine with that.

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Jan 22, 2020
by: Gene

Considering the male incubates during the day, you may want to rename the dove. :)

Aug 15, 2013
All year nesting
by: Anonymous

My husband died in February of this year. Outside his door was a shrub, in March a pair of mourning doves set up.

I have lived here 15 years, and its never happened before. I have tried to wait for them to finish nesting.

Here it is in the middle of August, they are still nesting. What gives?

That 3-foot shrub, has turned into a 12-foot shrub, I can't get into my carport. What do I do? I live in Tennessee

Jan 30, 2013
Spider Plant Ddove
by: Christine

I went to water my spider plant that is on my patio and a dove flew out.

Upon inspection, I noted that there were 2 eggs in a nest in the center of the plant.

I have been allowing her to continue to nest with as little outside attention as possible.

She does allow me to approach her nest as long as my hands are out of sight. I have been taking pictures of her daily, and she seems to be ok with that.

However, my spider plant is looking rather limp now. If I water the plant, will the water alter the temperature of the nest?

I don't want to do anything to endanger the eggs.

We live in West Central Florida and our weather is still warm. Do you have any suggestions?

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Dove Nesting in Unusual Area

by Jessica
(Naples, Florida, U.S.A)

Well, I'm 15, pretty much a youngin' and not very aware of how bird watching works.

I have a lamp that hangs outside my front porch from the ceiling roof of my house.

dove nesting on hanging porch light

A Mourning Dove chose the top of this lamp for nesting. A weird but very wise choice.

By wise I mean; covered and protected from weather, and also surrounded by a family of humans that wishes to do her no harm.

I think she realizes that now. I'm very surprised by how calm she is with us.

Her nest is about 5ft. from my front door, and there are a lot of us walking in and out several times throughout the day coming within 2 ft of her sometimes and she remains.

I think she is no longer frightened by us at all anymore. She's been around for about a week now.

The first night I saw her nesting, when she saw me she flew away. I felt very bad. I thought she'd abandoned her nest.

The next morning when she still wasn't there I felt even worse, BUT when I arrived back from school that afternoon there she was, and she hasn't left or been startled off again since then.

I think she's going to be laying eggs soon. When she does and the babies come, I will send some more pictures.

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May 25, 2008
Dove Nesting in Unusual Area
by: Betty

Jessica, I, too, was very concerned about my baby doves nesting in my hanging light fixture on my back porch.

I have a cat, three small dogs, and I was so concerned that they might catch the babies when they started to fly.

But, that did not happen. One morning early I heard unusual strange noises coming from the nest just outside my bedroom.

When I got up, the baby birds had gone but not far, they were in my garden in the rose bushes where they stayed for the next four days.

Their parents stayed with them helping them to gain their wings. We got to see them as they flew short distances and finally flew off when the Mother went back to her nest to lay her next clutch.

It was a wonderful experience. I hope your light fixture is safe for them to hatch but it looks as if it is. Again, good luck and enjoy.

May 25, 2008
please put something under your nest
by: Lori

I learned this the hard way. I, too, had a nest w/ mourning doves in our patio covering.

Unfortunately, it became very difficult to maneuver w/ the two babies as they got bigger. One eventually fell.

Unfortunately, I could not revive or help that one. Later that day, the other one fell. They fell to our cement patio. This time, my 2nd was still alive.

Not knowing what the heck I was doing, I put it back up on the nest. t was breathing but weak and very scared. I was sure I'd kill it. The parents were no where in sight.

I managed to feed (thanks to the internet) some warm water & bread dissolved. I put some dryer lint under it as the nest was nearly gone and I was afraid it would die of cold w/ no parent.

The good news is my 2nd baby flew off yesterday after the parents returned, nurtured it for another week.

My advice to you...please put something soft under the nest in case the birdies fall.

P.S. I have another nest now in my angel trumpet tree. I am grappling w/ what to put under it, too, as the nest is so sparse and I can not imagine how they will raise 2 babies there.

