Raising a Baby Mourning Dove I Saved

by Barbara
(Prosperity, SC)

Several weeks ago I came across a baby mourning dove in my backyard.

The neighbor's dog was after it but I grabbed it just in time.

I brought the dove in the house, and began nurturing it.

woman looking at dove on railing of deck

I fed it baby bird food with an eye dropper and then I was feeding it from my hand and the bird thrived to the point of eating out of my hands and also between my fingers.

All the time, I would talk to my lil dovee and it would shake it's tail and coo as though it knew what I was saying.

I kept it in a bird cage with water and seed, but continued hand feeding it 2 to 3 times a day.

Then came the day that I dreaded, I knew it wanted to leave. I brought it outside and at first, it didn't want to leave, but eventually, the baby dove took a flight to a tree that was close by.

That was about 3 days ago. Every day since, the dove has returned to eat bird seed that I have in the backyard for all the birds.

This morning was the best, the dove flew up on the railing of my deck while I was having my morning coffee.
author with baby dove

When I approached it and spoke, it flapped its wings and cooed as if it still knew what I was saying.

My husband, in disbelief, ran and got the camera and took a few pictures that I've posted to share with everyone out there.

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Aug 05, 2014
Comments for the lady and her baby dove
by: Becca

I have a pair of doves who have nested twice this year in an abandoned nest in a tree. I have enjoyed them so much.

I read about doves quite a bit to understand their behavior and what fun to learn about them and share with my granddaughters.

Today I can clearly see the babies.

I just found your article and pictures dating back to 2010. It was wonderful and completed my own little adventure.

I was just thrilled to see your baby come back to visit you. You did an outstanding job caring for them but also allowing them to mature at their own rate.

It is delightful that the baby flew back to your deck to visit. Makes me wonder more and more what the birds actually know about us humans.

It seems they clearly responded to your kindness.

Thanks for sharing your story and your lovely pictures!

Jun 22, 2014
amazingly beautiful.....
by: michael sharps brother

Your photos are wonderful and your story is even better, thank you sharing and helping the little baby!

We are on our second brood of the season and I am so grateful how much I've learned and get to see everyday.

I coo and whistle to my doves and they are unafraid, I also speak to them a lot, not sure what they think of my cooing but its fun.

A couple of days ago my neighbor rescued a baby Bluejay and he is hand feeding it every 45-60 minutes, speaking to it often and she loves it.

They communicate well it is really fun, not sure what will happen after it flies off but am learning so much about life everyday.

Good luck with your dove and again thank you for being an awesome person, much love msb

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