Young Robin in backyard

by Lisa Mellors
(Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

Fledgling Robin Waiting on Adults

Fledgling Robin Waiting on Adults

One morning I saw what I thought was a clump of leaves in my backyard but it turned out to be a baby robin.

At first, I thought the juvenile bird might be hurt so I quickly went inside to the internet to see what I should do.

This is when I learned that young birds will sometimes fledge before they are fully capable of flying and that the parents are usually aware of where it is and still caring for it.

baby robin on ground

Baby Robin on Ground Waiting to be Fed

The juvenile robin had moved to a different spot when I returned outside.

As I quietly continued with my flower planting some distance away I saw him hop about to new places while he flapped his wings and chirped.

I then noticed an adult robin on the wire above my yard with worms in its mouth.

Another adult was in the tree and seemed to be talking to the little one.

These were the parents, and sure enough, they were still taking care of the little guy.

After a few minutes, one of the adults flew down into the yard a few feet away from the baby, and it hopped toward it.

The adult flew off suddenly and the baby hopped and flapped its wings as it tried to follow.

The adult almost seemed to be leading it.

The baby robin kept going until it was behind my garage and then hid in some tree branch debris.

I felt confident it was not in danger and went about my yard chores.

When I peeked again at dusk, the little one was on top of a pile of dried leaves, with its eyes closed (that quickly opened when it heard me!)

The next day I looked for him but he was gone.

I didn't think any more about it until I went back to cutting up more of the tree branches I'd recently taken down.

When I moved a certain branch out came the baby robin, flapping and hopping towards the back of the garage.

I was happy to see he was still okay and after a few minutes went to see where he'd ended up.

He was back on top of the pile of dried leaves and an adult robin was on the roof just above me chirping assertively at me.

I came back after a few minutes to take a photo of the baby robin I've now named "Peep".

I am sure he won't use it, but I left him a bowl of water too :)

I hope you enjoy the photos I have been able to take so far.

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Young Robin in backyard
by: Mom & Frank

Very interesting Website!

We learned something new about young birds and will follow the website to keep updated on the progress of "Peep"

Great pictures

Fortunate Baby Robin
by: Bills your Uncle

Neat! Nice pics, plus good observations and decisions Lisa.....I'll be checking back

Just in Time!
by: Louise

This story was just what I was looking for.

Sometime in late April, I discovered that robins were building a sturdy nest right outside my back porch window, only inches from the glass.

The nest was inside the leaves and twigs of a climbing white hydrangea which has been growing for almost twenty years and just got a sturdy new trellis hand made of cedar early this year.

Just before Mother's Day, peeping through the window disclosed that there were four tiny eggs deep inside the nest.

And on Mother's day, there were four upturned opened beaks attached to little balls of fluff.

Since then the parent birds have been tireless in bringing worms to the nest, slipping quietly into the foliage.

The birds have been growing visibly larger every single day, and today, almost two weeks later, the fledgelings, who are so big now they hardly fit without sitting on one another, started edging out of the nest into the leaves nearby.

I was glad to hear that they kind of fall out of the nest onto the ground.

I will be looking for this next act and hoping they land okay in my garden and learn to fly soon after.

Thank you
by: Pamela Thomas

I had a similar experience this morning as I seem to have a young robin in my backyard.

He has water in the dogs bowl and a couple of places he prefers to hang out.

I too noticed a parent bird close by after the little one got spooked and accidentally flew into one of my dogs.

The dog did not bother him but the youngster scuttled off somewhere else before I saw where.

I expect I will see him again however. He has been here at least a couple of days between my patio and the astilbe plant.

Thank you for your information I know he isn’t hurt and will fully fledge!

Little lone robin
by: Dianne

We have a little one about that same size. My only concern is we have cats.

Right now he is safe in the horse barn.

I cut up some apple for him and gave him a little water. The other day he was in the bird bath.

We clapped our hands to get him to fly into a tree. He flies sorta ok. I will continue to watch over him.

I just worry about our cats.

by: Gene

Hi Dianne, since it flies sorta, is an indication it should be out of the nest.

The adults, mainly the male, continue feeding and teaching their young after they leave the nest.

Cats can be a problem, try to get the bird as close to where you found it so the adults can find and train the fledgling.

Don't force water as they drown easily.

Just do the best you can and hope for the best.

For a whole lot more about these birds check out our species account here: American Robin

So helpful
by: Amy

I had a very similar experience. I just went out to water my flowers and there is a baby robin in my wheelbarrow.

I just left him there to see what he does and went on my way.

A few minutes later my German Shepherd found another one in the yard.

The mom swooped down at my dog. I quickly got my dog away and we came inside to look in the internet what to do and I saw your post. Thanks.

I guess no outside for our kitties for awhile.

Permission ?
by: Anonymous

I have a post I would like to add on Facebook, I would like to include image, or two.

The little robin looking up standing in the grass, and maybe the one also looking up beside a corner spot.

Enjoyed your piece, thank you for sharing your experience and your pictures.

~ angela

Fortress Art & Spiritual Mentoring

regarding photos
by: Gene

Please link all material to this webpage and you'll be fine. Thank you.

Just concerned!
by: Anonymous

I have a YOUNG but fully colored robin in my back yard.

He/she just hangs around on the ground mostly but I know she can fly because I've seen her.

Every morning she's there and every evening she's there. It's been cold at night, like 30 degrees F.

I know they can take that temperature but why would she just be hanging around in this little area of my back yard?

by: Gene

A lot of fledglings land on the ground. The adults care for them for up to 2 weeks.

They'll be the ones to encourage the young one to move on.

by: Anonymous

I have a fledgling in my garage, sitting on wires. Yesterday mom and dad were yelling for it to fly but it's refusing. He's still here this morning. Leave him alone?

Fledgling in Garage
by: Gene

Yes, leave it alone. The bird will get hungry and follow the parents out.

There is a baby robin in my window well.
by: Anonymous

We have seen baby robins in the patio area, with parents coming by to feed them.

But today there is one in the window well.

He goes from squeaking to squawking, I assume there are parents nearby, but have not seen them.

I hope the little guy is getting enough water, but I am very careful not to scare him.

I hope he can get out of the window well when it is time.

A few years ago there was a baby robin sitting on my daughter's bike, and I took a picture of it, but it got startled and flew away.

There were 2 birds flying around with worms in their mouths squawking and looking for him.

I assume they found him, but I try to be very very very careful when I have them back there.

Just wondering if anyone else has had them in the window well.

Kittens and baby robin
by: Jackie

Ugh but my 1 year old kitten just brought me another baby.

Last one could fly so I took it to the garden and the parents found it and it flew off.

This one is too young, I can't reach the nest and the kitten will just climb up there and get it again.

Now what? Late for work and crying.

Maybe a flower pot up as high as I can reach with it in it?

Momma bird sitting on baby on wire to get it to fly
by: Donna

We witnessed a mother continually hovering over, then sitting on the baby on the wire, apparently trying to get it to fly.

After 5 or 6 times, it finally flew to a nearby tree, with the mother following.
Has anyone else ever seen this?

Google brought me
by: Rhubarb

Thanks for this post! I've been just watching a cute chubby little robin in my yard, who is being fed and watched over by an adult robin and I googled it because I wanted to make sure it was all OK.

I did go out and remove some nearby plastic netting that I thought could be a problem, and the little guy just watched me calmly as I walked past.

This is a real treat, many thanks for posting about it.

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