Hanging Plant Robin Nest

by Melinda
(Conway, AR)

Robins Nesting in my Hanging Plant

This is the 4th nest laid by Robin's in my hanging plant. The first nest built was done so during a very stormy season.

The wind blew the plant so hard the nest became loose and the eggs fell out.

robins hatched out one egg left

Three Hatched 1 to Go

Two other nests followed, but the birds weren't too excited about my front door opening and closing so much so they left without laying eggs.

These babies hatched about 5 days ago.

I have loved watching them get bigger.

The adult Robin doesn't stay on the nest much anymore and it makes me nervous that they will be abandoned.

They are very cute.

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Watering Plants With Birds Nesting in Them
by: Gene

First, wear a hat. Second, try watering when they are off the nest.

They'll still see you but it gives you a few more seconds.

They may brush by you but they won't hurt you. They won't abandon their young but may abandon eggs. Just do the best you can.

Thanks for caring about our birds.

I've got a bird nesting in my hanging plant too! Need advice
by: Janeen

I've got a robin nesting in a hanging plant at the top of an obelisk in my back yard.

She gets REALLY angry when I water the plant (dive-bombs me and she and her mate chirp at me trying to scare me away).

But if I don't water it, her nest won't be all cozy and protected by the climbing vines/flowers. Ideas?

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Hanging Plant Robin's Nest...Part 2

by Melinda
(Conway, AR, USA)

Little Baby Robin

Little Baby Robin

Here is a close up of one of the babies. So cute. They raise up and hang their little heads over.

The mom is still returning and seeing to them. I had worried at one time she had abandoned them.

Today, I watched her feed them. It really is fascinating to me.

I can leave my front door open and the nest is there right outside the screen door so I can just sit and watch.

Granted, the poor plant is dying but it is worth it to watch these little birds grow.

I am hoping when she gets ready to teach them to fly, they won't fall out on my concrete porch and get hurt.

Any suggestions on how to prevent this?

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Robin Nest
by: Cathy

This is a first for me. I have a pretty yellow peonies plant on a stand on my front porch.

I was cleaning up out there today and then went to water the plant when a bird flew out. It scared me half to death.

I was so startled, but I believe it was a Robin. Now I'm concerned that this will happen each time I water the plant.

Thank you

by: Gene

Try to water off to the side and try to avoid geting anything else wet. best regards, gene

Robin nest
by: Anonymous

Can I water a hanging plant with a nest in it?

Mine is getting droopy because I don't want to disturb or have Mama leave the nest!

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Flower planter surprise

by LouAnn
(Commerce twp Michigan)

My flowers were dying and discovered this robin nest inside

My flowers were dying and discovered this robin nest inside

My hanging basket was looking bad and I had my husband take it down to see the problem.

Later on we met the mama. I called her Lucy.

The nest was located up by the only door we use and she would fly out when we would come and go except for one time.

It was during a horrible storm. Lucy hunkered down and stayed put.

We met the babies and now as of this morning the last one flew out of the nest and is in our back yard.

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robin nest
by: Anonymous

Mama built a beautiful nest on our front porch. She laid 3 eggs and attended them a couple days, then she disappeared.

I see a robin in our tree watching but it never comes to the nest. Will she come back to hatch the eggs?

baby robins
by: Gene

They'll be fine. They have wings to land softly. If there is cover nearby, that's where they will go.

How to protect the baby birds from falling on the concrete
by: Anonymous

We have a robins nest in our hanging plant on our front porch. The babies are almost two weeks old now.

I'm worried that when they attempt to fly or leave the nest they will fall to the concrete below and die. Any suggestions?

I don't know much about birds behavior but have watched this mama bird build her nest, lay her eggs and see the babies hatch.

So beautiful. The bottom of the hanging plant is about five feet above the concrete porch.

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Hanging Plant Nest

by Laureen Robinson

Robin nest in hanging plant under deck

Robin nest in hanging plant under deck

Our first set of robins nested early spring in an old hanging plant under our deck on the ground.

We placed the plant on the nail below our deck about 6 feet off the ground.

We could watch the whole process, including fledging from our living room window.

There were 2 babies that time. When they were gone we removed the nest and planted flowers in it.

The next month a robin made a beautiful nest in our brand new hanging flower plant that hung on our pergola.

The pergola is my favorite place to sit during the spring and summer.

Last year we had a nest in that same spot and the adult robins wouldn’t let me sit there for almost 2 months!

I said never again so we put a golf ball in the nest.

The female robin started a nest in the adjacent hanging plant so we moved that plant to under our deck hoping she would find it.

She started and finished a nest in the plant we switched out from under our deck to the pergola!

We were playing roulette with the plants!

She kept coming back to the pergola looking for her nest. Finally she found the one under the deck!

As of today 2 of the 3 babies have left the nest.

We also have the second set of eggs in the nest a robin built up in our basketball hoop behind the glass.

It's so hot up there so my husband put an umbrella attached with zip ties up there to protect them from the sun.

The first set of 4 eggs produced 2 babies. Today there are 4 eggs in the nest.

Every day I climb a ladder to check on them.

I have so much beautiful video footage of all of these babies. I have enjoyed them so much.

Today, I watched as a squirrel as it tried to get one of the babies that just left the nest.

It was amazing to see that about 6 robins came to help guard the babies and chase the squirrel away.

I even ran out to help the robins. I hope they know I'm friendly.

I talk to them every day in a gentle voice.

I can watch them through my living room window and through the crack in between the floor boards of the deck.

I can also see them through our basement daylight window.

