Wrens Nesting In Mailbox

by Libby Levin
(Norfolk, VA)

Mailbox Carolina Wrens

Upon opening my mailbox one morning, I noticed a lot of leaves and pine straw and thought it had been blown in from a bad storm the night before.

I removed it and low and behold, more appeared the next day. I realized that this was not debris from the wind so I left it in the mailbox.

mailbox with Carolina wren nest inside

The next morning there was a cute Carolina Wren with a mouthful of leaves, etc. waiting on the deck rail and inside the mailbox was another who was already arranging the furniture!

I quickly decided that I had to take immediate precautions to protect the nesting event, and that would be to prevent mail from being put in the box.

I made signs on the computer to alert the postman and also put up a temporary "alternate" mailbox on the other side of the door and marked it "mailbox."

So far, with a few exceptions, the mail personnel have been compliant.

I have not seen any eggs yet, but I am hoping that this will take place.

I have a feeder not far from this area which is always very active with various species of birds and many Carolina Wrens, as well.

Have never seen them before this Spring.

It is interesting that this wren likes to sweep out the seeds at the feeder more than eat them there, and then they and all their friends have a party on the ground to eat them.

The negative side is that it empties the feeder much too quickly, so I think I will put up a sign for them to be more conservative!!!

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by: rgodfrey

they're back for yr three!

Wrens in my mint
by: Keri Ott

I have flower boxes on my deck and one is filled with mint.

I've seen birds flying in and out of my plants and then I noticed inside my mint box some leaves, so I started pulling them out.

It's very interesting that they are building their best so close to my sliding glass door.

I would think they would build it in the trees where people couldn't see but low and behold I'm watching the whole process.

They almost have a whole nest built it's getting thicker by the minute.

wren makes a nest in the pocket of jeans on the clothes line
by: Anonymous

Years ago I hung my husband's jeans on the clothesline.

When I went out that evening to gather the jeans, a wren had built a nest in the back pocket. I left them on the line.

Bird Battles Mailman For Control of Mailbox..lol
by: Barb in Charlotte

Over several days, I kept hearing a "clink" sound 3 or 4 times a day, that was coming from the attached mailbox on my front porch.

At first, I thought it was the mail delivery since when I got around to going outside the mail would have been delivered.

When I stopped one day at the repeated sound to really THINK, I realized our mailman is usually chatting on the phone when he comes.

The intermittent series of tiny "clink" sounds I'd been hearing had been isolated sounds with no background noise.

I had noticed "debris" in the bottom of the box but assumed it was wind delivered and didn't have trouble with clearing it out.

Then it began to look like a nest, but I saw nothing in it yesterday when I looked closer. But today....

I looked in and realized there was now a tiny speckled salmon-colored egg in what was really a bird's nest in the box.

It's June now, --seems like that's late for nesting!

But I duly put up a note telling the mailman to please drop my mail in the flower pot underneath the box--and I'm sure he will...lol.

I did notice there were a few ants crawling over the egg...is that a bad sign? The egg is new I THINK...like I said, I didn't see it yesterday when I looked in...but I might have missed it. It's not cracked that I can see.

I hope the ants will just be convenient food for the bird...lol

I'm hoping for a late June birth :).
Alas, tho, an only child so far.

Wrens nesting in mailbox
by: Cindy

That's really CUTE!! Enjoy watching the family grow!!

I bet the delivery servicemen are quite willing to set your mail somewhere else nearby.

Here in the High Desert in So. Calif., I have the Cactus Wrens, the Rock wrens, and the Canyon wrens!

I love taking pictures of them. Out of the three, the Cactus Wren is the most friendly and always seems to find the most unusual nesting sites!

too cute
by: Rayna

Thanks for guarding their home! cant wait to see pics of the eggs and babies!

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