Robin's Nest On Garage Ceiling

by Wendell and Lorraine Brenner
(Wauconda, IL USA)

Beautiful Baby Blue Robin Eggs in a Nest on the Ceiling of our Garage

Beautiful Baby Blue Robin Eggs in a Nest on the Ceiling of our Garage

Many weeks ago we noticed a bird flying in and out of our garage when we opened and/or closed the door. We weren't sure what kind it was, or why it was doing that, but it was a very curious situation.

One day I thought of looking up at the ceiling in our garage and, sure enough, there was the beginnings of a bird's nest being built right over the light/automatic opener in the middle of the ceiling.

We let things go for a week or so, but started asking around and talking about it with people. It seemed like a really cool thing to have a bird building a nest in our garage. We determined that it was a robin.

After careful consideration, however, we decided that it would be best to remove the nest before it got too far.

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Our reasoning for initially removing the first nest was that we often were gone from the house for many hours at a time when the garage door would be shut.

Also, at night we always kept our garage door shut so that was anywhere from 8 to 12 hours when it would again be shut.

So if the mother was able to get in and finish building the nest, and then was able to lay the eggs, she may or may not be able to get in to sit on them/incubate, and if she was . . . and they hatched, what if she couldn't get in to feed them?!

Well, we thought our dilemma was over after the difficult decision of removing the first nest, but within less than two days of infrequent times when our garage door was open, the determined mother robin had gotten in and completely built another nest and it was quite a sturdy, well made nest, too! She would not be stopped, and we didn't have the heart to remove her second nest.

Now we haven't seen the mother robin for many days, but we just climbed up a ladder and on top of the car to peer into the nest and found two pretty blue robin eggs nicely sitting inside.

Earlier today we had seen a little, killdeer bird flying in and out of our garage and we are worried that perhaps it would do harm to our baby robin eggs.

We are also very concerned that we have not seen the mother robin coming and going when we leave the garage door open for long periods of time.

Hopefully the eggs will be maintained by their mother and will hatch into baby birds and survive.

We are considering leaving the garage open just enough for the mother to fly in and out, but if other predators might also come in that might not be a good idea.

We will leave the garage door open as much as possible during daylight hours and hope for the best!

In a week or two we will update this story to let you know what happens.

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How Long Do Robins Nest
by: Gene

Robins generally lay 1 egg daily in the morning creating a clutch of usually 4 eggs. Incubation begins with either the last egg or the second to last.

Incubation last about two weeks and the young will leave the nest about 12 days after hatching.

You might try spraying critter repellent to keep cats at bay. Reapply after rains.

More about Robins can be found here: Robin Habits

Birds and cats free- loaders
by: Tami

Last winter my garage opener wasn't working a family of stray cats moved in.

I took care of them until they moved out in the spring.

Kept my garage open this spring because it was so wet I wanted it to air out during the day. Now Robin nest....dang.

When can I expect them to move out, don't want the cats back but don't want to close the garage door either.

Robin in Garage
by: Gene

Thanks Tami, it will be a stressful time since you seem to care about our birds. Thank you.

Robin nest over garage opener
by: Tami

Just noticed Robin flying in and out of garage. Had seen grass hanging from opener weeks before and thought it was strange. Now I know why.

Guess I'll leave the garage open as much as possible and hope for the best. Tami

English Robin
by: Hollyhock

Just an amendment to the robin in the garage.... the robin to which I'm referring, is the small, sparrow sized English robin with a red breast, popular on our Christmas cards!

I hadn't noticed this is predominantly an American site!

Robin nesting in garage
by: Hollyhock

We, too, have a robin building a nest in the garage and believe this is the third one, having seen similar other ones but not having known "who" had built them.

She must be determined, but now I'm afraid I've disturbed her by shooing the bird out and shutting the garage door.

We cannot leave it open when we are out or over night, and not wanting her nest building activities to be wasted, thought it safest to discourage her.

