Porch Light Robin Nest

by Pat Richardson
(Henrico,VA USA)

Robin's Nest on Porch Light

Robin's Nest on Porch Light

A robin has built a nest on top of my daughter's front porch light. It's up too high for them to see inside the nest, but the robin is dive-bombing at everyone who goes in and out of their front door!

There's a deep red-breasted male who gets very upset when mama bird does, and he paces back and forth in the grass.

He is absolutely beautiful, and he seems to be a very attentive expectant father.

Add to this my daughter's male cat who can see all of this from her picture window, and he's going berserk inside.

Her boyfriend wanted to knock the nest down when they first saw it, but my daughter wouldn't let him. I laughed until I cried as she was telling me about this.

Since the above 3 paragraphs were written, the eggs have all hatched. There are four beautiful healthy baby robins in the nest now.

It's still up too high to see into the nest, but she's had success using her cell phone to take pictures.

My daughter is very proud of her "grandbirdies".

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May 09, 2019
Live Your Life
by: Gene

Hi Shari, thanks for contributing to the website.

I say, live the way you normally do. The sooner the better. If the eggs hatch and they have young, the Robins can be unnervingly aggressive. They won't hurt you, but, they swoop and sometimes touch you.

Yes, when it comes to the dog, watch him. Baby Robins always seem to land on the ground after leaving the nest. But, they are gone in a day or two.

If I want a Robin to stay, I am careful and slow in my coming and going. If they're in the grilling area then it's every bird and man for themselves. If they leave, they leave. If they stay, I'm a grilling. lol.

May 09, 2019
Now I have two Robin nests
by: Shari

So grateful to read this site. A month ago a Robin nest went in over my covered front porch on the light. I keep it off by the way.

I got up this morning, went to my sliding glass doors in back and as I stuck my head out a Robin swooped me then lifted higher.

I leaned out to find a full set up nest above my back deck on a sensor light I have never used. This nest was built sometime just this morning.

Now I am grateful for the nature of it all and I love Robins, but now I am worried as I have to be able to use the deck, and I have a Lab who goes out by that route to the back yard,. Not to mention later the prey dog in him I will have to watch close to keep ground hopping babies alive.

So, my prayer now will be hoping if this couple stays and uses this nest they will get used to me.

I go to a garden center often where there is a Robin about 5 feet off the ground, nested in a large vine...you can walk right up to shop and she stays calm it is so amazing.

But I won't lie, I can't have two nests on front and back porch all summer or I can't live....so it was good to read they often, or usually, re-nest for a second set of eggs later.

May 21, 2017
Grape Jelly
by: Gene

Hi Mary, try offering grape jelly for your Robins and Catbirds. Also, you may attract Orioles to your feeding station.


May 21, 2017
Helping the Robins out w/peanuts
by: Mary

First off---there are such lovely and compassionate people posting here with their stories!

I'm always outside in the Spring taking pictures and getting to know the many birds who come to our avian cafe to feed.

While the Robins do not eat from the bird feeder or suet cage, I see Robins eating seed from the ground.

The Robins and Cat Birds have a hard time with the peanuts, so I break the peanuts up into smaller pieces.

Come egg hatching time, I've witnessed the Robins pick up these pieces and can clearly see them lined up just inside their beak as they fly off to feed their nestlings.

The birds come right up to my chair and wait for me to drop the pieces of peanuts and this behavior happens year after year. They all know I'm not a threat to them and I'm beyond thrilled to help them feed their young.

Once the babies fledge, the parents bring their youngens to me to feed, as well.

It's a beautiful thing to participate with Mother Nature and her wildlife.

May 10, 2016
Robin's nest on porch light
by: Lisa in Lancaster

A few years ago a robin made a nest on top of our porch light fixture, and we got to watch three baby's hatch and grow.

I didn't want to remove the nest after they'd all gone, and now 3 years later, we have a new momma!

At first we were worried because when we'd come in or out(it's our main door!) She'd try to fly away, but was hitting the rim of the porch roof overhang a lot, but now she's got the hang of it!

I'm always out in our yard, talking to all the birds and taking pictures, photography of nature is my favorite thing to do!

Anyway, she's used to me a little now, and I think my voice is familiar to her now....she just now stayed put while I opened the door to check to see if she was there!

That's a first! She's usually gone before we're out the door!

I found this site because I was concerned about the temp going low tonight, and wondered if I should leave the light on for them for heat, but someone here said they will be plenty warm without the light...any comments,or are they safe for sure!?

