Move Over Hummers! Its the Verdin!

by Cindy
(So Call High Desert Mtns)

Verdin Drinking at Hummingbird Feeder

Verdin Drinking at Hummingbird Feeder

I cannot believe the different types of birds that will actually drink up the nectar from a Hummingbird feeder!

I was outside one day and heard unusual bird chirps, right above me. There on the Hummer feeder was this pair of tiny little birds I had never seen before. They were so tiny, just a bit bigger than the Hummingbirds.

My book tells me they are about 4 inches. Its name is the Verdin.

Boy were they all over that feeder till they figured out where the sweets were at. Once they found it they were drinking like crazy.

This picture is enlarged, so you can't really tell their actual size here.

Then like a little fighter Jet, came one of the female Rufous Hummers, darting down at them all around them almost to a DIVE right on them.

She wasn't about to share her feeder. I have a few different ones out there.. but this was this particular lil' Hummers favorite spot! And she wasn't about to share it!

Goodness, wonder what other fruit eater will visit our nectar?

Keep your eyes on your feeders!

And don't forget to clean them often. You'll have healthy birds staying with you all through the season.

And most come back to the same place each year, once they've claimed you!


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Comments for Move Over Hummers! Its the Verdin!

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Mar 19, 2016
baby verdin
by: angelina

Hello, my cat went outside and less than 30 minutes later I found a very small verdin.

It looks like a baby it has small feathers and looks like it is too young to fly. My cat finally came inside.

I put the little bird in a open top bird house outside. Does anyone have any ideas on how to care, feed the little bird.

I really want it to get enough strength to fly away when it is ready.

May 12, 2009
New babies
by: Cindy

Awesome Julie.

But don't get too worried if you don't see mom and dad for a while. They do, do that at times.

When the babies hatch, and are demanding food, both mom and dad will go out and get it for them.

They almost ALWAYS return. However, they will spend much time with them keeping them warm.

Even after they become fledglings and leave the nest for such a time till it can join them in flight.

Mom and dad stay close and will be with it till it is on its own, and can fly proficiently.

I believe if the nest does fall and the babies are too young to leave the nest.. the best thing you can do,is to gather as much of the original nest that you can and place the babies there.

Quickly as to not spend too much time with them, and place them as near to the original nesting place as you can.

Mom and dad will resume looking for it in the same vicinity, and continue on with their care. (Usually) Better not to try and feed them yourself, and let nature take its course.

I had this same experience, and mom and dad returned after a few hours of my moving the fledgling to a safer place, but very near to the original nesting place.

It was sheer joy to me to see them all finally leave together!!

I think I posted that somewhere under Dove submissions in the blogging. Not quite sure what my heading was.. but the picture caption, was Thanks Mom and Dad for coming back!!

Included was a picture of the baby Dove, waiting for them. Keep on caring.

They seem to trust us humans so, for what ever reason, most the time they realize that we are not a threat. If we give them their space.

Cindy, So Cal High Desert.

May 12, 2009
New babies
by: Julie

I haven't been on here for a while. I am a F/T caregiver for my mother-in-law with Alzheimer's.
She lives with us.

My Mourning Dove babies hatched (2) outside my front door a few days ago. They grow so fast....I had a good scare this aft.

Their nest was hanging down and a bit torn up and there was no mom or dad for a few hours. Just my babies. (Tinker and Belle).

I didn't know who to call or what to do. I just went out there with my flashlight and Tinker and Belle have their mommy or daddy back. Dang. I was so happy.

I was planning on going to Rite Aid to get surgical gloves to put the nest back together and get what ever food they needed.

My husband just said...Oh no. here we go again. He remembered me bottle feeding orphaned cottontail bunnies until they started nibbling too hard on my hands lol and then we set them free in the High Desert where we live.

Sorry Cindy and others for not giving comments on the special and beautiful pictures. Gotta take care of our mom first. Julie

May 05, 2009
by: Julie

Hi Cindy. I also live in the high desert. Hesperia Ca. (somewhere around 5000ft. or less) I have seen so many different birds here but never a Verdin.

Do you know what I can do to attract them to my "critter village"? I still love your story. Julie

May 05, 2009
Verdin vs Hummer, (Julie)
by: Cindy

Hi Julie,
I checked in my Audubon book, and it says that their range is resident from California, Utah and South-central Texas southward to Northern Mexico.

They are 4 to 4 1/2 inches long, smaller than a Chickadee.

It says their Habitat is low Desert.. But I am in the High Deserts.. 4,633 altitude, and they are here!

It truly was amazing to see that lil' thing protect her feeder. She sat in the tree on a nearby branch, afterwards.. just as proud as she could be.

Checking down every so often at her feeder. Those little Verdins were no match for her. They couldn't keep an eye on her to see in which direction around them she was going , she was so fast.

Zip, ZIP..!! They definitely got the hint,
so adorable. (Poor lil' Verdins)
I'm with you.. it was the highlight of my day!

May 05, 2009
Verdin vs hummers
by: Julie

I am wondering what state or states Verdin are in? That would of been a highlight of my life to be able to have watched that battle.

I only get sparrows at my hummingbird feeder and they don't mess with the hummers. That story made me smile first thing in the morn. Julie

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