Robin Umbrella Bird

by Ivy Sciandra
(New Paltz, NY)

Every spring a Robin tries to build a nest in our deck umbrella.

As soon as I spot the behavior, I take the nest down and feel like a real creep.

This year, they were relentless.

If I took down the twigs and sticks, they would just come back. If I closed up the umbrella, they started building on the chairs! Finally, I gave up.

patio umbrella with robin nest

The Umbrella the Robins are Nesting On

I now have a robin's nest on my deck.

Matilda is very busy sitting on her eggs, however, I can't go outside!

Luckily we have a week of rain forecast and we will be going away for the weekend. I am hoping that we have babies when we get home.

I have lots of trees in my yard and every year I accidentally come upon at least 3 or 4 nests in the spruce trees.

I get all excited watching the eggs or the babies, then have my heart break when either the eggs or the babies are gone.

We have lots of snakes, squirrels, foxes, etc around here.

I think Matilda's babies will have the best chance of survival in the umbrella on my deck.

However, I can't have this behavior continue. I really do enjoy sitting out there in the spring and summer.
robin sitting on nest inside patio umbrella

Moma Robin On Nest

Last year I stuffed balloons up there and I have also tried aluminum foil.

Is there anything I can do to deter the nest building on my deck?

I do love the birds, but they don't pay rent!

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Robin nest on axle on truck!
by: Janie

We have had a robin build a nest up in the axle on the truck (which we drive all the time).

We have taken it down twice.

Any ideas on how to deter Mrs. Robin from building there? We have plenty of trees around.

Last year it built it over the deck light by the door!

We did let it nest there and had three babies (but it was messy) and every time we opened the door to go out, it scared mama robin!!

I sent a piece of foil out with my husband the last time he took the nest out of the truck axle.

We'll see. Any suggestions would be greatly welcome.

We don't want her to lay eggs in it since we do use the truck all the time!

Nesting Robin...on a step ladder!
by: Beth

OK...yep, we got 'em! Would you believe that mommy built her nest next to the top rung on the step ladder we left out all winter?

This ladder, leaning against our storage shed, sits in the sun, but the rain has been our best friend since the snow melted.

We have a vast amount of woods and would think that the birdies would nest there, but? We are blessed with this experience, which I am enjoying tremendously.

Tried to keep a respectable distance from this, but as our gate opens right there, mere feet before this ladder/nest?

It's been a bit of a wonder that she stayed, this faithful, dear little robin.

The eggs hatched three days ago and already, we can see little heads just within our vision.

Considering that the ladder rung is about eight feet in the air! and we've truly enjoyed this precious experience.

Beth, in Maine, where it's June and still quite cool at night!

robin's nest
by: Alice Janjigian

My Robin's nest is currently in my planter of white impatients on my second-floor porch.

Today so far, there is one blue egg. Mom left her nest and has yet to return. Very exciting to watch.

Several years ago I had a finch lay 3 eggs in my planter of pink petunias.

Love it although I'm unable to sit on my porch for a while but can watch from my window.

Robins nest
by: Jamie

My current robin's nest is next to a pillar on the floorboards of my front porch.

I went on vacation for a week and when I got back it was there.

There are currently only 2 eggs, one was there, then I checked a few days later and another one was there.

It said 3 -7 but there are only 2. Waiting for the babies.

insecure nest
by: Anonymous

A robin put a nest where I could see it outside my window in the pine tree.

It fell during a mild storm and all the babies died.

This year, the robin made a nest in the same spot. I want to stop a repeat of last year.

I am wondering if I can reinforce the nest with wire, or somehow hang something underneath it to help catch the birds when the storms come.

Has anybody encountered this problem?

2 by 3's
by: J Martin

We have about eight 2 x 3's leaning up against a storage shed. They are underneath a lean-to that is attached to the side of the shed.

I went to use some last week and noticed that someone else was already using them!

Mama robin has built a nest on top of the cluster of 2 x 3's.

My project is now on hold. Daddy robin can be seen foraging all around that area.