May 30, 2015
The 3 Musketeers
by: Tabitha

I had a mommy & daddy make their nest under our deck right by her pool. I could see the nest through the boards & saw 3 eggs. The mama & daddy patiently sat on the fence & watched as I looked at the eggs.

2 weeks later 3 babies were hatched. The 1st day the first baby I called Aramis, the 2nd day the other 2 hatched & I called them Porthos & Othos for the 3 Musketeers. I got pics of Aramis hatching & more pics as they grew.

18 days later, they left the nest & I got a couple of pics. Mommy & Daddy seemed to enjoy having me talk to them. It was so cool!

May 13, 2015
Porch Light Robin's Nest - Sandston, VA
by: Gwendolyn

This year was the first time that We have had a Robin's nest on our front Porch light, since the house was built in 1996.

The Momma Robin has been very cordial with us constantly going in & out of the house constantly at all hours of the day & night, often interrupting both her nesting & feeding times.

The baby Robins hatched & made very little noise & only "dunked down" whenever the door was opened until the last week just before they flew out of the nest on their own (just after "Mother's Day" - how appropriate).

Perhaps my experiences with other types of birds (both domestic & wild) gave me some insight, but I "talk" to the birds every time that we went out the door & we watched them from the glass storm door, keeping the wooden door open, unless we left the house or went to bed.

I also put out a "Feeder" of mixed grains & suet blocks (1 with Fruit & 1 with Mixed Grains & Nuts), as well as a "Bath & Water" Bowl.

My father, who was quite good with All types of animals, both domestic & exotic (inherited from a local theme park), always taught me NOT to "act" afraid when around animals, since their sense of emotion will also be aroused.

In other words, If you "Duck" or "Scream" - it puts the Animal on the "Defensive" making the animal either "hostile" or "frightened" - either of which is NOT Good & sometimes leads the animal to be aggressive to everyone that comes near it, rather than making the animal "run-away" or "avoid the situation"all together.

Animals with babies are more likely to be protective, so acting afraid may make them feel "threatened" & they react accordingly, by trying to "drive" you away.

Stay Calm, Talk Softly & Sweetly (like to a baby) & Don't make any sudden movements (like running, ducking, batting, etc.) - Most animals (especially wild ones) will try to avoid you rather than attack you, if at all possible. Best Wishes for some Peace with your Winged Neighbors.

Apr 25, 2015
Our nest on our back porch light
by: Barbara in Chicago

About two weeks ago our friend started building her nest on our back porch light right by our back door….not a very good location for either of us.

Every time we leave the house, she flies away but always comes back. She waits on a branch of the Dutch Elm in our yard.

We have a dog who is oblivious to her and her nesting behavior. We are just waiting for the babies and hoping that we don't get dive bombed once the little ones are hatched.

Apr 23, 2015
by: Gene

Probably a good thing. Grackles eat the young of other birds. Had the Robin hatched eggs and the Grackle knowing where the nest was, the young would have been eaten.

Grackles are very good at being there right when the eggs hatch. Often feeding them to their own young.

Apr 23, 2015
Robin'sand Grackle's
by: Anonymous

This spring we noticed a robin building a nest on top of our porch light. As we observed this activity we became very interested. Something very different began to happen.

We saw many twigs falling onto our porch floor. The nest was not yet completed. Next we saw something we never saw before. Another bird was invading the Robin's nest.

We now watched more intently! A purple Grackle was tearing the Robin's nest up. It did this each day. The Robin kept coming back and many times rebuilt the nest.

We watched this happen for several days. The Robin very patiently kept rebuilding it's nest. Finally 'my husband picked pieces of the nest and placed it back on the light trying to help the Robin.

The Grackle won the battle. The Robin gave up and went else where.

Nov 26, 2014
robin stuck
by: Anonymous

I came home from school one day, I was letting my dogs out on our enclosed porch only to find a robin stuck in one of the windows that broken.

I tried to let it out, but it wouldn't leave, I would open the window it would look at me then hunker down, then I closed it it went a little cray cray. My mom even tried once it got dark it flew out, but it wouldn't leave our porch,then it flew into the doorway and just sat there.

"I think its trying to nest" "I think so too,but it can't nest here."

It flew back into the window, so we left it alone.
I go out there this morning and it's sleeping and still there.

I don't know if its nesting, but its not injured, and its snowed last night I don't know what to do with it. Should I leave it?

Jun 25, 2014
Desperate Mother
by: Molly Kiuchi

Hi, I have 2 wiener dogs and the younger one has a "strong prey drive" as the breeder said as I called her in tears!

