Northern Cardinal Videos Feeding, Nesting, and Singing

Want to watch Northern Cardinal videos of them nesting, feeding young, and singing? We've selected a few that we hope you will enjoy.

Just click on the Movies you want to watch and then, sit back and enjoy. We'll be adding more videos on other birds so check back often.

This page was built way before people really searched for birding videos and we've left it here for you. Back in the day, you could get more views on a website than YouTube.

Since YouTube tends to own the internet world of video, we won't be adding anymore to this page.

Watch The Cardinals Feed Their Young

This is HD footage of the adult pair feeding their young in the nest.

This Female Cardinal is Arranging Her Nest

Notice the flimsy nest in the shrub. Sometimes you'll only see a nest in winter after the leaves have fallen. This will help in identifying what bird has nested.

Cardinals will sometimes return to a tree or shrub they have previously nested in successfully. This gives you the opportunity to be on the look out for the next season.

Listen to The Song of this
Male Northern Cardinal

Listen for the mating/territorial call in this cardinal video. This will help you identify this bird when you can't see it.

Adult Cardinals Feeding Young
After Leaving Nest

In this video you'll see adult birds continuing the feeding of their young after they have left the nest and are able to fly. Some of the young are not yet in their adult plumage.

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