Hahaha! I can't use my porch either
by: Susan

When I see bird mothers scoping out my porch, I manage to discourage them by removing partially built nests.

A couple of weeks ago I heard rustling and bumping as I sat in the kitchen, so I investigated. Nope, no nests. Or so I thought.

One morning I started watering a wall-hanging planter and decided to investigate why my vining plants were growing oddly.

Yep, Ma Robin had torn out some of the cocoa fibers from the liner for a sparkly new nest right in the middle of the planter.

She'd already laid eggs, so she was home safe.

It's okay because we can look at each other through the kitchen window.

With all the severe storms we've been having lately, I check on her a few times during the day and evening.

Securing Nest
by: Stasia

My husband found a baby robin on the ground last week, it must have just fallen out.

The nest was in the fir tree about 6 feet above, so I put gloves on and placed the very lethargic baby back in the nest with the other 3 babies.

It was very hot out so I didn't feel the need to warm him up.

Yesterday we had an awful rain storm and I was worried about the babies so I checked on them after the rain.

The nest was tilted on its side and the babies were clinging to it!! I found some twine and sticks to give it support for the night.

Today I went out and it was tilting again so I put the nest in a small plastic tray and tied it to the branches so it wouldn't go anywhere!

Momma and dad both hopped around making lots of noise and watching my every move. Mom had a worm in her mouth the whole time!

I quickly went back inside to watch out my window and am so glad that they eventually went back to the nest to check on their babies.

I am amazed at the weight of the nest, it was so sound and sturdy!

The rain and wind were just too much for the branch it was on though.

Robins eggs on ground
by: Anonymous

We have a Robin that had laid 3 eggs in our flower bed..... Right on the ground... No nest.

Unfortunately, we are now down to 1 egg.

Not sure why this Robin didn't have a nest or thought the ground was a good idea!

Hoping the last one hatches but am afraid that it will still be a big target even then.

Sweet people
by: Anonymous

There are a bunch of awfully nice people making comments here

by: Anonymous

I've been watching my Robin and her babies grow over the last few weeks.

She had four babies growing in the nest but now only two hopping around on the ground.

I'm wondering what has happened to the other two birds.

Could they have flown away sooner than the other two?

by: Anonymous

A robin has laid an egg in our driveway, no nest or anything. We believe the egg is cracked.

The poor bird won't move from the egg, and we don't know what to do.

Nesting on our wound up hose!
by: Anonymous

Our momma Robin built her nest on top of the hose wound around the hose reel!

The reel was metal and had a front so it was good shelter.

The problem was every time we mowed the yard she attacked.

Today I spotted something in the yard back by the trees and a Robin pecking around it.

It appeared to be a partially built nest so I put it in a basket and hung it snugly up in a bush hanging over the fence.

Hoping she finds it because she's still running around back there looking.

Robin Attacks Window
by: Bubba Oleguy

This Spring we have a new event. A Robin is trying to find a nesting site inside the house.

He is attacking the kitchen window which is on the second story.

He launches from a 40-foot pear tree and fails each time to get in.

Our concern is the constant noise of the bird flying into the window all day long from dawn to dusk.

Any suggestions on how to change this strange behavior?

by: Gene

Please see:
Birds and Windows

by: marilyn

We have 2 robins in our courtyard in school.

They build a nest on the top of the door and then take it down the next day.

This has happened several times. They are hard at work every day but then they take it down. Any advice?

Bird in the Wreath
by: Anonymous

We have a robin's nest in the flowered wreath on our front door. We have stopped using the door and walking around the house when necessary.

The nest has been there for almost a week, but there are no eggs.

I see two robins in the yard every day. I wonder if she has decided not to use the nest.

Robin nest front porch light
by: Anonymous

Last year the Robins built a nest in our shrub next to the deck in our backyard.

She laid three eggs and we watched the whole process until the babies fled the nest.

It was a cool experience and the only problem was it delayed us from painting the deck.

This year I was hoping for them to return to the same location but they had other plans.

This year's nest is on top of our light fixture right outside our front door.