So far she has killed 4 baby birds and two baby rabbits. The only thing I could think of was to get some reinforcements from my African Grey Parrot, Sampson.

So she doesn’t get any ideas about BIG BIRD, I stuck her ears and tail in his cage every time and he CRUNCHED!!!

Sunday, the baby was still alive and I couldn't take it anymore so I had my husband clean out the nest on the porch, the nest in three eaves and the nest in the garage.

Monday while watering Sampson’s free time bush, what did I find but a mama bird who had built a nest and laid 4 eggs in record time.

I'll download the photos and she looked me in the eye and said, HELP! sounded like cheep but I heard HELP.

I had my husband move our Patio table so they wouldn't fall on the ground but she was so exposed I dug up, with great effort my tallest plants and repotted them in a planter I could barely lift and tied the branches of her little bush around her and the little dog is tied up and under surveillance.

She can smell em but she can't see them or get to them. She’s back in her uber nest and looks quite happy about the changes. She is brave and beautiful and safe. Molly

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Horse Collar Home

by Terrell Wilson
(Gaffney, SC, USA)

Robin Nest with Young On Horse Collar

Adult Robin Feeding Young

I would never have thought that the Red Breasted Robin would make a nest on the side of my storage barn.

However, to my surprise, this spring, while walking past the building, I saw an unusual site.

I have an old horse collar hanging on the side of my storage barn, along with some other old farm tools. I had to take a second look when I saw a robin's nest square on the top of it.

I watched the nest as days passed, and took many photos of the robin and the nest itself.

I could hardly wait until I could see little heads popping up from the nest, and could watch the nesting parents presenting the young with delicious worms and bugs.

Oh, what a site to see. God has done such wonderful things!

We watched as the young grew, put on feathers and began to stretch their wings. Then they began to fly.

The young are now gone, but the nest is not empty, for the female robin has again filled the nest with those beautiful blue eggs.

We anxiously await the birthing of our next young robins.

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Robin Nest On Garden Hoe

by Kathy Iredale
(Port Angeles, WA)

Mom (or Dad) sitting on nest

Mom (or Dad) sitting on nest

My husband first found the nest. He would walk out through our gate to his pick-up and wonder why Robins were diving him.

Then one day he noticed straw hanging down from his tools that were hung on the side of his garage. He looked up and to his surprise there was a nest.

Once we knew the nest was there we tried hard not to go in the back yard. We didn't want to scare them away. That was impossible of course.

We did wait until the nest was empty whenever possible. It did seem like they got use to us coming and going as they didn't fly away as much.

Eventually my curiosity got the best of me and I had to see how many eggs were in the nest. First I just laid a ladder against the garage. Then I waited a couple days and climbed up to have a look.

My husband told me I shouldn't but if I had to to make sure I didn't touch the nest or eggs. I told him I was smart enough not to do that. There were 3 blue eggs inside.

Then we waited and waited. So afraid mom hadn't sat on the eggs enough because of us. One day I looked out our bathroom window and either mom or dad was in the nest and there was this little creature with the biggest mouth wide open.

It was the best thing ever. Once again I had to climb the ladder. This time to make sure there were 3 babies. There were.

It was so cool watching these little babies. Then we went camping for a week. Got back today and the nest is empty.

We know very little about birds. I have a bird feeder outside our living room window and I also put feed on the window ledge. It's like having an ever changing bird cage.

We also have a hummingbird feeder but that's the extent of it. Will our birds come back to use this nest again? I need to know if I have to start saving to buy my husband new tools.

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Robins In My Heart

by Grammie
(Middletown VA)

Stealing Our  Hearts

Stealing Our Hearts

Every year in the spring I get wrens that nest in a mail basket on my back porch and if that's not enough they have taken to nesting in my hanging baskets.

The grandchildren and I love to watch them and at this time I have 1 nest with 2 eggs in it.

The word must have spread because now I have a pair of robins nesting in a double heart grapevine wreath as well, the eggs have hatched, 3 out of 4 and they are such much fun to watch.

The female will nest and feed while we are on the porch but the male will always wait until we go in.

They make a mess but I place plastic behind the nest to protect the wall.

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May 01, 2017
by: Gene

They will be fine. The adult knows where they need to be.

May 01, 2017
City Robbins
by: Anonymous

I have a Robbin nest with four fledging babies.they are on my cement patio in a high rise building in NYC.

What will happen to them as there is no grass in sight?