Now I'm doubting that we did the right thing having read some comments in posts on here.

I've now put a nesting box outside the garage but close by and wonder if I should remove some of the nesting material ( about a foot long stash of leaves) and place it in the box near to where she found it?

Once they choose you, you are blessed!
by: Anonymous

I had one Robin chick born above my front door last June!

I named her Olympia, in honor of one of my swimmers who is going to the whirls in South Korea for his third time in the mixed -duet, which we are trying to get into the Olympics. He has been swimming since 1990!

This April Olympia returned with her partner I named Poseidon and they blessed me with three chicks I named Golden, Silver and Bronze!
The day after Mother's Day they are disappeared off into Robin land!

I cleaned up everything, and a week later Olympia and Poseidon rebuilt a condo and are now nesting again!

I just today posted the four pictures were allowed and I must’ve taken at least 30 because I am in awe of these creatures!

This is truly a blessing on your home!

Nest in garage.
by: Anonymous

About 3 weeks ago I noticed a nest in our garage up high but was worried to touch it in case there were babies.

Sure enough about a week later I saw little beaks sticking out.

Last week they were small and then all of a sudden today I went in with my dogs and had 3 pretty big babies perched in random places, my dog stirred up a commotion and I got scared and ran out lol.

I was worried though, my son went back in despite me warning him to stay away until they could fly out on their own.

Two flew out and the mom went after them but one couldn't fly out yet.

I got to watch the mama bird try to maybe bait it out by dangling food by the window. I went in the house and heard birds squawking, went out to see my cat by the garage's been quite the job keeping them safe today.

I just went back and I think the last ones gone.

It's been interesting but I'm happy they moved on.

I know nothing about birds but as a mom felt like I had to keep them safe but have enough pets and people to look after ha ha.

Once I'm sure they are all gone, window will be shut.

robin in garage
by: Anonymous

I have a two story garage with windows upstairs. Two years running a robin has built and raised two hatchlings of 4 babies each year.

I leave the windows open. She used the same nest.

This year they have started a nest but only made a mess of grass etc. a ft deep on the floor with very little nest construction on my skis ( could have used the old wood ones).

Will the nest be successful? Keep you posted

Robins Nest Owen Sound Ontario
by: Anonymous

I'm in the same boat; only the robin has built a nest on top of some electronic waste that was waiting to go to the recycling depot - there are 3 blue eggs in the nest - same dilemma as the rest of you - opening and closing the door.

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So I'm just going to leave them and keep an eye and make sure she's sitting on them in the evening when we close the door.

What's so sad is she tried diligently to build a nest in the usual spot - over our family room windows but was not able to - left a terrific mess however.....fingers crossed that the little ones hatch and everyone goes their merry way!

bird's nest on my garage door opener
by: Anonymous

The problem is, I live in Florida.. When the door is open, the mother and so m r to m 3rd the father sit on the nest.

I do not believe the birds will survive in the heat when the door is closed. Any advise?

we have a nest too
by: Judy

We have had a cute pair of barn swallows nesting on top of our garage door opener for the past two years and have also tried to keep the door open as mush as possible.

I have even left it open just about 1.5-2 feet if we had to be gone all day and they do fly in and out.

My concern though is I think that the vibration of the opener does not allow the eggs to hatch. They have not had babies in two years. Any one know if this is true?

robin's nest
by: Bob - Kingston ON Canada

I have a robin's nest right on the top of our automatic garage door opener. The robin is sitting in the nest now, so assume there are active eggs.

I will leave the garage open as long as possible during the day but we close it at night.

Hope the robin does not get angry and that the chicks survive.

We will not disturb the nest and just hope for the best

Moved my your thoughfulness
by: Geoffrey Campbell

I was so moved as I read your story, the care and compassion you have, the world is all the better with people like you.

Robin's Nest on Garage Ceiling
by: Karen

Please keep us updated and take a picture of the babies when they hatch!

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