The Red Headed Wren

by Richard Allen
(Douglasville, Georgia)

The Logan Wren and its mate

The Logan Wren and its mate

I have nesting in a bird house in my woods just to the back of my back deck a pair of Wrens.

That is not unusual, however, one of the Wrens, I suppose it's the male, has a red head.

I have named it the Logan Wren, because my great-grandson is redheaded. I have a photo of the Logan Wren and the mate.

You will notice that the Logan Wren ( it's a House Finch) has the coloring of a normal Wren except for its head which is red.

I have done a lot of research and the statement that comes up frequently is that Wrens are not brightly colored and one distinguishing feature of some wrens is the white eyebrow.

I suppose the Logan Wren is a freak of nature or maybe evolving into a new species of Wren.

I have a total of six birdhouses in the patch of woods all hung near enough to my back deck where I can observe them from my back deck or even from inside my home.

I have posted these photos and more on my face book account as well as sent them to my friends and family.

I am really excited about this as you might imagine.

Happy Birding to all

You are free to name any bird in your yard whatever you wish.

However, for our readers we want them informed correctly.

The images you've provided are of a male and female House Finch. The Purple Finch nests much farther North of your area.

Placing black-oil sunflower seeds in winter will attract House Finches all winter long.

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I also have a red headed wren
by: Patti L

I also have seen the red-headed wren. (again, House Finch) At first I was taken aback as to why a "finch" would be hanging out with these wrens that were all nesting.

The more I watched, the more I noticed what seemed to be a "mate" hanging about with it.

I thought I doubt a finch and wren would take up housekeeping together, so did some exploring.

I was very excited to find others that have seen this odd color in the wren.

Being I spotted this bird at work, I don't have the privilege to watch it often, or for any amount of time.

I am just glad I got to see this at all. thanks for listening.

Here's Some Information
by: Doug

House Finch

Purple Finch

There are no red headed wrens.

by: Gene

I believe you have a pair of House Finches. Enjoy the males beautiful voice.

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My New Wren Neighbor!

by Colleen
(Medfield, MA)

Our First Wrens Story Begins...

Today, a hot day in early July, I looked out my back door and noticed some activity around the little white birdhouse that hangs from a tree.

This birdhouse is relatively new to my backyard. I received it as a gift this past Christmas, and it was hung outside in early Spring.

It is truly the new house on the block!

wren at birdhouse with stick

Wren Bringing Nesting Material

I grabbed my camera noticing something flickering about the opening on the birdhouse, and sure enough, a little wren came flying out.

A short time later it returned with a rather long stick in its beak.

I watched as it gingerly maneuvered the end of the stick into the opening.

The little bird followed this by climbing into the birdhouse again; I assume to architecturally arrange the stick and then out it flew.

The next sighting was only a minute or so later, and once again this wren had a rather long stick.

This time he wasn't as successful and as he was attempting to put the end of the stick into the birdhouse, it fell. Off he went to get another.
wren with long stick

Way too Long for Birdhouse

At one point the little wren just sat on the roof, obviously making sure it was a good roof, and looked around the grounds making sure it was landscaped to his liking, I assume.

I am excited to see this new little friend whom I've named Christopher (after the famous architect, Christopher Wren) and I am anxious to watch his journeys back and forth as he makes his nest.

I am hopeful that his mate will want to settle down and raise a family in our backyard.

I'm happy to welcome them to our neighborhood!

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by: Gene

It's very common for the adults to continue feeding and teaching once the young leave the nest. They'll move from where they are very quickly.

A question
by: Anonymous

Wren chicks that hatched in a made nest, have fledged but now seem to be living behind a plant pot and the parents are still feeding.

Is this usual, or has something forced them out of their nest? They seem very unsafe.

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Wren in Husband Boot

by Eleanor Bailey
(West Memphis, AR)

Wren Incubating Eggs in Boot

Wren Incubating Eggs in Boot

This is the first time we have encountered this pretty little bird.

