Wren Nesting In Birdfeeder

by Cynthia Lantz
(Decorah, IA )

Wren Nest In The Birdfeeder

Wren Nest In The Birdfeeder

Earlier this spring I found a few twigs in my birdfeeder just off the deck.

I cleared them out without thinking about it but later realized it must have been the beginnings of a wren nest.

I didn't want them nesting there in my main feeder, and I have other houses up for them, so I kept the feeder full.

The wren was still singing and I saw him going into the wren house nearby, so I thought he was happy with his new situation.

While I was away for several days on business travel, the wren filled the birdfeeder with sticks when the person I had hired to fill it didn't do so.

I didn't want to destroy the nest so I left the sticks and occasionally lifted the feeder lid to check on it.

Eventually, the wren began adding a softer lining and I knew the eggs would be coming.

But instead, a raccoon visited the feeder, lifted the lid, and tore apart the nest.

The wren was back the next day, perching nearby and singing his little heart out.

He went back and forth from the feeder to the other wren house, and for some time there was no sign of rebuilding the nest.

I fastened a bungee strap around the feeder to keep the raccoon from being able to lift the lid and waited.

Finally, after 3 weeks, the wren began adding softer grasses to line the nest and shape it for the eggs.

Today there are 2 eggs in the nest!

I'm hoping the raccoon will be kept out of the feeder and nest, and that I can watch the wren family as they grow.

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Twigs in bird feeder
by: Terry

Found twigs in the bird feeder and did not have the heart to get rid of it.

Cannot put in seeds for the other birds so I put dishes out for them. The squirrels and chipmunks and ravens come to eat the seeds.

I hope they have their eggs so that later I can use the bird feeder again.

Their eggs will be safe there as it has a roof and they are protected and no squirrels, etc. can go there.

Nature is really strange.

Mystery solved!
by: Kate in MN

Thank you for your story! I just discovered my main feeder was filled with sticks and was puzzled.

Makes sense now! Little darlings made a house with a window!

by: Dale Olesen

We have the same thing happening. My wife went to fill our main feeder and found it filled with sticks.

We have ducks and chickens and I've been watching the wrens line their new home with feathers.

No eggs yet but were waiting.

Good idea on the bungee on the lid
by: Bonnie

Good idea on using the bungee cord to fasten the lid down.

I'm sure raccoons would enjoy a dinner of wren eggs and/or wren babies!

Please keep us all posted on how they're doing.

Wren nest
by: Susan Yarrington

This is going to be interesting to watch I think! I hope the wren can protect her little household and raise her family.

adding to the story
by: Cynthia Lantz

Adding to my original story...one day a cardinal landed on the feeder looking for his usual breakfast, and the wren just flew at him and drove him away.

The wren was very aggressive, chattering and dive-bombing the cardinal.

The cardinal flew to the nearby deck and sat there for a few minutes with the most confused look on his face! I had to laugh.

I put some seeds out in a dish on the deck so the birds could still eat without disturbing the wren in the feeder.

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