I removed it twice and it would reappear. After a family vote, we decided to leave it and use the side door.

We caught an awesome video of the robin flying to the nest with material for building it. Just waiting on the eggs to be laid.

I just need to warn the mailman to proceed with caution.

My neighbor has one in the same place, so I guess it is common for the birds to build there.

Sad Robin story
by: Bonnie

Robins have been building nests in our spring wreath on the front door for the last 3 - 4 yrs.

We give up using the front door until the chicks fly away.

It has been a lovely tradition watching the whole process until today - I came home this afternoon and as usual, drove very slowly up the driveway so I could see mother Robin sitting in the nest

The nest had dislodged from the wreath and the mother & her 3 baby chicks (hatched) were all on the porch.

I was able to spy on them from inside the house looking through the middle glass panel of the door

It doesn't look good for the chicks - so sad - what a crummy Mother's Day for mommy Robin!

Nest behind front porch light fixture. Should I leave light on?
by: Anonymous

Not sure what kind of bird, but nest behind front porch light. I don't mind. Should I leave light on for warmth? Or shut off for invisibility?

Just now, first time saw bird in nest. Maybe ready to lay eggs? Should I leave light on is main question. Thanks ahead of time.

Light Off
by: Gene

Light off would be best as they generate a lot of heat depending on bulb type. The birds own body temperature is all that's needed.

Thanks for caring,

Precarious Robin Nest Under Construction
by: Anonymous

A Robin is beginning to build a nest (so far lots of ropy lily vines) under an overhang on top of a light fixture with a slightly peaked (you may say "domed" but it is also old, rusted, and rattles)roof.

I believe it would be less precarious if it only were six inches wider and was able to lean against the side of the overhang which is only 6 inches away.

I don't know if it would be a bad thing for me to just cut a small piece of plywood to fit between the two spaces or if that would throw the nest's equilibrium off etc.

Last year they built their nest a couple of feet away and much closer to the ground, on the electric meter.

I'm guessing if I moved their gathered materials not yet in the nest onto the meter they would not take the hint?

I dread looking outside in a few weeks or however long after a windy or rainy day and seeing eggs or babies on the ground.

Would they move into a house if we bought one?

Robin Nest
by: Gene

It's best to just let it be. Robins do not use birdhouses. Nesting shelves are used but it's too late for this pair. They've made up their minds.

Keep in mind, Robins generally nest in trees.

So sad
by: Robin

A Robin built a nest on my balcony three days no less!!! She laid an egg this morning. When I looked a few minutes ago, the egg was gone. What would have done that?

who eats bird eggs
by: Gene

Grackles, Bluejays, raccoons, opossums, snakes, and crows are a few predators of young birds and their eggs.

She's back!!!!!
by: Bonnie

Our robins made a nest last week on one of our exterior beams under our roof.

The next day the female was gone and the male kept calling for her.

He called for two days and then stopped calling but stayed close.

I kept watching for her too. Today a week later she is back and in the nest!

I read you can take it down after four days and I am so glad I Did Not!

I have also read that if she is not ready to lay her eggs she will leave.

I am so happy they are together and singing sweet songs now. Can't wait for babies.

Robins Nest
by: Fr Pickering Ontario

We have a Robin's nest right beside our front door, she built the nest in a wreath I had hanging on the wall beside the entrance.

She almost gave our post-woman a heart attack as the robin flew at her. Also, our neighbor was really startled when she flew at him LOL.

We can't use the front door right now so we have taken to the side door trying not to disturb her, I really feel bad if she ends up flying from her nest.

Mrs. Robins has two eggs it will be interesting to see what happens when they hatch. This is the first for me.

Our Robins
by: D Cady

Our robins built their nest under our carport just above our back door on a large beam within arms reach. We were surprised she built the nest that close.

We watched her build her nest and lay her eggs and then we watched the 4 babies grow.

We came and went as we normally did and it didn't seem to bother her at all.

She even allowed me to take pictures and never put up a fuss.

I even got pictures of the babies as they grew and they didn't even seem to mind too much.

