Forsythia Wreath Robin

by Kim
(Delaware, Ohio, US)

Momma Betty

Momma Betty

This spring has been interesting for my house and robins.

It started with a certain robin (maybe more) consistently diving and hitting the glass in my backdoor.

They did this for a week and a half every morning and sometimes in the evening. I took video, it was so bizarre.

My back door has a magnolia tree film that covers the glass and mimics stained glass...must look like an actual magnolia tree to robins.

We thought this was strange, but who knew a robin would then take up residence in the forsythia wreath that hangs on the storm door on my front porch a few days later?

Three days after hanging the wreath, I noticed the top portion drooping. Upon inspection, I found a robin’s nest sitting on top of it.

The next morning as I came down my stairs, I saw the Momma (my son calls her Betty) through the half-moon window at the top of my front door and that's when I took these pictures.

She was sitting in the nest and has been there every morning since.

No eggs yet, but we're anxiously watching for them and to see this natural process unfold on my forsythia wreath!

Luckily, most visitors enter the house through my garage.

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great view & well camoflaged nest
by: Loretta

Great story and photos! I just found a nest in an Albertina spruce outside of my window but was not as fortunate as you are to have such a delightful close up view of the nesting mother!

Though I'm not complaining -- I'm thrilled to even have them outside of my window! It's amazing how camouflaged the nest is and how well it blends in with your gorgeous door wreath.

With the grasses draping so beautifully over and between the forsythia, I'd say that your robins are natural-born landscape artists... or professional florists.

Being an artist, I have to wonder if they don't step back (or fly back) just as we do, to see if all of the colors and textures of their creation is blending properly.

Robin bldg nest on busy deck
by: Mary Domenco

May 29th a robin started building her nest under the roof of our covered deck, our back door opens onto this deck so I'm concerned -we use the back door all the time.

She tolerated my husband, me and my dog this afternoon while we were outside and she was in the nest. But most times she takes off quickly when I open the door.

I tried to drive her away at first when she started to build the nest but she was persistent and it was raining for 2 days so I let her stay.

I just hope she doesn't abandon her nest later on due to the lack of privacy.

I'm trying not to bother her too much. I see from other comments on this website that it takes about 2 weeks for the eggs to hatch. We are enjoying watching her & look forward to seeing the little ones.

Looking Forward to More of the Story
by: Ginger

Please keep us posted. What an interesting story. Amazing where the birds decide to nest. I'll be looking forward to seeing Betty's babies....

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Front Door Wreath Robin Nest

by Susie
(Farmington, UT)

Robin Nest On Door Wreath

Robin Nest On Door Wreath

Two weeks ago my husband opened our front door to go out and said, "Was that always on this wreath?" while pointing to a bird's nest on top of our door wreath.

The wreath does have quite a 'natural' look to it, but no, it had never had an actual nest on top.

Later that day, we went out the side of the house to take a look from afar, and a Robin was there in the nest packing mud.

My 5 year old showed all her friends that day, and for a while we really tried to use other doors so as not to disturb the birds.

I hadn't seen much of the birds since then and thought they had given up on the nest.

We've had some cooler weather and have not been as diligent about not using the front door.

However, yesterday and today I've seen and heard the Robins quite a lot.

The mother has been sitting in the nest most of both days, with the male usually nearby. And they are often making lots of noise.

Once when someone approached the door and the birds were gone I pulled a chair over and took a peek - 2 beautiful eggs!

Just a few months ago we cut down two ornamental cherry trees that were right in front of the garage and getting too large for the space.

We had seen a bird's nest and even the babies every Spring in one of those trees every year we've lived here.

Could these Robins be the same ones, but because the trees were gone, found the next best place?

We have five ornamental pear trees, a few quakies, and a very large birch in our front yard. So why would they choose the front door?

I don't want to upset their nest or put them in danger. But I'm afraid we may have too many visitors to the front door as the weather gets nicer and I'm due to have a baby in two weeks!

Should I put caution tape around and a sign pointing to another entrance?

