Baby Blue Jays First Flight

by Mark
(Halifax Canada)

The Blue Jays have been nesting in an area where an outside window was broken on the side of my garage.

This year I decided to watch more closely the progression of the babies after they hatched and I decided to take some pictures.

It took about 2 - 3 weeks for the babies to become full grown. Each day you could see the birds growing and it was amazing to watch.

Near the end I began to watch more closely and wanted to try and get some video of them first taking off.

I missed the first as it jumped to a branch below the window and the second one I had just missed taking off.

The third bird, I waited almost 5 hours but it did not leave the nest.

Then I came back the next morning and just happened to come upon the bird ready to take off. I could not believe how quickly it happened.

A few days later I happened to video the last bird leaving. Again it happened quickly.

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More videos and other pictures are located at

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Comments for Baby Blue Jays First Flight

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New nest
by: Anonymous

I looked up, "what jays eat," and found this site today because I found a nest in a pine tree off my driveway.

There are a few babes in it. Mom and dad are busily feeding, and they visit my back deck for seeds daily.

They show up as SOON as I throw them out lol. Now that I know they are working to feed several mouths, I want to make it easier on them. SO, peanuts, and seeds. Any other suggestions?


Nuget and the Quaker and a cockatiel
by: Amanda cantrwll

My fiance owns a tree service and when he cut down a tree, put it in the hauling trailer and come home then we found baby blue jays.

They didn't really have there eyes open. I have been raising them since I couldn't find a rescue center.

At two weeks (nuget) since it wasn't no bigger than a chicken nuget) is perching on his own and working it's wings.

My Quaker and cockatiel have fallen in love and protect nuget but won't feed him. I took him outside to see what he does and he froze and my two birds was going nuts.

I took him back in and he came alive again. I am not sure if he can be released.

I couldn't let them die although two did despite my best efforts. Nuget is thriving and having a blast.

I guess now I have three birds since they love nuget and he likes them. I have videos and pics if anyone interested just find me on Facebook. Amanda Cantrell.

Nuget has even taking a liking to my homework and plays with my pencils.

My Flock of Jays
by: Pam

I saw four blue jays do the strangest thing in my back yard.

They were all lying in my flower bed with wings stretched out, looking almost like a flower arrangement. It appeared that they were sunbathing.

I asked my dad who, like me, is a bird fancier. He said that these guys were ridding themselves of parasites.

I just now looked up this phenomena and found that by lying in the flower bed they were grasping an ant and rubbing the ant through their feathers which triggered the ant to expel formic acid in the feathers.

Now with the formic acid expelled they were tastier. However, experiments with hand raised jays indicate that ants with this formic acid sac removed were gobbled up without being rubbed against the feathers.

It was further noted that formic acid did little to repel parasites. Jury's out is this a bath or lunch.

The jays dominate my back yard. If a flock of birds comes to visit my yard there is always a blue jay sentinel which appears to be herding the guest flock.

I have a lawn bench with a curved trellis above. That is the throne for the number 1 Jay.

I recently saw 3 jays chasing a cat away. Two other birds of another species joined them in the chase. WOW.

Baby Blue Jay we Rescued
by: Fatboy Babushka

My Mommy rescued a baby blue jay that fell out of his nest. She posted 9 videos on my youtube channel.

They are titled "Baby Blue Jay Rescue Part 1" ... then Part 2 - 9. You can see how we were able to reunite him with his parents.

I hope you enjoy watching. love, Fatboy Babushka".

by: Gene

We usually advise against placing eggs or young of one species into another species nest. Sometimes, all the young are abandoned.

Bluejays will eat eggs and young of other species.

I couldn't tell from your comment if the bird you found was also a Bluejay.

Saving baby jay bird from the cats
by: Carol

I am next too a wooded area with all different kinds of wildlife but the blue jays have always intrigued me.

This year a couple have built their nest right outside my front door. It has been so much fun watching and talking to them while they tend to their young.

I believe they actually are listening to me when I speak to them and they seem unafraid and allow me to watch all that is happening.

Yesterday a baby fell from another nest in my backyard some cats were trying to get it but I managed to save it before the cats got to it.

The mother (I assume) was swooping down after the cats but they were relentless.

So I took the baby into my house and went out my front door to that nest and placed it in with those babies it was right at dusk so I just prayed that it would be okay.

This AM I got up extra early and there have been more than the usual amount adults feeding. I'm wondering if the birds communicate and if the member's mother has found it. I certainly hope so.

Great video
by: Anonymous

We are waiting here in Mississauga, Ontario for our Blue Jays to return, so far nothing. They were almost wiped out about 5 years ago by the West Nile virus. They seem to be recovering.

by: Anonymous

We currently have a nest with 4 young in it, only 6 feet high in the crook of a grapefruit tree. I am visiting my Dad and leave tomorrow so won't be around to see them fledge. Thanks for sharing!

Blue Jays in California
by: Anonymous

I live in Northern California. We have Bluejays all year.

Great video
by: David

Here in Tennessee we are flooded with blue jays. That was wonderful to see this bird fly away. We have four feeders in our yard and three bird baths.

All the birds and squirrels get theirs too. We love watching and feeding them year round. Thanks for the video, it was great!

by: Shannon in the South

I wonder about your camera. Did you place it before or after the nest was built? Amazing flight, thank you.

Feeding Wild Birds
by: betty

We have been feeding these beautiful Blue Jays for the past couple of years and we sure admire the plumage!

Now I know that when they are taking many Peanuts in their mouths they do not swallow all of them as they have a pouch there where they can put them.

I have also seen them take a peanut and them go to the ground and hide that peanut under some leaves.

I usually do not put the peanuts out until I see or hear them calling. Sometimes if I put the peanuts out too soon the Magpies swoop in and grab them first.

We had a group of five nearly all summer now we are down to 2 or 3. If I have not got those peanuts out for them they sure can yell at me.

I do enjoy them all I just wonder how far south they have to go for the winter.

We also feed Siskins, and Chickadees. The Chickadees stay all winter. We live in Central Alberta so our winters can get pretty chilly.

Leaving the nest
by: Mamabird

I love love love your video! I was so excited I was cheering the little guy on.

I have always loved all animals so I don't mind feeding and watering the squirrels as well as the birds.

Blue Jays are a favorite so thank you so very much for posting this amazing peak into their nest

Baby Blue Jays First Flight
by: Cindy

That was so cool to watch! I think I was as excited for it as you must have been! And what a perfect viewing spot for you!!

I did not know that blue Jays could become so close to humans that they will actually nest around your house.

I was lucky enough to get some pictures of some Blue Jays when I went back east. We do not have them here in California, or on the West coast at all.

We have the Scrub Jays and other Bluebirds. Very different looking. The Blue Jay is a Gorgeously marked and colorful bird! And noisy, huh? lol

Thank you for the video, it was most enjoyable!

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