Doves on Carport

dove squabs

dove squabs

A few months ago, I hired a local pest control company to screen in the corner eaves of my house because honestly, birds were becoming a nuisance. (I just had my house painted!)

We decided to have them wait to do the work when the birds were not actively nesting. So they finally started work a few weeks ago.

One day I came home from work, and the guy was loading up his truck. He said there was a mourning dove in one of the eaves so he had relocated her nest. (That was the last corner that needed to be done.) He put the nest on top of my fence (which is covered with ivy.)

That afternoon and evening, the poor momma bird paced and paced in my carport. She kept flying up to the corner . . .could not figure out why she couldn’t get to her nest. And she couldn’t find her egg!

Finally, I carefully picked up the nest and put it under one of the eaves of the carport.

She continued to pace. She did not abandon her nest! The next morning, there she was, sitting on top of the egg.

Now there are two babies in the nest. And the family is doing fine. Here are photos of the babies.

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Baby is Born and Doing Well!

by Annie
(Punta Gorda)

The Mourning Dove in my carport has had her baby. He/she's growing a little each day and pokes his head up for a photo op! Seems like he's left alone for hours at a time during the day, but Mama comes at night to sit on the nest and protect her child.

I have a previous posting called "Mourning Dove in my Carport" showing the Mama bird.

This is a wonderful experience to watch the progress of this little creature. I can't wait until the next phase .......

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Mourning Dove In The Carport

Sitting on her eggs

Sitting on her eggs

On 3 occasions, our local Mourning Doves have nested on the top of the concrete post just under the carport roof.

This area is protected from prey and from inclement weather, so I imagine the mama and daddy feel it's a safe environment for their nest and their babies.

Yesterday, Mama Dove gave birth and I could see the baby with my binoculars when mama flew away for a few minutes.

My neighbors are also in awe of this wonderful natural happening. This bird has been in my carport in the past and she is familiar with my comings and goings and doesn't get rattled when I start my car. She seems to be part of our family now.

I will continue to watch her and her husband and their baby ......

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Doves on deck!

by Ron R.
(Franklin, NC)

Before anybody calls me a liar, I know the image is not of a dove, it is to show my dog has no real problem with birds.

Now my story:

I am trying to get the Doves on my deck to nest elsewhere, to no avail. I actually do not mind them on the deck, it is just where they nest.

One set in on top, not in, on top of planting pots I have stored on a shelf I wish to move. The other set is in/on a a water ski I stored by sticking it in the deck rafters. Both sets are close to people and my dogs. Although up high. The third set is where I want them, on a rafter with what looks like a few twigs - but they all survived. Always been two at a time.

Again, I do not mind them and will allow them to finish up their job for a brood, BUT, I must reiterate, BUT, how do I tell between one brood and the next? This is the fourth this season on the ski and planter pots and second on the rafter, it is only July in WNC.

I have tried timing them, tried waiting until the babies flew off. But by the time they fly away, I see new eggs in the nest. Parents gone, babies still hanging around, so I wait a day or two, low-and-behold, new eggs.

They do not mind my dogs and my dogs do not bother them. I found Dove feathers in my dogs water bowl, inside the house - I leave doors open too much. Either they took a bath, or by chance a feather fell into her bowl.

A month or so ago it was really hot and dry, these Dove are nesting within inches of a 'tin roof' over my deck. It is HOT! Talking 'Death Valley' hot, probably in the 140 degree range. So I placed a water & food bowl close by. Although I do not feed the birds, my neighbor does, so I stole some of his bird food. I do, however, have plants throughout my yard that are good for songbirds - not really Doves.

Not being afraid of me or my dogs sounds good, but could be their death. If they do that with other dogs, animals or even people, it could be their death sentence.

So being nice and caring can be their death delayed.

Any event, I went to a local warehouse and got a few 'pallets' to build maybe a few nesting boxes/platforms to get them to move. Remember, I already have 20 babies, minus the normal lose, plus the original parents, equals more birds than I can handle on my deck.

Even this post says vague, copied views of other post.

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Doves in the Garage!

by Mary
(Poland, Ohio)

Help, this morning I found 2 Mourning Doves flitting around inside my garage. And they will not leave! I have looked everywhere for a nest to no avail. If I try to shoo them outside they just fly around, hurting themselves when the bump into things.

We recently installed a big screen TV in the garage for football tailgating, etc. could the black screen be attracting them! Any ideas on getting them to leave?😳🐦🐦😳

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Jul 05, 2018
Our Story
by: Anonymous

We came home to a dove nesting in my bicycle basket. We named her Basket and watched her sit on two eggs.
I'm so sorry to say, but in our horror, we looked in the basket two weeks later and there was a yellow snake coiled in the basket. Made me sick.

Nov 11, 2017
Garage Doves
by: Gene

Pretty common for them to nest on door openers.
You may want to attach netting to areas where they perch. They will leave if there isn't landing area.

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