We must have had the cleanest robin in the state she was always taking a bath in the bird bath we have out.

We love having the bird around we make sure we put out food almost on daily basis and keep the water clean in the bird bath they seem to love it.

Now we are waiting to see if she will lay another batch of eggs because she hasn't left yet time will tell.

Playhouse visitors
by: Jen

My 5-year-old son just found a Robins nest with 3 eggs under the roof of his play structure at eye level!

He's not too happy about having to share his play area with the new visitors!

I am excited to watch the eggs hatch and chicks grow if the momma allows us to.

I am nervous about not knowing if I have to stop my boys from playing on the play structure.

Maybe I can put up a tarp to block half of the area off so my boys can at least still use the slide!

It happened to me
by: Jutta

I, too, have a bird's nest discovered built on a rafter in my garage.

So I decided to keep both the front and back entrance doors to the garage open, but the garage door itself shut.

The first couple of times, when I approached gingerly, she got up and tweeted loudly and obviously angrily and flew out.

So now I just peek around the corner and surely there she is.

Any idea how long this process takes? This has rendered my garage useless now.

How Long Nesting Cycle
by: Gene

Depends on where they're at in the nesting cycle. Figure, 2 weeks incubation and 2 weeks before fledging. Probably a few days shorter.

Porch-nest viewings made for a great weekend
by: Chris

We have five young ones in a nest built above a column in the corner of the front porch.

I went outside to clean a window for the best view yesterday, and soon 5-8 birds of all kinds were swooping in and around.

How long until they all fly the nest? I would like to see that! Thanks.

Bird spikes...maybe
by: Snitch

I placed bird spikes (V-shaped stiff wires) on top of the beam under my deck the entire length. Worked perfectly.

The spikes I put on top of the columns on the front porch failed. Robin built right on top of the spikes.

It's actually an engineering marvel, with the spikes coming directly up through the nest.

It was built in less than 2 days. She should be reported to CYS.

by: Anonymous

Can you place a second umbrella (could be a second hand not so nice one) in a different spot where it does not bother you

House finches in wreath
by: Anonymous

We had a family of house finches on our front door wreath.

I quickly moved the wreath to a nearby window & left the light off at night. Six babies fledged by mid-June.

Now another nest has been built (I hosed off the nasty first one after the family left).

They are safe from predators and just get annoyed with us sitting on the porch so we stick to the backyard!

It's wonderful to watch them grow! Oh! And they use bits of carpeting from our indoor bunny's cage as nest material! I shake the rugs outside!

Momma bird found it! So sweet.

Robin Repellent
by: Maggie

I put moth balls in the area I didn't want them nesting. It really repelled them.

Where Will Birds Lay Their Eggs if the Nest is RemovedE SUPPOSED TO LAY HER EGGS?
by: Mitsy

A robin comes into our garage and builds a nest on the top of our garage opener motor.

We destroy it because we don't want her to build her home in a place she can't always get to as we HAVE to close our garage door.

She will rebuild it in a matter of a few hours when we have to have it open and we feel horrible destroying it each time so we ran plastic bags all around the top of it...but she found a way to build around them!

We have to be careful not to get something tangled up in the opener or start a fire as this is electrical.

My question is if she's ready to lay her eggs and she has no nest, where will she lay them?

Poor birdie, I wish she'd just go outside somewhere and build her home!

High & Dry
by: Dar

What a smart Momma. Her babies will stay dry!

Help for Softening Concrete Beneath Nest?
by: Advice Seeker

Can ANYONE advise on maybe helping to cushion the concrete porch underneath a nest?

I'm thrilled there is a robin's nest on my porch light right by the front door entrance!

A single robin has been living there for a week with only short intervals of having flown off somewhere.

It's too high up for me to see inside, but I'm hoping there are eggs in there, and all will remain safe from my neighbors' crows circling their giant tree in the yard.

The robin seems fine whenever people frequently come and go through the front entrance, and even take photos of it.

This may be in advance but I'd like to encourage her eventual babies to fly off safely.