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Robin Nest Under Deck Again!

by Len Cole
(Uxbridge, ON Canada)

I was cooking Hamburgers for my wife and I on our back deck. I knew there was a Robins nest built on the under hang of the deck at our door entrance above my head.

I was coming in with both hands full, when she took off above my head.....well, the food went flying, and I broke a plate and ruined the food. ... We had a sandwich!

The Robin had three young ones, and we enjoyed watching them grow until their first flight.

After they left for a few days, I removed the nest. This was late May of 2009.

It is now July 13th and I have watched as a new nest has been built in the same spot. There are 2 new eggs!

Do they mate all summer?

If you have any info, let me know.

Thank you
Len Cole
Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada

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Nest In Fake Tree!

by Matt Bushong
(Brisbane, California, USA)

Mama Robin in the Nest

Mama Robin in the Nest

This spring we had robins build a nest in an 8 ft. tree that is in the atrium area of the front door to our house.

At first I did not even see the nest. I saw a big mess of straw below the tree, on the patio entry way. I wondered who'd made the mess.

Then I looked up and a bird suddenly flew out of the tree... just missing my head! It was a Robin. That started our entire "Robin Family Adventure."

Everyday we would see the "mom" Robin sitting in the nest as we would leave for work or taking our son to school.

We would see the male Robin sitting in a tree farther away... chattering at us if we got too close to Momma and her nest. Momma Robin was spooked the first few times we would walk by, but then got used to us.

A few weeks later there were four blue eggs in the nest. Sometime after that the four chicks hatched!

Sadly one of the tiny chicks fell out of the nest and died. The three other chicks began to grow as mom and dad brought them worms.

We left out a small plate below the tree with meal worms, red worms and small pieces of chopped fresh strawberries. They ate well! The chicks began to grow.

Sometimes the mom and dad Robin would stay away from the nest for a while. We got worried and actually hand fed the chicks several times.

Then... when we would walk by... all three chicks would open their mouths in anticipation of food. They began to outgrow the nest and began perching on its outer ledge.

Twice one of the chicks fell out and we had to put them back in the nest. One time the entire nest fell out and we had to put it back. Still... the chicks grew and endured. Mom and Dad Robin hung in there.

All three of the chicks matured enough to fly away! We still see the young Robins in the outer trees near our house from time to time.

The interesting part of this whole Robin story is... that the tree they built their nest in was a fake tree!!!

It had wood and plastic branches and silk leaves! We bought it at Target for $39.95!

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Light Fixture Robins Nest

by by Linda
(Connecticut, USA)

I had two robins' nests on my house this year. One was in the front (facing south) on top of my drainpipe, and the other was on top of a light fixture on the back of the house, facing north.

I discovered the nest in the back one day when I opened my double sliding doors to go out on the deck.

I enjoy sitting out there to soak up the sunshine and read, especially in the spring before it gets too hot.

When I opened the sliding doors for the first time, I was startled by something flying from the house with a very indignant squawk.

I saw it was a robin, perched in the big maple tree in my back yard watching me, all the while continuing her very indignant screeching. Then I saw her nest.

It was perched on top of the light fixture on the back of the house, right next to the sliding back doors.

Over time, mama robin and I developed an uneasy truce. When I came out on the deck, she would fly away squawking, but once I settled down in my chaise to read, she would return to sit and incubate her eggs.

Eventually, if I moved slowly, she would stay on the nest even as I entered and exited through the sliding back doors.

Still, I often felt that mama robin didn't pick a very good place for her nest. Not only did she have to contend with my comings and goings, but because she nested on the north side, the nest was not very well protected.

There was no direct sunlight, and I was very worried about mama robin and her unhatched eggs when we had a cold spell for a couple of days and the temperature dropped into the 30's at night with a cold north wind.

The nest was not artfully built, because that wind did some damage. When I came out on the deck the next day, I saw pieces of what looked like straw or twigs hanging down from it. It was quite a mess.

Meanwhile, the nest in the front of the house was protected and had warm sunshine most of the day. It was a perfect round nest perched neatly on the drainpipe.

Nevertheless, mama robin and her chicks prevailed. Eventually I saw three hungry mouths poking up out of the nest and had a front row seat watching mama and dad taking turns guarding the nest and feeding their offspring.

Then one day, as I came out on the deck, I heard a thud. I turned to see one of the chicks out of the nest, and I was horrified to think that I had startled it and it had fallen out of the nest when I opened the sliding door.

