Robins Keep Nesting on my Patio in Planters

by Nancy Pulliam
(Vancouver, Washington)

patio planter robins nest in

patio planter robins nest in

Hanging Plant Robin Nest

The Chosen One

We have a very large, covered patio that has never been finished.

There are 30+ cubbies for birds to nest as they so choose.

Unfortunately, much damage is done to our furniture during nesting season.

Over the years, I have found objects to place in the slots which are quite amusing to the eye.

It has taken years to find just the right object because robins are very strong and persistent in their nesting drive.

Yes, I have been dive-bombed and attacked by robins desperate to nest!

I noticed that I had succeeded in blocking all areas and felt content that my spring/summer would be poop free!

One day, I went to water my hanging basket and noticed mud droppings under the basket. I got a ladder and looked inside.

Low and behold, there was the most exquisite mud nest I had ever seen.

It was then that I looked over to the fence and saw the robin.

I stood there on that ladder and looked for the longest time at this beautiful red breasted bird that had put so much effort into her soon to be babies.

I said, "Mama, today is your lucky day. You are the chosen one to stay."

I watched as they built the perfect nest and produced three glistening blue eggs.

A week later, I noticed one egg was missing.

I decided that there wasn't enough room for three babies in the nest and nature took its course.

The two babies hatched and provided my husband and I with so much entertainment and learning experiences.

We watched the babies grow too big for the nest.

Mama bird waited close by and the biggest baby left first.

It was early in the morning but it was flapping its wings like it was ready to go the night before.

The second one left the morning after. A wave of sadness fell over me. I missed this amazing bird family!

Today, we are watching those babies feeding in our yard. They have returned and probably never left the area.

Thanks to your website, I have placed my ugly hanging basket back up with hope that "The Chosen One" will return.

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Sparrows hatched in our birdhouse!
by: Anonymous

Loved your story. We have just had the eggs hatch four days ago.

It is amazing to watch! I guess we have both had nature allow us to experience it at it's best!

Loved your story!

Great story
by: daddoms

It was good to read your story Nancy, perhaps I'll start trying to provide a home or two in the yard.

As of right now, in just placing bird seed and sun flower seeds out continually, I've recently had 4 or 5 baby doves under the care of their parents grow to have families of their own.

Also, a family of 3 baby squirrels, groups of sparrows, bluejays, black birds, many I do not know.

What I do know is they are ALL God's creatures just AS WE ARE ;)

The Chsen one
by: shelly

Love this story! I love watching Gods amazing creatures!

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