So many times one can see a poor baby bird on a sidewalk who has fallen to its death.

I hear the robin is a symbol of luck, which is dearly needed!

I am open to any advice on how I can help cushion the concrete porch below the nest!

worried about my robins
by: william

We have a Momma Robin who built a nest on top of our pergola, It's in between the two top boards and seems to fit perfectly, but she is exposed from the top.

We had severe thunderstorms, some hail, and very high winds. I'm so worried for her! How can she survive this? Will she?

Robin Nest near
by: Tups

We recently noticed a robin's nest built in the Euonymus bush at our front porch railing.

When we saw the nest there was nothing in it and we thought that the robin had abandoned it.

Then she came back and laid 1 egg a day for 4 days. We need to walk about 4 feet from the nest to get into the front door.

We are being mindful and quiet while doing so and hoping that she feels comfortable in that spot.

I am so looking forward to watching this from our window. Very exciting

closing off one entrance to a nest
by: Sheila

I recently fixed the lattice around the bottom of my neighbor's deck, and I noticed the Robin's nest on a beam under the deck with a baby in it, the mother was chirping at me with a mouth full of worms.

I hurried and finished and got out of there, now mind you there is a huge entrance left open which is closer to the nest, but I don't see them using it, I noticed she doesn't seem to be feeding her baby and its been about 2 hours, she is sitting on the power line watching the area.

I was right under the deck with the nest so it was upsetting to her but my question is will she start to feed the baby by having to go through the bigger entrance that she didn't seem to use before?

Our porch light nest
by: Anonymous

We kept breaking the nest apart, but she was relentless, we finally gave up - it was breaking our hearts!

Here is my worry, out of habit we turn on the porch light - which is fluorescent, should I be worried that we harmed the eggs?

We try so hard to go in and out of the house quietly, And we mostly use the side door.

Sometimes we can walk right by and sit on the porch and she doesn't leave the nest, other times just the turn of the doorknob, and off she goes.

I like to think she knows the dogs will keep other nasty predators away.

porch light bird nest
by: Gene

The type of bulb you're using puts out less heat and the nest of Robins is pretty insulated with the mud bottom.

As soon as the young leave the nest, remove it and clean things up. Hopefully they won't renest in the same spot.

Love watching my Robin
by: Marcia

For the 3rd year in a row, my Robin has built her nest at the top of my open window.

Her nest building is not quite as neat as shown. Looks more like my house~~~a bit cluttered twigs all over the place but she gets the job done. I live in ( way ) Upstate NY.

We are still chilly up here but I can't close the window or we'll lose her nest.

Can't see in the nest but I see her flying in and out getting ready for laying the eggs. Last year we saw the babies get big.

It is great fun and so interesting. I did remove the old nest each year as suggested.

Nature is so Wonderful and it is free to watch!

Can robins lay more than one brood
by: Anonymous

Can robins lay more than one brood in a short span of time?

We waited while she had three fat babies on top of my porch light and were going to remove the nest afterward because there is bird poop all over my recently painted walls.

The nest is also attracting lots of little flies that are irritating.

I don't want to do anything to harm her, but I need to evict her as she's come back after only a few weeks. Any suggestions?

multiple broods
by: Gene

Keep removing the nesting material until she moves on. As long as there are no eggs or young in the nest, she'll eventually move on.

The pair will find a new nest site, don't worry.


Robins nest with 6 eggs in my spare bedroom.
by: cindy

My husband and I had cleaned out our spare bedroom in early spring.

We had accidentally left the bedroom window open. This window is in direct sun all day.

About 6 weeks later I went into the room to get something and was surprised to see a nest in the window sill. The nest had 3 eggs.

My husband left the window open but stapled some plastic Visqueen to the window so the birds could not get into the room.

2 weeks later I pulled the plastic back a bit to see if the birds hatched. Now there are 6 eggs. The eggs seem a bit bigger too.

I imagine they are close to hatching, and I'm worried they may get too hot.

The window is in direct sun all day, and with the Visqueen, I would guess that the air in the window sill will get quite warm. Should I move the nest?