But I soon realized that the chick had not fallen - it was ready to fly. It hopped across the deck to the back railing and flew off under the railing across the back yard to land under the arborvitae hedge.

That same day, the other two chicks also left the nest. Chick number 2 followed his sibling exactly, hopping across the deck and then flying under the railing to land under the hedge. The last chick, however, took his time.

He stood perched on top of the light fixture for a very long time. I could hear his mother in the maple tree, calling to her offspring to leave the nest.

Finally, the chick landed on the deck, but very uncertainly. He hopped, not across the deck, but sideways, and his first attempt to fly was against the cedar siding of the house which runs along one side of the deck.

He flapped his wings fruitlessly against the house, and I was afraid he'd hurt himself. But eventually he figured it out and he too followed his siblings under the railing and across the yard.

No one returned to the nest after that. But my guests sure left a mess behind, with bird poop running down the drainpipe and the side of my house under the light fixture. Even so, it was worth it to see this new life up close and personal.

Unfortunately I didn't think to take any pictures. But I've since noticed many robins in the two maple trees in my back yard, singing away, so I don't think my guests strayed very far from home.

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Mar 25, 2021
Right outside on my old windowsill!
by: Anonymous

A few years back a robin was putting twigs on my old, wooden windowsill to build a nest, but the twigs would then roll off the slant.

After many attempts, I helped out by nailing up there a board, edged with some nails, to hold in the twigs.

Well, the robin finished up the (very nicely built) nest, and days later, I saw her beautiful eggs in the nest.

After that, I could check in on the babies progress any time I wanted to, by lifting the curtain and checking just outside on the sill! What a joy!

Mar 25, 2021
Atop the decorative tin pouch, next to the porch door!!
by: Anonymous

Well, last year my roommate got a sweet surprise when he saw the robins nest built at eye level by the upper porch door!

They soon got used to each other and momma Robin was content in her nest on her beautiful blue eggs, as roommate traversed through his porch door.

The babies grew up, and this year, there are a lot more robins hanging around!!

May 09, 2016
Some Advice Please
by: Ali

We have a robin nest on our fence door, next to the garage wall. This is the only entrance to our place so we need to use it.

Actually we kept using it as the nest was being built. The robin was flying away whenever we approach but kept coming back and now she already has 2 eggs in it. Now, I rarely see her though.

My question is that if it is going to be okay for us to keep using the door when she starts incubation?

I don't want her eggs to get spoiled because she gets scared and can't sit properly. but I don't know what else we can do?

Jul 21, 2015
Don't know what to do!
by: Anonymous

I had a robin's nest up under my deck, sitting on a wooden beam.

The last robin that inhabited that nest abandoned it, I'm guessing due to egg thieves stealing all her eggs.

A new robin (or maybe the same one) set up shop a few weeks back and I was excited....until I came home last night and found the nest upside down on the ground, one baby dead, one still alive and the mother lying in the mulch next to it all.

I didn't know if the mother was injured or what.

Later, the mother started laying on the baby (pink nestling) in the mulch! Just as if it were her nest.

I didn't think that was a good place, long term, so I was advised by some rehabbers to try to get the nest, set it in a container with drainage and put it in the same place the baby was last.

I did this but the Robin won't lay IN the nest. She is laying next to the nest. What gives?

The nest was a little destroyed but I tried to reshape it again.

Is it too messed up and she won't sit in it now and now I've put the helpless little baby in there?

She seems to be feeding it and it's real hot outside so maybe it doesn't need her warmth.

I'm just SO worried!!!

Jun 13, 2015
Damm Robins
by: Anonymous

I have robins nesting on porch lights and on my garage opener. I put plastic bags in the lights, seems to help.

May 20, 2014
Robin nesting in flower box
by: Pam Connecticut

I just filled my flower boxes last Friday. They are on the railing of a second story porch at the back of my house.

On early Sun AM I heard some scraping outside my bedroom slider and later saw some evidence of nest building.

She was very busy yesterday and by noon the nest looked complete--she made room between geraniums and verbena and nested in box right outside the bedroom slider to the porch.

I managed to water the flowers around the nest. She is there again today. Will send pictures soon.

May 20, 2013
Bird nest at light fixture
by: Darlene

We too, have a Robins nest at our front foor light fixture! It faces north and I suppose they get shelter from the overhang at my front door.

I watched daily as the nest was built. Now I believe there may be some eggs there, as they sit often.

We too, have been startled as we leave our home thru the fromt door, and they fly off, but stay close in the nearby tree, and then return. We have chosen more often to enter our home from the side door, so we don't disturb them. We eagerly await the babies.

