Watch As These Baby Robins Make a Bold Move First Flight

A Nest Cam was place beside an American Robin nest where we were able to record two of the three baby Robins leaving the nest, also called Fledging.

The Nest Site

The nesting shelf is attached to the south side of the house, just under the houses overhang next to the downspout.

robin building nest

In the photo below you'll see the finished nest. And, if you look to the right of the nesting shelf you'll see the Hawk-eye Bird Cam that we're using to capture the Robins nesting activities and stream them to the web

showing position of bird cam to nesting shelf

Here's a short video of nest building

Robins Leaving The Nest - Fledging

The Robins nest had hatched 3 young.

If you're interested in having your own bird cam take a look at the Hawk-eye Bird Cam that we're using. It's very affordable and easier than you think to install.

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nesting shelf for doves and robins
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