We were shocked to find this bird flying around in our garage and finally saw her go into my husbands boot on the shelf.

As we watched them they were bringing twigs in and finally saw her not coming out. We realized then that she was nesting.

We would close the garage door at night and in the morning she would be flying around wanting outside. She would stay a little while and
back on the nest she would stay.

Don't know how long it took before we saw as she left one morning that there were three eggs. She would come back and stay during the day, and we would watch her leave several times then when night came, we would close the door.

Finally the eggs hatched and we would see both of them bringing food to them. This was a continuous effort on both of them.

Then one day she was calling for them as she was all over the garage, moving around trying to get them to come out, which took several days.

Finally one jumped onto the top of the boot and stayed awhile before moving any further. Finally it flew to the ground. He stayed awhile before leaving the garage.

It took several more days before the other two left.

This has been about five years now, I do remember four other places in the garage where they have built nests, but they were always behind something.

It is Jan. 18 now and for a month or so we have had two come into the garage at night, but don't know where they are staying.

We don't know if they are babies or parents but they keep coming back. If the door isn't opened in the morning they start chirping. We let them back outside and at night they are back.

We really like to watch them.

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Wren in husbands boot
by: Cindy

What a sweet story and great pictures!! Thanks for sharing! (smart little birds aren't they?)

Wren in Husband Boot
by: Marianne

What a wonderful story. I really enjoyed your tale and thank you so much for sharing. How much fun and how wonderful is it for you. Best wishes to you and your extended families.

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Wren Nesting in Roosting Pocket

by Tess Hutton
(Dorset UK)

I could not believe how near and open this wren had chosen to build its nest. We have had this roosting basket for two years and never had a bird even look at it.

Beginning of the year I moved it to where I could see it better in case we had a visitor.

Update: now he has a wife and Mr Wren is busy keeping her happy. We have worked out approximately when she will lay.

This photo took me about two hours to capture. It was a cold rainy afternoon but I stayed watching and waiting. I think you will agree that it was worth it.

I love taking the camera out to see what nature pics I can discover, at the moment my tripod is out side most dry days so this new happy family will get used to it. I shall be placing a chair out next.

Who knows, perhaps I will get that photo we all hope to get of our new family feeding and dare I hope for that first flight of the next generation of Wrens.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed taking it and now looking and sharing it.

Tess Hutton

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Wren Basket
by: Marianne

Oh Yes - it was worth the wait. Just a wonderful picture and story. Thanks so much for sharing. Beautiful!!

I LOVED your Wren picture!
by: Cindy

I loved your wren picture! And yes it was worth the wait!! That is what started me on the road to great pictures!! One has to be patient!

GREAT picture! But I couldn't tell by the picture, exactly what kind of Wren it was.

I have mostly Cactus Wrens around my house.. but captured a few pictures of a Canyon Wren before.

Very different then the Cactus Wrens.. it was like a little lizard, up and down my block wall and seeking insects in all the crevices. Very different in markings too.

One thing they all share.. is that white streak across the sides of their heads by their eyes.. and those typical beaks!

Best of wishes on your keeping an eye out for the family!!

Home building wren
by: Karen

How very sweet! Thanks for sharing! In what state you live?

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Amazon box condo

by Mary Tsoukas
(Ellisville, MO)

Mother's Day morning we were enjoying coffee and our normal view from our kitchen window.

My husband was planning on grilling for me and we were looking at our grill, which if you know St Louis MO, was dusted with pollen which would need cleaning before enjoying any grilling time.

I stepped outside just to enjoy a quick morning ray and listen to the sounds of the morning. In fact I recorded some bird song with my iPhone.

When I came back in we were planning the menu and noticed a wren hopping around our grill. Suddenly it darted into the charcoal bin and back out again.

Didn't really take too much note as we have a lot of bird activity around our deck they seem to enjoy the posts. We frequently see Cardinals, Wrens and an occasional blue bird.

Looked back and saw our wren friend with a fresh load in its beak of dried leaves, disappeared into the charcoal again popped out and took off again.

