Wren Nesting in Door Wreath

by Janice Tyler
(Polk City, Florida)

Nest inside door wreath

Nest inside door wreath

Wrens Nesting in Door Wreath

For several years now there have been Carolina Wrens attempting to build a nest in the wreath on my front door.

This year they must have decided that it was in a perfect location because once they finished the nest within a day she had laid 5 eggs!

2 baby carolina wrens in nest built on a door wreath

Baby Carolina Wrens in Door Wreath Nest

She faithfully sat on the nest for the next two weeks and finally produced three little ones!

They don't seem to be too bothered by the dogs and cats coming in and out of the door to go for their walks.

Sometimes the little wrens squawk at them but don't get aggressive.

My pets just ignore them, since they know better than to bother them. (However, if I were not around I am sure that the cat would not be so nice about it!)

Once the babies were born, both parents have been working many, many hours a day to keep the brood fed with various types of insects.

They are constantly making trips to the nest and then back to the bushes and trees for more food!

While I think that the wrens are a little crazy thinking that my busy front door is a good nesting place, we are certainly enjoying their company and seeing the progress that the little family makes.

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wreath nest
by: Gene

Yes, do what you need to. Others may choose your new wreath.

Dead baby
by: Shirley

The nest had 3 eggs. Ever time we were near the door, she would fly away .

I checked today as she hasn’t been there since yesterday.

I checked and there was only 1 egg and 1 dead baby. Is it okay to change wreaths.

Easter Sunday
by: ERholetter

I've never seen such, these two Carolina wrens have worked hard for about 10 days building this nest in a Spring Flower Arrangement on my front door.

I even set a bird house out there and hoped they would rather use it, for there quickly flying out at me when door opens( I'm gonna have a heart attack) but to no avail Easter Sunday 4 eggs are in the nest on my door.

More pictures and thoughts as this progresses.
So much in awe here in Seneca, SC

2 nests in one wreath are they the same moms wreath
by: Anonymous

I have a wreath on my back door.

I noticed a small nest at the bottom and then later on another nest at the top of the wreath. That wreath had 5 eggs.

The next day the bottom one had one egg and now it's up to 3.

Is it possible that the the nests are for the same bird. Or two different birds.

I've only seen a bird sitting on the bottom nest. Any thoughts?

Wrens nest in front door wreath
by: Anonymous

So they aren’t afraid of people using the front door?

I have a nest with 3 eggs and I haven't seen mama in a few days! Did I scare her off?

I've opened the door maybe 5 times in 2 weeks

Wrens in my front door wreath
by: Terri N.

This is a first for my wreath with a Wren. She is so very small and laid 6 light blue eggs.

She made her nest right behind the silk sun flowers and their leaves and it is in a perfect spot, hidden yet I can still get a peak.

This is so amazing!

Last year had Robins in my wreath. I make a new one each year so it is clean from any kind of bugs to hurt them....just love the idea of having them.

glad I'm not the only one
by: meldoy

I too have a Wren nest on my front door wreath. Sometimes when we go in and out she flies over to the Oleander bush and scolds us.

I would think she would have found a more private nest. I don't know what I'm going to do when its time to change out my wreath.

Wreath Wrens
by: Anie In Florida

I thought I had the most unusual place since the little wrens built a nest on top of my front door wreath also.

They attempted it three times and thought they had changed their minds until there it was again.

I took it down to peak inside and there they were, little white eggs with brown spots and then again today found out that they hatched.

I can't tell how many but looks to be two or three babies.

Thanks for sharing Anie

Wreath Wrens
by: Anonymous

I just discovered the first of this week a little House Wren had made a nest on the top side of my door wreath.

It's actually hanging between two windows beside the front door.

Every time I open the blinds or go in or out the door, she flies to the tree just opposite the windows and watches (along with the male) until all is peaceful again.

Then she comes back to the nest. They are very protective of the nest.

Last year, I had a wren build a nest in a hanging basket. It was exciting to watch the little birds mature and eventually fly away.

I'm looking forward to this little family's new arrivals.

by: Marian

Your story is precious and the photos adorable! Thank you for sharing!

I love wrens, and am impatiently waiting for their arrival here in Vermont!

by: Marianne

What a wonderful little story about the very entertaining Wrens.

They are real little characters and you have the perfect place to watch the show. Thanks for sharing your story and your great pictures.

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