Offer Safe Nesting Materials To Attract More Birds

You'll find that the safe nesting materials that birds use to build their nest is as varied as the birds that use them. The information here is what types of things birds use in the wild to build their homes.

By providing things for birds to use when building their nest, you just may be rewarded with a pair that otherwise would have gone and built their home elsewhere.

Most common backyard birds choose dried grasses in their nest construction. When mowing lawns, allow the cut grass to lay on the ground for the birds to pick up and use in their nest.

If your lawn is treated with weed and feed chemicals, you should bag the clippings for disposal.

Leaving untreated grass clippings is good for the birds and your lawn. If you are concerned about unsightly grass laying on the lawn you may need to mow more often or lightly spread it in an area that's out of sight to your neighbors.

Still, the adage mow it tall and let it fall is the best advice for the birds and your lawn.

Birds generally line the inside of their nest with a soft lining of some sort. The best you can offer that will provide what they need is your pets fur.

When brushing or combing your pets coat try placing the fur on the tops of shrubs for birds to pick up and use in nest building.

Do Not use dryer lint, as it hardens after getting wet causing eggs to break and can hold water.

You Can Help The Birds In Your Yard
types of bird nest materials
By Offering Nesting Material.

Other nesting materials you might consider placing out for birds are: strips of yarn or cloth cut to about 6 inches, a pile of small sticks, or you may choose one of the commercially available packages.

One other thing you can provide in order to help the birds build their nest is to provide mud.

Many birds use mud in constructing their nest. You can provide this resource by placing a garbage can lid upside down and filling it with dirt and water.

Make sure you check on it from time to time during the nesting season making sure it doesn't dry out.

Offering materials that birds use to build nest is just one more way for you to attract more bird activity to your backyard.

One of the enjoyable aspects of backyard birdwatching is that it can be done year around.

This spring, try offering things for the birds to build their homes with. You might find more making their home in your yard.

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