Sure enough 30 seconds later back again and with a friend. We waited until they left and my husband went out slowly opened the charcoal to find a nest inside.

We really didn't want to disturb them but also needed access to our charcoal and grill. I went outside with a pair of tongs and was able to carefully lift the nest in tact and put it in an Amazon box.

I moved it about 2 feet from its original position. I felt so bad. We watched them return beaks full and no home. They looked around and left.

Well we didn't want to miss out on watching them and wanted them to have their home so I moved the box next to the grill, closed it more tightly and sure enough they decided it was home.

We have been watching the pair of them for hours. Amazon Condo is what we've named it. Still didn't grill, we just didn't want to disturb them.

Having too much fun watching them.

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Baby Wrens Fledged on Mothers Day

by Cindy
(Graham, North Carolina)

I have been watching the feedings and comings and goings of two Carolina Wrens that have a nest in a Gourd birdhouse that hangs on my front porch roof eve. The three babies came out of the nest on Mothers Day 05/10/2015.

Each went in a different direction, so the parents were going crazy trying to keep up with where they were.

One of them went straight up into a shrub after coming out of the nest, and very quickly was jumping from limb to limb in the shrub.

Another one came out on to the porch and jumped on the edge of a rocking chair, and then clung to the edge of a window screen for a few seconds.

Does anyone know how long the parents continue to care for their offspring after they leave the nest? I usually see them together in a group for at least a few days.

I also observed that after the first one was out of the nest, the parent (not sure if Mom or Dad) spent quite a bit of time trying to make the other two come out.

I guess it would be easier for her to deal with all of them out.

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My Wren's

by Brenda Segrest

Mrs Wren sitting on her eggs 6 2015

Mrs Wren sitting on her eggs 6 2015

Each spring (my favorite season) my two wrens entertain me with their songs and choosing the perfect place to pair up and make their nest.

While staying home from work sick a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to have noticed Mr. & Mrs. Wren building a new nest in a bird house my mother had given me several years ago. Next I watch and saw that Mrs. Wren had laid 5 eggs.

Each evening I checked the nest. Some nights Mrs. Wren was out taking a break and hunting for food.

This week Mrs. Wren has been on her nest each night when I've observed her nest (she watches me without fear as I talk to her and take pictures).

Any day now I expect the baby birds will hatch as it has been 22 days since the Wrens started building their nest.

The actually hatching of the eggs should take place 13-15 days after the eggs are laid.

I'm getting excited to watch the babies after they hatch and start learning how to fly and search for food.

Last year I was also lucky to have a Wren nest and see the eggs hatch and watch the babies learn to fly.

The picture I've posted is unique. Notice the script on the bird house.

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God sure loves us
by: Angie

What a blessing and I so love their nest...

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A House Full of Wren Chicks

by Evelyn Johnson
(Brookfield, Wi )

Wren Bringing food to Young

Wren Bringing food to Young

As I was sitting at my son's kitchen table, I noticed a small bird flying out of the bird house just outside their window.

After planning a photo shoot, I settled into my lawn chair, my camera in hand, letting the little bird get used to me.

Every few minutes or so, this little bird would land on top of the bird house for only several seconds, then with another several seconds gone by, feeding her chicks.

To my wonderful discovery, just before leaving, I saw three chicks peeking close to the opening.

The sun was on top of the house, with the opening of the bird house in the shade, making it a very challenging photo shoot.

I mentioned to my son, to turn the house around for next year to improve my pictures.

I took over 1,000 pictures over two days, with the results not changing much. I use a Canon 7D, Mark ii, with a 100-400 and 1.4 extender, lens. Overall, a very fun experience for me.

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Backyard Haven for Wrens

by CJ Earle
(Linton, IN USA)

Two tiny wrens

Two tiny wrens

My friend made me three birdhouses. The holes are perfect for wrens and chickadees! The boxes are hinged to allow for cleaning after the birds are finished nesting.

