Video of House Finches Feeding Their Young Chicks

House Finch Nest Cam, More Information Below Video

This is a recording from the finch cam which was of a pair of House Finches nesting in an artificial barn swallow nest.

This was their second clutch in the same nest. The 2011 season has ended. You can read about the season below.

About Finch Nest

This is the second nesting of this pair of House Finches. They've choosen to nest in an artificial Barn Swallow nest I purchased knowing that I didn't have the best habitat for attracting Barn-Swallows.

Of course I didn't let that stop me. I mounted the artifical nest under the eave of my house and decided to let nature do what ever it was going to do.

It wasn't long before I started seeing a pair of House Finches hanging around and soon the female was bringing nesting material to the site.

The nest bowl is only about an inch and a half deep. I wondered how that was going to work out. To my surprise they raised their first brood without any problems.

I had things going on so I didn't know how many were fledged from the nest. Now that they have a second brood on the way I decided to place what I'm calling a finch cam beside it.

I hope you enjoy watching from time to time.

Bird Nest Cam Information

The Camera I'm using is a Logitech Pro 9000 Webcam. About a $100.00 webcam and not built for outdoor use. Its worked well on other streams outside.

I have 4 active extension cables daisy chained to the cam to reach the nest site.

This is the maximum you can plug together, I got lucky as I needed all of them. The cables are 16 feet in length. Plus the 6 feet the webcam comes with.

I think it's worth it to watch these birds up close, I hope you feel the same.