Good luck and Enjoy!

May 25, 2008
Doves Nesting in Unusual Places
by: Betty

Jessica, your Dove was probably laying her eggs when she flew off and returned the next day. It takes 12 days for the eggs to hatch and another 12 days before they fly.

Then, when they do fly if there is a safe place to hang around until their little wings develop the Mother and the Father will stay with them for about four days.

Then, if you leave the nest in place the Mother will again lay her second clutch of eggs.

Another thing I noticed is that the babies do not poop in their nest but hang their little bottoms over the edge so do not be surprised to find poop in a small area just beneath the light fixture. Good luck.

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Our Doves in a hanging artifical plant

by Jim Oliver
(Davenport Florida)

We have three hanging planters on our porch with artificial plants.

Every year a dove makes a nest in the same planter always reusing the same nest.

doves nesting in artificial nest

This year they arrived again in the middle of March. The female laid two eggs which I guess is normal and commenced incubating the eggs.

We watched every day as the male and female switched places as the plants hang just outside our bedroom window.

The eggs hatched at the end of March and it seemed overnight that we had two young Doves peaking out from underneath the mother.

Around April 5th the Dad decided it was time for the babies to leave the nest and we watched as he pushed both of them out.

As can be seen in the pictures, both babies stayed together and would run towards the adult birds whenever they would show up.

We have one of the young birds that just doesn't want to leave the area where the nest was.

Last night it sat on the roof of our car as the mother would show up and feed it.

As it got cool last night my wife got worried the bird would get cold so she asked me to take a towel out to the car so the bird could sit on it and keep warm.

Being a good husband I took it out and placed it next to the bird then came in and went to bed.

In the morning when I checked to see if the bird was still there, fully expecting to see it gone, but much to my surprise, there it was sitting on the towel as warm as could be.

As soon as the sun came up it left the car and now has taken up residence on one of the chairs on our porch.

We continue to watch it as it seems quite at home for the time being.

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Apr 08, 2012
Doves in Planters
by: Marianne

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story.

I too have been blessed with doves returning year after year to my hanging planters (which are now permanent nests).

They bring so much joy. So glad that your extended family is doing so well - and the blanket was a great idea.

Enjoy and best wishes to you all.

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Doves Nesting in my Bathroom Light Fixture

by Joanie Mason
(West Los Angeles)

Doves in the Master Bath

I was enjoying my morning ritual in my master bath, then all of a sudden I heard the 'coos' coming from the toilet area, which is in its own room with a door.

Oh, my heart was feeling the joy, the Doves have returned.

dove nest on bathroom light fixture

You see, a couple of weeks earlier, I noticed twigs, leaves, and feathers on the floor, near the toilet.

They were entering through the window that I always leave open.

On the accompanying deck, I spotted the love doves cooing and grooming each other, I silently welcomed them into my bathroom.

They must have felt secure, so they went and built their nest resting above the light fixture.

At this moment, both of the doves are sitting in the nest.

Guess I better start using another bathroom, don't want to alarm this precious Dove Family.

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Jun 30, 2015
dove in bathroom
by: Anonymous

bird in toilet room- so sweet, however caution- they can't help it, birds have parasites, mites, fleas, ticks, etc. so I would not let bird nesting in your house become a habit. Better for you if they nest outside.

Jun 09, 2014
In the rain gutter
by: cheri fitz

I, too, discovered "my" mourning dove purely by accident. I often heard them (do the males coo, too?) in the "morning", and discovered their nest off my deck, second floor apartment.

I'm glad I read this article, 'cos I, too, thought it was the same bird sitting on these eggs.

He flew off one time when my husband spooked him, but they are right back on their nest, spindly twigs loosely thrown together, in the corner of our rain gutter. There are 2 eggs.

Seems they have been nestling those eggs for way over two weeks, so I shall now be looking for babies! This is a new hobby for me. Birds are beautiful!

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