Wren Rescue Story

by Joanne - Nashville, TN

Momma Wren feeding Chick

Momma Wren feeding Chick

This spring my wren built it's nest in a "cheapy" wooden bird house that I had placed above my light fixture on my back porch. I noticed the activity there when I returned from a trip.

The activity meant the eggs had hatched and one morning I opened my door & saw a "tiny, tiny" chick laying on my deck.

It was moving so I picked it up with a paper towel, so as not to touch it and attempted to "put it back into the nest", but the hole was too small & I was worried I would hurt it.

So I was going to try to "build a makeshift nest" to place below the box and then remembered that a wren had built a nest in one of my flower pots on the front porch the year before.

The nest was still intact in the pot, so I very gently placed the "little birdie" securely into the nest, went online to see what I could feed it & began feeding tiny tiny pieces of grape and red meat with a pair of tweezers.

The chickie barely had feathers at that time but responded to food.

I placed that flower pot on a table just below the nest which was up high on the light fixture, & sat for one entire day watching to see if the Mom & Dad would feed it's young that fell out of the nest.

By the second morning, the parents began to feed it, I continued for a couple days to feed it also since I felt it's growth had been stunted.

The "great NEWS" of this story is that the parents then continued feeding and the "Rescued" Wren came out of the "transplanted nest" one day later than the "two" little ones that survived in the nest.

They allowed me to get "very close" to take pictures which are attached. I will attempt to send one more picture of my "Rescued Baby". I was very thrilled.

Wren Rescue Story Continued

Wren Feeding Young

Momma Feeding Rescued Baby

This is my "Rescued" Baby being fed by Momma. I even placed a box & branches below the nest when I saw the Momma was trying to encourage the baby from the nest. I did not want it to "fall" on my deck.

What a wonderful story!

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so many bird eggs
by: Gene

Ann, restrain yourself. The male and female feed their young. 5 or 6 is normal. Enjoy watching your birds and thank you for caring.

by: Ann

Thank you for your kindness Joanne!

I have a wrens nest above my back door. There are 5 babies in there and I am worried 'Mama' isn't going to be able to feed and care for all of them! I am trying to restrain myself from getting involved.

wren caretaker
by: R King

Loved your story----how we are blessed by watching and taking care of Gods' creatures. I've had the chance to hold 3 birds (dove--cardinal--chickadee)in the past few years, and wouldn't take anything for the experience.

Wren Story Continues
by: Joanne

Thank you, Rita for your kind comments. This spring I put up a new wren house at the other corner of my deck and the mom & dad shortly became busy rebuilding that nest and presently are furiously feeding new "young ones".

Hopefully, this nest will accommodate all without mishap. I bought meal worms to attract bluebirds but the bluebirds moved somewhere else, so I have been putting the mealworms out for the wrens and they are feeding voraciously.

Wren Rescue Story
by: Rita

I was touched deeply of your care for the baby bird. How fortunate for the little fellow to have you near and how lucky to have a "ready made" temporary home for it. I glad you took the time for one of God's creature.

My Mom is the Best
by: Amy

Well written Mom. I know first hand how much you love the birds and most all animals. Those wrens knew you loved & cared for them and I'm sure you will see them around your home again. Great story! I Love You!

by: Anonymous

You are a great storyteller. You make me SMILE! Thanks fellow bird watcher. Love you!

Lucky Wren
by: Anonymous

What a wonderful story! You are so sweet to take the time and effort to help the baby wren. A true bird lover!!

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