I also enjoy chickadees and sparrows, cardinals, bluejays, and more on my back porch, feeding.

Recently, there has been a documented eagles nest about a mile away, so we get to enjoy those as well.

As God watches over the sparrows, so he watches over us!

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4wheelin Robin

by Jennifer
(Orange, Vt)

Nest on Tire

Nest on Tire

I was outside this afternoon and I noticed something different about my nephews four Wheeler. There was hay curled up on the back wheel.

I went closer to see what it was and to my surprise it was a robin's nest. Apparently this robin is into ATV cause she made it her home.

Luckily he really does not use it that much. My six year old daughter thinks this is quite cool.
I told we can not touch the nest and now she wants to learn more about our new neighbors.

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Apr 20, 2014
hatching and leaving nest
by: Anonymous

Once the egg/eggs are layed, they hatch in 12 to 14 days. They feed and grow for another 12 to 14 days before flying off :)

May 08, 2013
Bird's nest in wheel well
by: Anonymous

A robin has built her nest in my car's wheel well. This was her third nest. I removed the first two, but went out of town for the weekend and a large nest is now there with one beautiful blue egg.

It breaks my heart to remove it, but I do have to drive my car at some point! Although I do have another car accessible to me.

Does anyone know how long it takes from eggs to birth and flying away? Or should I just remove it now then block my tire with wire or wood, etc.

Thanks for your help!

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Stange Robin Nest Location

by Suzanne
(Hopkinsville, KY)

First for me!

First for me!

For the second year in a row, a robin has made a nest on my balcony which is totally safe and sheltered. Her eggs have always survived.

Although she picked an odd place this year, it is also safe and we leave it untouched. Both years, though, she has brought in a second female to take care of her nest, eggs and baby birds when they do hatch.

Is this a normal habit for these birds. I have never seen this before but I have very limited knowledge of the habits of birds.

This year she built her nest in a frog candle holder before I could put a candle in it.

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Jul 15, 2015
Plenty of trees!!!
by: God's Creation

I can not figure out why a Robin has built it's nest in my porch light! It's babies are hungry and I have four beautiful sugar maple trees. Are they compromising because of the changes our planet is having?

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Robins Nest on the Ground

by Pam Nagel
(Wyndmere, North Dakota)

We have many robins build nests in our yard every year, but this is the first time I have seen one on the ground.

It is on the rock landscaping against a corner of our house. She built it really close to our walk-in garage door (where everyone enters and exits).

At first she flew away as soon as the door was opened. Now, she is a little braver and lets me walk right by her on my way to get the mail. Also, it is directly under the outlet from our basement bathroom fan. I worry that the noise scares her away!

There are (obviously) four eggs in the nest in the picture I took about ten days ago. Unfortunately, there are only three now.

Last year, a robin built her nest in our satellite dish. It was handy for viewing because it was right outside our son's bedroom window.

We kept a close eye on the eggs and then the babies--until a terrible thunderstorm drowned all of them in the nest. It was quite sad.

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May 23, 2016
In my Satellite Dish???
by: Jackie W

We noticed a nest behind our Satellite Dish that is stuffed underneath the dish. Sometime this affects our signal. Looked out and could see a nest.

Unsure of what kind I got a ladder to take a peek. I had no intention of touching anything, but if it were empty I was going to take it down.

I got to the top and saw 2 ugly but beautiful bald baby birds. Eyes not even open yet. My guess would be they just hatched.

I heard the parents going crazy and flying around and sitting I top of the the house watching me.

I never would touch them. I waited 5 days and checked again. We had bad weather in Michigan so I wanted to see if they were okay.

Still alive and bigger with more hair. They are now 10 days old I am guessing. I could see a beak of one as I looked up.

The nest could just sit 2. I take one step up and scared the baby and he flew off!! Shy of 2 weeks old.

I couldn't look at the next baby as the parents and friends began to swoop down and attack me, well they tried. I was scared so I got down and moved my ladder.

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Robins in a garden hose

by Lisa
(Lancaster, MA, USA )

On a Sunday afternoon in May, I was puttering about the back yard when I saw a baby rabbit hop behind our garden shed.

I followed it and was completely surprised to find a robin's nest was built in the coil of two wound garden hoses hanging from a ladder. The ladder was balanced on the top of an old dog kennel we used to use.

I walked over to see the nest and it was empty. The very next day I went back and there was one beautiful blue egg. On Tuesday there were two eggs. Wednesday, no change but on Thursday, there were four!