The ones on the basketball hoop are harder to watch but I do get video and pictures while I'm on the ladder and my husband watches my back!

It's so precious watching the mom and the dad take turns feeding the babies even after they leave the nest, we watch them feed them on the ground.

I have video of the dad feeding the mom first and then the babies shortly after they are born.

I hope these robins keep coming back!

I try to make our yard bird friendly. I'm learning a lot about birds.

This year I have a few hummingbirds too! My goal is to hand feed them!

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Hanging Begonia Plant

by Richard
(Montrose, New York)

We had hung a begonia plant out on our deck and everyday noticed that petals were suspiciously falling off along with some stems.

My wife also noticed a bird flying away every time she opened the door to the patio.

One day, my wife stood up on a deck chair and noticed a nest in the begonia plant with two blue eggs.

We also heard a rather irritated bird chirping (rather yelling) out in the woods and figured that the bird was upset we were near her nest.

To make a long story short, upon further observation we noticed that there were 3 eggs in the nest.

We tried not to upset the mother robin whenever we were around but rather enjoyed her company through the window of our closed door.

After reading this site, we suspect that the eggs will hatch any day now since we first noticed the nest approximately 10 days ago.

We have also named the robin, Becky, (sort of a nickname since she lives in a begonia plant!) and will keep you updated when we hear "little chirps."

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Nest in Begonia Plant
by: Anonymous

Did you receive any answers to your question as I also have a nest in my begonia and have been hestitant to water the plant?

by: Brenda

I have a hanging begonia that my daughter gave me for mothers day this year and soon thereafter noticed birds hanging around the plant.

Soon after discovered a nest and several days ago noticed babies in the nest. Do I water the plant the same as usual? The babies are singing as I type this.

I've been very careful to water the plant off to the side of the nest as to not disturb in any way the mommy or babies.

Not knowing anything about birds I hate the idea of disturbing mommy or babies in any way or the idea of mommy abandoning the babies because of anything I do.

Any suggestions would be helpful. I'm located in Eden Prarie Mn.

Hanging petunia plant in Minnesota
by: Rita

Yesterday noticed my visitor robin sitting in my hanging white petunia plant. Five days ago I first noticed a disturbance when I checked the plant with a moisture meter.

A robin on a branch very close to my front door really put up a fuss, seemed he/she was angry with me and was calling for reinforcements, as several other birds came around, including finches and at least one cardinal, all joining in the cacophony.
As the days went by, I assured my visitor on the tree branch that I was a friend, and he/she piped down the rhetoric after a few minutes.

But today a neighbor suggested I check the plant to see if it contained a nest, which I did, and was happy and surprised to find three beautiful blue eggs.

We wondered if the male or female sat on the eggs, but these comments from others solved that problem, it has to be the mother bird. Now I will just watch and wait for the next chapter.

Luckily, here in New Brighton, MN, we've had lots of rain lately. I won't have to bother the nest.

One Tough Little Bird
by: Sheree

Same thing on my front porch. A wren has nested in my hanging begonias. We try to delicately water the plant off to the side.

But today, she dived out of the plant and swished between my daughter and me. She chirps and squawks.

I have not been able to get close enough to see the eggs. I don't think there are babies yet, because I only hear the mother bird.

Becky in the begonia
by: Bonnie

Oh how adorable! It's amazing where they'll decide to put a nest.

We had Carolina wrens that nested under our carport for the first time, and we took to using the front door rather than the kitchen door entrance, to leave them in peace as much as possible. I got to see at least one of the fledglings being lured away from the nest by Mama Wren.

Please do keep us updated on Becky & her brood.

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Hanging Basket Robin Nest

by Jennifer Strano
(Lake Grove, New York USA)

No sooner had I brought home and hung the fuschia basket did Mrs Robin begin construction.

I went to water the plant 36 hours after I placed on the porch while talking on the phone, and was surprised by her startled chirp.

She had already begun the first layer and worked fast over the next few days.

The porch faces WSW, and is near the weeping cherry tree planted in the corner bed (I live in Suffolk County Long Island).

She has often perched on the top branches to broadcast her irritation with me or other interloper.

In my ignorance I thought she'd abandoned the nest after she finished because she didn't return for nearly 3 days.

The plant was suffering so I removed the nest, put it in a plastic bag and even let my 7 yr old bring it in for show and tell!!

Next morning, I went to water and pinch the dead flowers, and was shocked to see one blue egg sitting in the naked dirt. I felt like crap!

I quickly returned the nest to the basket, laying the egg carefully back in it. I hoped for the best.

Over Mother's Day weekend she laid 3 more eggs! The whole family celebrated.

I cancelled play dates for fear of further disturbing her, forbade my children from running up and down on the porch.

I have checked on her through the window every hour, waiting until the moment arrives.

She hardly ever leaves the nest except to eat or defend her territory, which includes the neighbor's front yard across the street.

My children all scrunched down on the sofa (7, 4, & 2 1/2) with me and watched her tend to her nest, lifting up "skirt" to check her eggs, and settling back down over them all fluffed up, ever watchful.

I figure they should hatch by the end of this week(5/22)or the beginning of next. I will post

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by: Gene

Most likely a predator attack. Crows, Grackles, snakes and others will prey on hatchlings.

Missing babies
by: sp

I have 4 eggs in a hanging basket. 3 eggs hatched 1 day apart like they were laid.

Three days past on the 4 day only 1 chick was there and still being fed.

The 4 egg never hatched and is still in the bottom of the nest. What happened to the 2 birds that were only 3 days old?

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