Mourning Doves on our A.C

by Naureen Jaffar
(Glen Cove, NY, USA. )

A pair of doves started bringing twigs on our Air Conditioner outside our bedroom window Second week of May.

Early morning there were tapping sounds and I thought we may have mice in our walls but it was the dove pair building this nest.

Doves in nest on Air Conditioner

Doves Nesting on Window Air Conditioner

I was amazed with the intricate round pattern of the nest but it was a hollow nest.

Nothing in the middle like a bald patch on someone's head(lol).

Now it has been 5 days we see two tiny white eggs.

We do not know when poor mama bird whoever sits in the nest eat. It's a tricky place and I can't feed the bird.

I have drilled screws to secure my air conditioner in window sill. Can't throw seeds from top of window either.

When it rains the parent bird puffs up it's body to secure the eggs. So excited for the coming time.

Your webpage is very informative and I am relieved to know they take turns on shifts and are not staying hungry.

I'm scared of a baby hatching falls off because we live on a second floor and this is where the nest is.

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Jun 03, 2022
Helping Doves
by: Gene

Hello Naureen,

No need to feed and absolutely never feed around nest as it brings predators close.

This time of year there is plenty of food available and they'll easily find it.

Make sure to visit our page and the pages of other visitors who have watched their doves.

We have many stories about Doves, Enjoy!

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