I checked the nest daily and it remained at four. It seemed like no time at all when I popped over to find that all four eggs had hatched and the mother was not happy with my visit!

I continued to check on the nest every other day or so for two weeks, watching the robins grow. The mother would dive bomb me and squawk her head off so I would take a quick photo and get away.

To this day, we've never had such an unusual spot chosen in our yard, and we've had several nests in the past. All of them were in my lilac bush.

I hope you enjoy the photos.

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Porch light robin

by S. Bryant

What was all that mess on my front porch? Oh, no, some birds were building a nest right on top of my front porch light, next to my front door and just above my mail box.

This didn't seem like a good idea to me, so I cleaned up the stuff that had fallen on the porch floor. There seemed to be more nesting material on the floor than on the light, so I optimistically -- and unrealistically -- thought this wouldn't last long. Wrong!

This nest was built by a pair of very determined robins. Luckily, I didn't use my front door much, but USPS came up on the porch for daily mail delivery.

Being disturbed daily seemed like a bad idea for nesting robins, so I went out and bought a mailbox, attached it to a stand with a bungee cord, and posted a sign requesting that no one go up on my porch.

The postal carriers have been very obliging, perhaps because having the mail box out on the sidewalk saves them several steps to and from my porch. (Imagine -- we have home mail delivery!)

The robins and I have accommodated each other. There are now at least three fledglings who look like they are about ready to leave the nest.

I was looking forward to having my porch and front door back again. But then I found this website and learned that robins may have up to three broods.

I'm looking forward to having my porch back, but I know I'll miss these lovely birds (and I'm hoping they have short memories and pick another spot next summer!).

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Jun 12, 2016
Similar event
by: Anonymous

The very same thing happened to us but it was the light next to the back exit door from my garage to our patio. We let them stay and they fledged four babies successfully.

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What happened?

Robin Nest on Downspout

Robin Nest on Downspout

Last weekend, we noticed a robin had nested in a nest on top of the downspout of my gutters. The nest was there from last year and I had meant to knock it down.

My neighbor said that birds would not return to the same nest.

We were thrilled to share our home with this future mother robin. We noticed the male close by, keeping watch.

I didn't climb up to see if there were eggs. I did not want the bird to feel threatened. I felt a little uneasy just peeking around the corner to check on her.

This afternoon, I checked. The nest was on the ground and the birds nowhere to be found. I did not see any eggs around the nest. Could this have been something that the birds did?

The nest was at least 10' above the ground. What predator could have knocked it down? A very sad end to our story.

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Apr 23, 2017
What Happened to Robin Nest
by: Gene

Most likely the old nest had lost contact with the downspout. The birds movements are my guess as to why the nest fell.

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Awkward Nest Location For Robins

by Suzette Ehrlich
(Happy Valley, Oregon USA)

Nest on Security Lights

Nest on Security Lights

I want birds in my yard! I moved in my home 7 years ago. Although my home is on a big suburban lot, it had lifeless landscaping with hard clay dirt and no wild life except for a few scampering squirrels using my fence as a short cut.

Every year I spread yards of dirt and compost and acquire new plants. I now have a very edible backyard full of fruit trees, berries, veggies, and native plants.

With all this new flora, I am finally getting birds! A friend of mine who is a master gardener scolded me for over tidying my yard in the winter because all the dying debris make good homes for critters. To my amazement, I got to witness that all my dry plant debris became building fodder for nest building.

Through my kitchen window, I have been watching a pair of robins tugging on my dry grasses, going through my planters, flying around with building materials in his beak. It has been so fun to watch. 

In Oregon, we have so much rain, that I am behind in my gardening. So today I finally got out in my backyard to garden. I spent about four hours out there while these robins flew from tree to fence watching me.

This delighted me as I have a special place in my heart for robins because as a teenager, I successfully saved a baby and raised it to adulthood to let her fly away to find a mate the following spring.

Now my story becomes worrisome. As I went up on the deck, I saw that the robins have been making their nest in my light fixture which is right by a sliding glass door and only 8 feet high.

I am worried that they chose a place that will have too much traffic or commotion. My plan is to no longer use that door nor turn on the light. I will be calm and quiet when outside.

The nest may be abandoned. Time will tell. I am hoping for babies...wish us luck! I will update the results...

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Jun 25, 2017
rock in nest
by: Gene

If it's not too big she can push it to the side. As long as it doesn't interfere with her ability to incubate it shouldn't be a problem.