We have watched the process in one of the houses that the male constructed a fine nest in and attracted a female who laid five eggs.

After the birds were hatched the adults tirelessly fed them from daylight until dark. We stayed a safe distance away from the box and marveled at the tenacity of the adults to keep the little ones fed.

A couple of days ago, we watched as the five tiny young flew out of the box. After four had gone the last little one took the afternoon to decide it was his turn.

We cleaned out the box using a stick as to not contaminate the interior.

Now a male has decided to attract another female and started building nests in two of the boxes.

The third box became a home for a chickadee. Two eggs were laid but only one matured.

Since that species only has one nesting a year, we cleaned out that box and are hoping another bird will take up residence.

It’s been a summer to remember and we are hoping to see more baby wrens born in at least one or two more boxes.

Also, to get the birds interested, I put bird food on the ledge of each box. So far, it’s worked!

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Baby Wrens in door wreath

by Dottie Sieck
(Blackwood N.J.)

Two little house wrens chose the wreath on my front door to lay their eggs. She laid 6 eggs but only two hatched.

It has been such an enjoyable education to watch the mom and dad feed the birds and to see the dad even replenish moms supply of insects to feed the brood.

It has been about two weeks so I guess they will be leaving the nest soon. And my wreath will be getting a new makeover.

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Finally Wren Using Nest

by stephanie dolling
(Nr Olney,Buckinghamshire,U.K)

coming back with food

coming back with food

My Mr Wren was so busy last spring 2018 building a lovely nest under our gazebo, but his lady didn't like it.

Very early spring this year after high winds ect. nest still there, after lots and lots of house cleaning, finally I think eggs have been laid( july 4th 2019).

The Wrens in and out with food, not sure if any hatched as pond fountain making noise. I'm very excited!

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Baby Wrens
by: Karen

Keep us posted!! The babies are so tiny that when they nested in a little decorative birdhouse in our backyard, both babies could stick their heads out the 1 in. hole at the same time!

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First Time With Nesting Box

by Diane Hunt
(West Point, Ms)

Wren on Hummingbird Feeder

Wren on Hummingbird Feeder

I received a nesting box after my mother-in-law passed.

I never tried nesting boxes before, so wasn't sure how it would go.

I was pleasantly surprised that a couple of months after putting it up I started seeing sticks and pine needles sticking out of the box.

They Were Carolina Wrens

I discovered they were Carolina Wrens a common species around here.

This was the end of March, and I saw the first sighting of the wrens, first both came, one landing on top of the hummingbird feeder stand and the other on the side of the roof.

One went in then the other. After that I only saw one at a time, coming and going.

On the morning of May 4 I was woken up early by a rather loud thunderstorm, I went into my library, by the back door, opened the door to watch the storm with my morning cup of coffee, and heard a wonderful little sound.

I heard baby birds, not sure how many but definitely several.

I stepped out onto the back porch and under the wren nestbox and knew the beautiful little sound was coming from inside.

I am definitely enjoying my first experience owing a nesting box

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Basement Squatters Wrens

by Nan Butler
(Lake Jordan, Alabama, USA)

Too late to relocate! I guess we will have uninvited neighbors for a while!!!

Too late to relocate! I guess we will have uninvited neighbors for a while!!!

Before we realized it their nest was built and had eggs! The garage door stays open quite a bit... I guess more now!

Couldn't they have just used that lovely hand made pottery nesting pot I hung out for them??

Fingers crossed!!!

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UK Wren Building Nest

by Simon Jones
(Woodstock, Oxon, UK.)

Wren Peeking out of Bird house

Wren Peeking out of Bird house

I was beginning to think that the nest box would never be used, Blue tits inspected it last month, but decide the location wasn't quite right!

And then on June 1st I noticed some activity and managed to get these photos a few days later.

Fingers crossed they decide to lay eggs.

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Simon Jones
by: Gene

A Wonderful contribution from the UK. Your Wren is similar to the North American Carolina Wren but the song is closer to the common House Wren but more melodic.

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