Will the birds really abandon the eggs if we use the front door too much? Any suggestions about what to do next would be appreciated.

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Robin’s nest beside our front door
by: Anonymous

Robins nested beside our front door. Just three days ago I noticed a nest had been built in my wreath. And each day she has laid one egg.

The problem is this door is used 25 times a day and every time we walk out that door she flutters and flies away.

I'm afraid this will not give time to sit on the eggs to hatch them. Also every time you open the front door it's almost a flogging as she flies off.

If I move the wreath a few feet away from the door will this be acceptable?

Front door light robin nest
by: Kerri

We've just discovered 2 Robbins are making a nest on our front porch light, as I am thrilled my husband is concerned.

Will all the activity at our front door discourage them and will they eventually leave their eggs?

Will they swoop at us when the babies arrive? And where does the poop fall?

I'm thrilled and feel so grateful they chose us but what's concerning to me is when the babies are born what if they fall out of the nest and on to our front step which is concrete.

We have a welcome mat but its still worrisome to me. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Robins Next in Wreath on Front Door

I too have a robins nest embedded atop the wreath at my front door.

I will leave it alone but do have concerns about how it is all going to pan out as this door is used daily.

Not too much but we will have visitors tomorrow.

Wreath Nest in CT
by: Susan

Two weeks ago I noticed a Bird's Nest in door wreath, so carefully placed it looked like it came with it.

I did touch it because, naively it never occurred to me that a bird had built it in the one day I was at work.

The first day saw nothing so I thought the Mom had abandoned it because she smelled my scent from the day before. But, the second day there were two Robin's eggs. And the third day, Four!

How do I know this? I can watch from the inside through the peep hole in the door.

I quickly put up a sign so no one would use the door and I leave through the garage.

Today the babies were born while I was at work and Mama is taking care of them.

They are named after my Mama and her siblings- Filomena, Pasquale, Luigi, and Marianina. They are Italian birds, but eat worms, not spaghetti.

Although thrilled with this good luck of a bird at my door, I think I will move it when they are done. But, not too far away.

After all we are now family.

Amazing process to watch!
by: Anonymous

Walked out today to find what I think is a robins nest. They are still in the building process.

What a sight to behold! My four year old Granddaughter is amazed!

They are nesting on her deceased Granny's wind chimes, building down into it like a bowl.

Can't wait till the babies arrive!

this is not a robins nest. What is it. Is on our front door.
by: Anonymous

Was 4 eggs, now 4 little birds. Mom and Dad look like small sparrows, finch's, or some other wild bird.

I have been looking at eggs birds and nests trying to ID them and there are so many types of bird that I can not find them.

The eggs were less than 1 inch long and were white with Small streaks or speckles on one end.

House Finch - wild-bird-watching

by: Rosie

Cara, don't be sad! Most likely, the nest was torn up by the Robins themselves, trying to kick the kids out of the nest. When the time comes, EVERYONE goes- no exceptions.

Our new family
by: Rosie

We too, had a Robin nest- but on the front porch light. The porch has a roof and it seemed as though the shelter was the intention.

It's as though the birds had studied our habits, because we set there frequently, day and night.
How entertaining it was!

The Robins would swoop into the nest most of the time without us even knowing it, and leave almost as quiet. The same when the 4 little ones arrived.

When they left the nest, we had to remove it so the birds couldn't return. I was afraid the nest might become a fire hazard on top of the porch light.

If you can handle the inconvenience, I'd suggest enjoying at least ONE Robin experience.

These birds are extremely smart and don't need our help- just our patience! Good luck.

We had the same thing...but a sad ending
by: Cara

We also had a beautiful nest built by a robin when we were away over spring break.

I really thought the robin would leave when she realized how much we use that door (with 3 kids and a dog) but she seemed to understand that we would be in and out quickly.

She would simply fly away to a nearby tree and come back after a few minutes.

We had 4 eggs that hatched 4 adorable little robins. They were doing great and had even opened their eyes to peek at us as we entered and left our house.

