Baby Pileated Woodpecker Rescued

by Patty
(Chatsworth, CA )

Today (7.21) I found a baby bird on the side of my house.

I knew it was in a jam being so close to the ground with my two dogs running around the yard and it being rattlesnake season.

pair of pileated woodpeckers on top of birdhouse

Pileated Woodpecker Pair

He could not fly so I took him in the house and put him (her) in an old hamster cage.

I then found this website because I did not know what the hell to do with this youngin'.

I found out he was a fledgling and a pretty big one too.

I think it was a Pileated woodpecker because I had seen Mom and Dad around for a while and Junior had the same colorings.

Anyway, after reading all of your great baby bird stories - I decided to take the hamster cage out on the deck and see if Ma and Pa Pileated would be coming around.

Sure enough, that baby began to squawk and scream for a good twenty minutes, and much to my relief - but more for baby - Ma and Pa were in the big tree off my deck answering back to their little runaway.

So, I let the little guy out on my fence top and he flies right back to the ground about 6 feet.

Hmmm - I know his parents want him and he wants them.

I took the little fella and put him in the crook of the tree where Ma and Pa were hanging out.

That little bird hopped up a big trunk to about 20 feet off the ground.

It was wonderful to watch the family reunion.

I thought the little guy was screaming out of happiness but it turns out he was starving.

Ma and Pa both fed him for the next 30 minutes.

The little bird has found a nice flat crook in the Y of the trunk high in the tree and has quieted down now that he is full.

I would not have known what to do without all the nice stories and information on this site.

Thanks All from me and the kid in the tree.

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Jun 11, 2012
Pileated family
by: Judy

I had pileated woodpeckers come to a suet cake I had stuck on a pole in my back yard.

Mom would come first, then I would faintly hear Pop calling and she would leave and he would show up.

One day a bunch of juveniles showed up.

Then a developer came and they bulldozed those beautiful woods 100 yards from my home and I never saw them again.

Sigh...They were magnificent birds.

Jul 22, 2009
Rescued woodpecker fledgling
by: Bonnie

Good for you in rescuing the baby bird, and good for Ma & Pa woodpecker in NOT attacking the human helper LOL

When you went to put him up in the tree they were in, they could have thought you were dangerous to him and flown at you. Glad it all went well.

Jul 22, 2009
baby woodpecker
by: Cynthia

What a cute story!

Thanks so much for sharing. I think you did all the right things, and now you can watch the family and you aren't the one responsible for feedings!

How neat to have a family of Pileated woodpeckers; I've never seen one but hope to someday.

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