Wren In Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter

by Jody
(St Rober Missouri)

Mom and Dad Wren at feeding time

Mom and Dad Wren at feeding time

Carolina Wren Nest in Topsy Turvy

One day my husband went to water his tomato plant that was hanging off our front porch.

He was greatly surprised when a very angry wren flew out at him.

We watched and next thing you know we had five eggs and no way to water our plant.

They have hatched now and hopefully, our tomato plant can hold on until they leave the nest.

I doubt the designer of the Topsy Turvy ever thought the wren birds would find it a perfect protective bird house.


Bird nest in topsy planter too
by: Ida

6/18/22 So glad to see post. Did your plant die since you didn’t water?
Birds in topsy turvey

by: Anonymous

Are the tomatoes going to be affected by birds nesting on top

More Eastern Bluebirds
by: Diane Cameron

Another nest of Eastern Bluebirds in the topsy turvy. Last year, we were getting ready to go on vacation and I was worried about what would become of the baby birds.

I was going to put a small fence around the planter so the dogs wouldn't get to any fallen birds, but one day they were all gone, just like that.

I was so saddened in not knowing what happened. Did they get attacked by a predator or did they simply fly away.

In the middle of winter, I spotted one eating a dogwood tree berry outside of my bedroom window, so I knew they stayed in the area.

I'm so glad to have them back again, 5 eggs this time in the Topsy Turvey.

by: Anonymous

I just purchased the stand and the Topsy Turvy and I found a new nest inside.

I took the nest out yesterday and today.

I just put down the screen inside the planter to prevent them. I will check tomorrow and let you know what happens.

Topsy Turvy Bluebirds
by: Diane Cameron

I didn't use my Topsy Turvy this year but it is still sitting on the pool deck.

Oregano from last year has grown back a little on the top and one of the side holes.

I've noticed a lot of bird activity going on around the thing this year and was totally surprised to look in one of the holes to find 4 small blue eggs of an Eastern Bluebird.

The parents hollowed out all the dirt and made a neat little secluded nest that faces away from would be predators and allows us to watch from our porch.

2 eggs hatched today, 2 more left.

I'm excited and worried about what will happen next.

Topsey Turvey solution
by: Pat

I too have a topsy turvy tomato planter and my wrens also want to build their nest inside.

I found an old screen and cut it the exact size (about 10") of the top of the topsy turvy and placed it over the hole.

Problem solved. Add a few small round stones over the screen to hold it down.

The water filters through the screen and stones. You can probably get an old screen from your local hardware store for fee.

Help! Wrens in my Topsy Turvy Planter
by: Becky

Hello, I also have wrens building a nest in my topsy turvy planter.

They've been hard at work all day, should I kick them out before too much time passes?

I hate to do it, but I don't want all my tomatoes to die either.

It can't be good for baby birds to live in a wet place.

So cute
by: Anonymous

So cute, okay, I'm going to tell my manager about this. I work at those 'tv store'

Babies are gone now
by: jody

My babies hatched and have flown the coop.

We did have to help the last one out. He could not seem to figure out how to get out of the hole in the top like the rest of them.

WeE did lose our tomato plant since we were afraid to water it after they hatched.

We have decided to cover the top with a screen next time.

Same Issue
by: Sam

My Topsy Turvy was also taken over by a Wren bird.

I have continued to water it while the eggs were in the nest being sure to spray on the opposite side of the nest.

Now that the eggs have hatch (according to my niece, as I am afraid of all things bird related) I don't know what to do.

I just watered it yesterday with help and water down the sides away from the nest.

I'm most worried about being attacked. Any suggestions?

How long must I wait for the babies to leave, so I can take out the nest before they begin again.

Will definitely put a screen over the hole if I ever get this family out...LOL

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I would like to knw what to do!
by: Lyn Malone

I have a topsy turvy tomato plant growing great.....however, there is a wren's nest in there now. I don't know if I should continue watering the plant....or just let it go. (Before I realized there was a nest, I used miracle grow in the water too) Last year, my tomatoes were eaten by tomato worms.....now this! I swear....I am not meant to have home grown tomatoes!

We have the same issue
by: Stacy

Our Topsy Turvy has been taken over by a wren as well. The only problem is that the babies have died.

I wonder if it wasn't just too hot in there for them. We haven't been able to get in there to get the nest out since the wren is still protecting them.

My heart aches for them. Some people have said that the tomatoes will be safe to eat but I'm not going to take any chances. Anyone have any thoughts?

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