We were so sad today when we left our house and found the nest destroyed and all the baby birds gone.

There had been an obvious struggle because only a few little feathers were left. It was a difficult lesson in how cruel nature can be.

Does anyone have any idea what could have done this? I'm thinking another bird because I don't think anything could climb our front door. : (

from wild-bird-watching: Guesses would be, crows, grackles cooper's/sharp-shinned hawk. These birds are common where Robins nest.

Robin nest in our front door wreath.
by: Belinda

We live in South Ogden and the same thing just happened to us. There were 5 Robin eggs and they hatched today.

I'm wondering if we should use caution tape. What did you end up doing? I'm worried about visitors disturbing them.

My husband even wanted to buy worms & leave them on our doorstep to make feeding easier.

It's pretty cute that a Robin felt our home was safe enough to make their home. We're open for any suggestions on how to keep the birds feeling safe.

from wild-bird-watching: caution tape or a sign is a good idea. If you offer any food, place it a good distance from the nest as it can attract predators.

How delightful
by: Geoffrey Campbell

Such a beautiful story, my heart was touched by your kindness and the unusual placement of their nest. I would very much like to see an update in the future. Thank you for sharing.

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Robin's Nest on my Birdhouse Wreath

by Sue

I thought some robins were building a nest nearby as I saw a lot of activity recently.

I didn't see a nest but thought they had built it in a tree nearby.

Not so- they built it on top of a wreath that I had on my porch! (see the picture). There are 4 eggs that I think are about 4 days old.

robin nest on door wreath

What is really funny is that they built on my birdhouse wreath! Too funny!

This is not exactly a peaceful spot, with two dogs and three grandchildren who visit on the weekends, but so far they are ok with the location they chose for their new family!

I can't wait to see the new birds and will put out fruit for them to enjoy!

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Robin's nest
by: LeAnn

Can someone think of a nicely worded sign I can put by the front steps to get people to use our garage door and not the front door where a robin has laid 4 eggs in our wreath?

It is at eye level just to the left of the door! I can't believe we never saw her build it! I am trying to think of something cute but I am not too creative! LeAnn

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Front Door Wreath Nesting Robin

by Kristen
(State College, PA USA)

Front door wreath nesting Robin

Front door wreath nesting Robin

One nice Spring day in late March I was coming in the house through our front door and a bird darted out at me from behind the wreath.

Initially I didn't consider she might be building a nest because it's a wreath on a door.

The weather got iffy again because that's how Pennsylvania is... Sunny and warm one day and the next cold and freezing rain, then warm again.

During those days I entered our home from the garage.

The next nice day I came through the front again and the bird flew out from the wreath again.

This time I inspected the wreath and there was a full nest, as described on this site.

I wasn't sure what to do. Initially there were no eggs in it.

Now we have 2 sweet little eggs in our nest and are using our garage entrance until nesting season is over.

After that, I'm knocking the nest out so I can keep my wreath for future seasons.

Does anyone know if these offspring survive will they look to nest where they were born?

from wild-bird-watching: The young won't use the nest but the adults may return and will rebuild if they do.

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Wreath Over Door

by Jane Litavish

Robin Nest on Grapevine Wreath

Robin Nest on Grapevine Wreath

If you look at the picture closely you will see the nest on the very top of the wreath.

This pair is on its second brood that we know of.

The mother is used to us going in and out of the door.

She rarely even leaves but on occasion, she will fly to the telephone wire and let us know her displeasure.

The little ones are now growing their feathers.

There were four but one fell out or was pushed out. That was not a happy day as the mother and father screeched for a long time.

I was surprised to see the nest initially as it looks like a crown on top of the wreath I made.

I posted a picture to Facebook and said the Robins thought my wreath needed an additional ornament so they gave it a crown.

Every year the Robins try to build on the front of our house and this year they succeeded to nest twice.

We never saw the little ones from the first time she hides them in the woods below our house.

The three in there now should leave soon and I will be able to enjoy my morning coffee outside again.

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