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Doves Nesting in Hanging Plants

Bird Watchers share stories about doves nesting in their hanging plants.

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Rare video clip of an Albino CROW

American Crows, Corvus brachyrhynchos, frequently show problems with pigment deposition. Approximately 1% of nestlings that I band in New York show

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Every spring we have 2 mourning doves make a nest in our palm tree which is right next to our patio. I enjoy watching dad build the nest. Then mom snuggles

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Doves and More on Our Back Deck

I am a back porch or really deck bird feeder. I live in Richmond Heights California. I feed a variety of birds, squirrels and at night raccoons, a skunk

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Albino mourning dove has moved in!

I have been feeding and encouraging mourning doves into my yard for years! They are graceful and are lovely to watch. Then last week a beautiful albino

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Mourning Doves Nesting in Fairyland

I have a plant shelf unit on my back porch, in which I have placed my geode collection (I'm an Earth Science teacher), fairy figures, and a Dept 56 fairytale

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New Bluebird Pair

OK. We have a bird house purchased a few years ago. The other day I saw a female bird going into the house. I then saw her return twice until I then

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My cat has attacked a Wrens nest

Good morning, For the last couple of days I noticed a Wren had set up a nest in my blackberry branch that protrudes out from the side of my my shed. It

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