Its location is about 2 stories up from the ground, there is no tree close by.

We do not go in that room much to not disturb the mother.

I would feel awful if the babies hatch and die from heat exhaustion.

I'm also worried the babies will fall out when they try to leave the nest, and the fall is quite high, 20' probably.

What should I do??

Robins nest over front door
by: Dee

I have two robins build their nest right over my front door this year! It was so neat, I never had anything like this before.

When it first happened I thought the guy doing my lawn had gotten grass all over the place and cleaned it all away, then when it came back I realized it was a nest!

Then I saw the mother Robin up In the nest.

Then the papa came around and boy he just kept squawking at me not to use the front door so I was always going through the garage and through my house!

I was so good I only use the front door when I got something from UPS!

They had one chick, I named her Olympia, in honor of the mixed -duets of synchronized swimming doing to the 2020 Olympics!

I was sad when they left last Friday, I posted many pics on FB and everyone enjoyed it! Do you think they will return?

Also, when I cleaned the nest there was an unhatched egg and many small insects all over.

They got on my arms, I got rid of them but have been itchy since. Should I be concerned?

by: Gene

The insects are mites which are common on birds.
Sometimes eggs are not viable.

Remove the nest and clean the area with a bleach solution. They may come back next season. 2 clutches per season are average.

Nest on Porch
by: Anonymous

I too have a nest on the porch roof and the mama robin flies away every time we open the door.

We use our porch daily, well we did until mama moved in.

We're afraid if we dine on our porch, mama will be away from the nest too long thus losing her babies.

Should we hope she gets used to us on the porch, or be held hostage till the babies fledge?

by: Advice Seeker

Last year I stumbled across this site with comments and asked about cushioning the concrete porch below the porchlight nest some robins had built.

I'm happy to report that the robins came back this year to rebuild the nest in the same place, and laid two beautiful blue eggs.

Only one hatched, but it grew and fledged successfully. What a wonderful time many people had watching them.

I fed them assorted berries during a couple of weeks when the weather was too dry and hot out.

The robins were caring of their little one but were always friendly to the MANY passersby going in and out every day numerous times.

It was like they knew we were friendly, so they were being friendly.

Anyway, the nest has been removed and I am hoping they will return next year!

Just watched robin drop an egg on a rock
by: missB

Just watched robin drop (lay) an egg on a rock.

The egg rolled off the rock onto the ground. She flew away.

There is a robin nest 15ft away in the joists under our deck. What is this behavior?

Does a robin know if the egg is infertile? It is 1:00 PM PDT - Spokane WA

robin removing egg
by: Gene

Yes, if the egg is not viable the female will remove it from the nest.

Usually, this happens after the other eggs hatch. Rotting eggs attract predators.

If the egg was blue, it was the Robin's egg.

If the egg were white with brown speckles, it would be a Cowbird egg.

Robins can tell if it's a Cowbird egg. Most birds can't tell.

Wonderful Nesting Sights
by: Wen

I like your Umbrella Robin. Our Robin nested on our front door wreath. We gave up using it for a month or so.

It was beautiful to witness & photograph & a great conversation piece in the neighborhood.

I miss them now they have fledged & flew to the distant tree line.

Robin built nest on top of outdoor speaker on porch
by: Anonymous

We were away for 5 days and when we came home we found that a Robin had built a nest on top of an outdoor speaker on our deck.

I'm worried that now that conditions have changed, and we're home, the Robin will abandon her nest.

We have two large, noisy dogs and the nest is right outside our large kitchen picture window, so it will notice movement and hear sounds, which is not what she bargained for when she set up her nest.

Do you think the Robin will continue to come to the nest, or will she abandon it?

we have robins that returned and built a nest a top of our nesting shelf second year in a row
by: Jamie

American Robins have returned to Central Square NY and they have found the nesting shelf again on the back of my parent's house up by my dad's bedroom window.

2020 is the second year for them to return to the nesting shelf. they built it on top and not in the shelf just like last year.