Jun 25, 2017
Rock fell in Robin's nest
by: Trevor

I had a Robin nesting on my deck earlier this spring and I watched her raise three chicks and send them into the world. After they left I was moving some planters around and a small rock fell in the empty nest. I didn't think anything of it since they had all left but now she is back and I can see two new eggs in there...with the rock. Would it hurt to remove the rock? Or should I leave it alone? The mother doesn't seem to care.

May 24, 2017
porch life
by: Anonymous

I've got a flower pot on my deck a robin decided to nest in.

May 09, 2017
Robin in the Garage
by: Matt

I am in the process of building a detached garage. A Robin liked it so much it built a nest above a window before I even got the roof on.

At first I tried to avoid building but soon realized they didn't seem concerned with me around. Over the past month I have built the whole garage around them and the Robins didn't care at all.

Both parents even got stuck in the attic this week and I had to go up and grab them out. I thought for sure that would scare them away from their babies but an hour later, to my delight, they came right next to me to grab up worms and bring them to the nest.

We have 3 babies that are ready to fly. I cannot believe how comfortable these birds are around people!

May 09, 2017
by: Suzette

So far so good! The nest fell down, so I pushed the lights closer together and put the nest back. I thought about moving it to a different location, but the information on this site said they prefer the exact location...well they continued building and laid eggs May 1st.

The last day of building the nest, they mated several times all the while the female had nesting material in her beak. They seem very comfortable with me around. Also they are the fattest robins in the state!

So much that I am calling the male Fatty. I expect babies in about 5 more days. I will update and try to get pics.

May 09, 2017
Robins on Light Fixture
by: Gene

Computer glitches! Didn't see this story for 2 weeks.

How did the Robins do on the porch light? Hopefully you got to see the babies fledge.

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Baby Robins in our Light!

by Kim
(Cookeville, Tennessee)

Baby robins!
The baby robins are being raised right outside our back door, in our light fixture!

The babies hatched on mother's day after about 16 days of incubation. There were 4 blue robin eggs and now four little robins.

We love to watch them and mom and dad robin are even comfortable feeding their young while we are observing!

The parents always stay close by, and we've gotten some really great photos of them. In the pictures above, the babies are now 5 days old.

Such a wonderful and neat experience to be able to share with my children. We are hoping for a successful fledging period for all of them!

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May 01, 2020
another choice
by: Gene

If you want a light, choose an LED as temps are usually under 110 degrees. High wattage lamps do indeed have the ability to start fires. Unless you're wanting to fry the eggs or birds, replace them with lower wattage LED's. :)

May 01, 2020
Porch light. Motion lights.
by: Bnelson

As a firefighter for more than 30 years I have seen at least a half of dozen fires started by bird nest over motion/security lights on homes.

The bulbs can get very hot and can ignite the dry materials the nest is made of. If you decide to leave the nest alone and let nature run it’s course.

Then I suggest removing the bulb or turning off the light at the switch. Put a piece of tape over the switch so it can’t be turned on. Thanks and stay safe bnelson

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They Won't Find Me Here

by Josee
(North Bay Ont. Canada)

Room with a view

Room with a view

3 years ago this mama robin built her nest just over my back door, perched on my motion sensor flood light.

Last year the light finally gave and it pulled it right out of its socket.

That not being an option this year, she found a new strange spot to build.

Not the sturdiest of perches as one good wind gust could topple the ladder, but she is still there, brooding like a pro and protecting her young from the multitude of squirrels and blackbirds that live and play in and around my backyard.

I love watching them in action and will prepare an official and safe robin's perch for years to come.

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Hungry Robin Redbreasts Hatch

by Iris Miller
(Greenwich,NY 12834)

Hungry Robin Redbreast, feed me!

Hungry Robin Redbreast, feed me!

Robin Nesting on Light Fixture

Of all places, and many large old trees, this Mama Robin redbreast was very smart to chose a light fixture with an overhang out of the rain, next to the garage door.

The 4 lucky babies have very attentive parents, what a thrill to watch this family of Robins thrive.

Yesterday I saw them clambering over each other all feathered and ready to go.

I missed the exodus mid morning, and would love to see a video of fledglings first flight out of the nest.

There was lots of singing in the trees this morning and afternoon.

I hope they all made it safely out, and away from the neighbor's sneaky cat.

I am sorry the door pictures of the nest flipped sideways when posted.

I don't know how to correct it.

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Jun 18, 2021
Video of Baby Robins Leaving Nest
by: Anonymous

Here is video of baby robins leaving the nest.

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