Dove Landed On My Shoulder

by Gene Mulligan
(Chicopee, MA)

Updated October 23, 2023

I Don't Know if you got my previous story about my new dove friend so I'm resubmitting.

How I Met My Dove Friend

I was filling my feeders one day back in late August.

There was a slight drizzle and I wanted to get back in the house and I noticed a mourning dove on the gazebo.

I decided to put some seed on the post for him when I looked back he was in flight and landed on my head.
dove on persons shoulder

Dove On My Shoulder

I thought he may be disoriented so I shewed him away.

The next thing I knew he flew back and the dove landed on my shoulder!

I thought he might be someone's pet, so I leaned over and let him get on the post and I stayed there while he ate.

I started to go back in the house when the dove flew onto my wrist that was holding the cup of seed so I let him have some more.

When he had his fill he flew off into the neighbor's tree.

I have never heard of this.

When I told my wife she thought I was nuts, and so did everyone else I told.

The next day I was sitting in my gazebo when I heard wings whistling and I turned around and there he was on the rail.

I sat there and he flew onto the table.

I put the cup up to him to eat but he scurried away.

So, I put some seed on the table and he came over and started to eat.

I got up very slowly to leave him alone to eat because he seemed nervous.

I went back to the house and told my wife and pointed, but she still didn't believe me.

I thought if he was someone's pet why was he/she coming back?

The next day I called the Audubon Society but they couldn't tell me much.

They thought he was a Fledgling. Can you tell by the image?

When I looked out on my deck the next day, there were about 5 or so doves as usual.

When I opened the slider they all flew away but one, guess who he flew up and landed on my head.

Luckily for me, my wife was right behind me. She believes me now.

He comes back twice a day, sometimes three but now I go out on the deck with a cup of seed every day.

I see him leave the tree about 50 yards away and he lands right on my shoulder.

He has a mate now I think, I hope so.

I have many pictures of this mourning dove on my shoulder and on my knee while eating.

I have had to put up obstacles to protect him from the hawk but that's another story.

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Feb 07, 2018
Lonesome Dove
by: Anonymous

Oh my goodness...this may be my bird, Lonesome.

Years ago my husband found a tiny little brown bird (too little to fly) on our front patio.

He brought him into our home and we fed him with an eyedropper.

Soon we found he could eat seeds (we had cockatiels at the time who adopted Lonesome).

As Lonesome got bigger, we tried to release him but he would not fly away.

So he became our "kid." He had free roam of the house (yep, I worked day and night to keep the house clean of dove doo but don't like to keep birds caged.)

Our dove landed on our heads and shoulders all the time.

He lived with us for 12 years and knew no strangers.

Whenever a friend would come over, Lonesome would run over, land on them, and then "fight" lol.

He liked to hit with his wings and then have you gently put your hand over him and lightly shake him (not really shake, just move him).

He flew away after his last cockatiel friend passed away.

A group of doves was outside and for the first time ever, when the front door opened, Lonesome Dove flew away with the other doves.

I was so happy he was free, but I will always miss him.

I will make myself believe this bird is Lonesome :) Thank you for taking care of him!

Jan 07, 2014
by: karen

Lucky you to have a dove warm up to you! Keep us posted on your adventures with your feathered friend!

Jan 07, 2014
The Birds Know
by: Robert Mohler

Fascinating story and kudos for your love of birds.

Animals seem to know who they can and can not trust. You sure have a friend there.

We have Purple Martins here in far North Fort Worth and have on several occasions had to rehab several of the young.

They seem to know and trust those who care. Great job and we enjoyed the photos.

Robert Mohler
2nd Vice President
Purple Martin Landlords of North Texas

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