I am glad it's getting used!!! are there any ideas to attach a mirror and flashlight to a pole to look in the nest from the ground when mama is not in the nest to see how many eggs? it's an idea I came up with.

Nest in my hanging basket
by: JST

I'm in the Chicagoland suburbs and noticed a few days ago that a Robin was building her nest in my hanging flower basket off our front porch.

She was working on it for several days.

I don’t think there are any eggs in there I haven’t gone near the nest, and haven't even watered the flowers which are now wilting, exposing the nest more.

She's only been back in the early early morning (can see this on our Arlo camera).

How will we know if she's going to use the nest?

Should I try to water the plants so the nest is covered more?

by: Gene

Water thoroughly now while you can! Once eggs are laid you don't want to disturb them too much.

If she is going to nest there it's better to have the plant going well.

Nest building is usually done during morning hours so water in the late afternoon.

Robins leave the nest site pretty often so you can get in there and water around the edges every once in a while when she leaves to feed.

They also guard the nest once eggs are laid and even more when young are in the nest. Good Luck!

Robins next next to front door
by: Anonymous

This morning I noticed some long dried-up grass and weeds hanging from our outside light next to our front door.

I opened the door and noticed a robin started making a nest.

I only started noticing it today. But I’m worried about the nest.

It's balancing right on our front porch light, right next to our door. It's our only door into our house, so I’m worried we will disrupt the robin and her eggs. Any suggestions?

Robins on Front Porch Light
by: Gene

There isn't much you can do. Just limit or do as much as you can each trip out the door.

Yes, they may move on but there is only so much you can do.

If the eggs hatch, they will be very reluctant to leave. Of course, they may swoop toward you from time to time. :)

You are blessed
by: Anonymous

I think you are truly blessed.

They have a lot of predators and your umbrella is protecting this nest from being spotted by predators such as crows and hawks.

You may want to close the umbrella when you are not using it so there is no consistent access.

Leave it alone
by: Dr. Grimard

Leave it alone!!! .. it's pretty .. just go outside and enjoy your yard! With all nature.

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Robin Nest Under Patio Umbrella

by Robin
(Ridgefield )

Out my porch and to my SURPRISE I was witnessing a Robin making a nest under my patio umbrella!!

I couldn't believe it and thought how clever of her not to have to deal with the wind or stormy nights.

Within a few days, I climbed up on the table to peek in and spotted 4 baby eggs.

After a few weeks, 3 birds had hatched minus one which the Robin then removed.

baby robins in nest on patio umbrella

Baby Robins in Umbrella Nest

The babies are getting big and I have enjoyed holding them I enjoy holding and petting them I even helped feed a worm or 2 to one of the birds that gets left out.

Mom doesn't attack me at all I sit and take turns petting them in hopes that when they get bigger they will feel comfortable around me.

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Patio Robin's?

by Wendy Doucette
(Charlotteown, Prince Edward Island, Canada)

I thought I would enjoy my coffee on the patio Saturday afternoon (May 9th) but ended up spilling it when I opened the door and stepped out.

A Robin flew out from under our deck umbrella and not knowing what it was at first, it gave me quite a scare!

I noticed a mess of twigs and grass on the glass table and then looked up to find the beginning of the nest under the umbrella!

finished robin nest on patio umbrella

Finished Robin Patio Umbrella Nest

I called my husband at work, he said, "I thought Sydney (our four-year-old daughter) made that mess! He hadn't looked up :)

I watched for a bit on Saturday with my camera ready but no luck.

So Sunday (Mother's Day) I watched for her and figured out...if I keep the blinds down on the window (in the laundry room) and just stick the lens through I wouldn't scare her away :)

It worked. I ended up getting some photos and video of her in the nest.

I love watching her build and I don't want to disturb the nest but does anyone know how long they stay?

Weeks or months? We would like to use our deck this summer when the warm weather hits :)

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How Long Do Robins Nest
by: Gene

Incubation of eggs is about two weeks and the hatchlings will fledge in about 12 - 14 days. The whole process including nest building is a little over a month.

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